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Good Conjunctions/Bad Conjunctions

I write what I would like to read if I visited an Astrological website. I pull my hair out when an Astrologer cannot take a stand. I pull my hair out when a person cannot stand up and be counted, so I strive to do both. This article should help you understand the differences in various conjunctions as far as some are beneficial and some are huge struggles. As a beginner student, this kind of information would have been something I craved. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Bad Conjunctions

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

Mercury is a rather delicate planet, as one’s mind is rather delicate. Remember the saying, “I am a human being. Do not bend, spindle or mutilate” The mind is like this. That is why people become mentally ill, in my opinion. A human mind can take just so much trauma before it bends and breaks. Mercury is one’s mind, to put it simply. The sign of your mercury is very important,. Again, we must start with the Domicile, Detriment, Exaltation and Fall. The Domicile is the home. For Mercury, it is Gemini. Virgo is said to be the Domicile of Mercury. I do not agree, as I think Chiron is. However, for this discussion, we will include Virgo, as that is the current school of thought. The Domicile is the sign in which the planet thrives and is “oh so comfy”. Picture yourself in your favorite lounge chair, sipping your favorite drink, watching your favorite show or looking at beautiful scenery out your window. You are “in the flow”. You are in your element. You are”all that. The Domicile is like a beautiful, graceful skater, gliding on the ice. He makes it look so easy, but when the novice gets on the ice, he falls on his rear end with an gawky sprawl. The” falling on your behind” would be the Detriment and the Fall.

The Domicile and Detriment are in opposite signs. The Exaltation and Fall are in opposite signs. The Domicile for Mercury is Gemini and Virgo. If your Mercury is in one of these, it has an advantage, even if it has bad conjunctions. It is , by nature, a clear thinking and clear reasoning Mercury.

On to Mercury conjunct Uranus. Even if your Mercury were in Gemini, an exact conjunction with Uranus would be like the buzz from an electric socket, in which you stuck your finger. You would be brilliant. One could say that. You probably could out think your fellow students.You may be the student who has the outstanding chemistry project or wins first prize in the science fair. You are blessed with out of the box creative genius. However, there may be a price and the price may not be worth it.

Uranus is like the buzz in electrical wires. It can drive you crazy when you have to listen to it, as I am sure you all have been in a situation where an electrical buzz was in the background. You jump for joy when it stops. Mercury conjunct Uranus is a permanent buzz .

With such conjunctions, the size of the orb really matters. An exact conjunction is much more intense than even 1-3 degrees. Always ask for the orbs. I should tattoo a question on my chest” What are the orbs?”

With a Mercury/Uranus conjunction at 5 degrees or more, you may not have the intensity of a lesser conjunction.

Mercury conjunct Saturn

When the planet of the mind, Mercury touches the planet of self doubt, insecurity and low self esteem, we have a problem. Mercury is more delicate than stern Saturn and takes a beating, in the manner of a stern father whom you can never please, If you get an A, he will be angry that you did not get an A plus. We all know that feeling of trying to be perfect and not making it. The native with Mercury conjunct Saturn lives with this.

I am strong in Mercury, so never suffered with this particular malady. However, I have seen it in my clients and on my Forum. My heart goes out to the person who feels too insecure to speak or write. He may write and re-write before he posts. He may think and re-think before he speaks. This person needs your encouragement, so give it when you see this aspect in the chart.

He needs to practice in a safe and loving environment. I am proud to say that my Forum is one such environment because I am committed to making it so. Saturn has one main positive. Saturn will reward hard work and persistence. If one sticks to it, one will be rewarded. One will have gotten hard won maturity and wisdom, more than if one never struggled.

Sun conjunct Saturn

This conjunction pains me when I see it. the best way to describe it is a stern father whom you can never please. Your identity is what is on the line here, not your mind as in Mercury conjunct Saturn. Sun conjunct Saturn effects the native in his basic sense of self. He may feel inferior to others, just as a general ethos. He may know he is not. However, in his heart of hearts, he feels he is and he can’t seem to shake it, no matter how much he achieves. This would be the person who keeps striving for higher and higher goals in an obsessive manner, as if his life depends on it. His emotional life may. With this conjunction, the orb is key. With an exact orb, the native may feel as if he lives in a vise. With a 5 or more degree conjunction, the vise will be loosened but still there. With this conjunction, the actual father was probably stern and could never be pleased. The native may feel as if he is a gerbil on the never ending wheel of achievement. As with all Saturn conjunction, they will yield to hard won wisdom and maturity, if one does not give up in utter frustration before the hard fought prize of one’s genuine sense of self.

Moon conjunct Saturn

The Moon is one’s innermost self. One shows one’s moon to intimates. Men, especially, show their moons to their children, lovers and God. When Saturn, the planet of self doubt, struggle and the long road to maturity touch one’s moon, we have a serious person. This person would not be the one to put a lampshade on his head and dance in the middle of the party. He may doubt his right to be here, on the earth. He may doubt his own goodness or worthiness. He may feel out of step with others, as if he does not belong. If you see this aspect in the chart, the native needs some TLC and encouragement. He will appreciate it. He will be grateful for it and will probably pay you back, in kind. Saturn makes for serious person. He is not frivolous with his own emotions or yours. If he becomes your friend, you can count on him. In time, with encouragement, he should go from a lump of coal to a diamond. He won’t forget you when he gets to the top. Saturn lives and breathes on respect. Don’t violate him and he will be your friend for the long haul.

Moon conjunct Saturn may have been a mother who was stern. The mother may have pushed you so hard that you lost your confidence. She may have demanded perfection and one knows that that is impossible. Hence, the native may have internalized this stern, unyielding maternal voice. In time, the native can outgrow the pain and learn life’s wisdom, so that he is a true jewel and a help to others who have suffered the same struggles.

Chiron conjunct the Ascendant

This one gives me the shivers. I have seen severe bullying in all cases. In one case, the man was severely bullied by his father and also the boys at boarding school. In other cases, the person may have a physical deformity that one cannot hide. This deformity brings out the shame and wrath of others who bully out of their own weakness. The person may have an emotional problem which he cannot hide. This may bring out the wrath of bullies. The Ascendant position of any planet or asteroid makes it impossible for the native to hide that planet or asteroid. He ‘wears’ it. Hence, if one wears Chiron/pain, bullies come out of the woodwork to hurt you from their own unhealed pain. That is always the case with bullies, who are cowards.

Moon conjunct Dejanira

This conjunction is my single worst one to see. I can say that, bar none. In all cases, I have seen sexual abuse. In most cases, there has been a fracturing of the personality such that BPD or bi-polar was a result. In some cases, the person managed to avoid these PDs but was effected, nonetheless, as severe abuse will effect everyone. The moon is one’s innermost planet. It is the most responsive to hard aspects as it is our deepest core. With this conjunction, God is the only thing that can help, in my opinion.

Child Asteroid conjunct the Moon

This conjunction is a “lighter” version of Moon conjunct Dejanira. The person does not break to the degree that the Moon conjunct Dejanira does. However, there is usually severe abuse and it may well be sexual abuse.

Fixed Star Algol conjunct the Ascendant

This one is seen in the charts of serial killers. It is a classic. However, it does not mean one will become a serial killer. I do think the native will have to deal with the evils of human nature more than someone who does not have this. However, one can transmute the hard aspects in one’s chart to good. Usually, this is after one has walked through the valley of the shadow of death, so to speak. There is nothing like touching the hardest parts of oneself or life to make one a great teacher for others.

Saturn conjunct an Asteroid

When this happens, the person may feel obsessed to express the asteroid. Saturn conjunct Eros may make the person obsessed with the erotic. Saturn conjunct Echo may make the person obsessed with finding his own voice. Saturn conjunct Sedna may make the person obsessed with betrayal. Once you understand an Asteroid, check to see what Saturn conjuncts and you may get insight into your obsessions and we all have them.

Pluto conjunct Venus

I would put this under the bad Conjunctions because it is too intense, in my opinion. The native feel so deeply when he is in love that it is a burden more than a blessing. If you have this, try to pull back when you have relationship break -ups. This native may not be able to see the any goodness for the future when his love breaks his heart. Pluto is a powerful planet. I think it is too powerful in most conjunctions. Think of nuclear power. It is awesome when used with in controlled and specific amounts. If the nuclear plant blew up, we would have a quite different story. Pluto is too strong to conjunct most personal planets, in my opinion and in my experience.

Pluto conjunct the Sun

I have seen Pluto conjunct the Sun natives have a powerful, inherent strength. Is it good? I am not sure. They seem to have troubles with the hearts as they may burn themselves out from the sheer strength of Pluto that close to their essential core( The Sun) I have to leave this one up for grabs until further notice, as I really don’t understand this conjunction. If you have it, please write on my Comment Form. My teachers are the charts and the clients who honor me with their allowing me to do their charts.

Good Conjunctions

Sun Conjunct Jupiter

Lets take a break from the hard conjunctions and do a few easy ones. Jupiter is the fairy godmother planet. Think of a musical where the actors walk on the stars because they are in love. They sing and dance across the stage like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This is the lovely, beneficent planet, Jupiter. It energizes what it touches and sprinkles fairy dust on it. When Jupiter conjuncts the Sun, we have self confidence. We have swagger but it is not obnoxious swagger. It is good natured. It is the star of the football team but he is humble, not arrogant. It is the head cheerleader who is kind to all. One loves to be next to Jupiter. This person is probably popular as people like to be near his “feel good” vibes.

He may feel like he can accomplish what he wants. Jupiter is the opposite of Saturn, in temperment. Saturn diminishes what it touches. It puts a damper on the party as if your mother walked in while you were kissing your girlfriend. Jupiter, on the other hand, is the life of the party. The party begins when Jupiter arrives.

Moon conjunct Jupiter

Moon conjunct Jupiter is similar to Sun conjunct Jupiter but the person has more of a big, generous heart. He may not be as likely to be the Big Man on Campus as much as to feed the poor in soup kitchens or give a home to every stray dog he sees. This is a kind person with a huge, warm, loving and optimistic heart. He will be popular and very loved, but he will not need to be the center of attention. His light will shine from a deeper and more interior place but you will see it in his eyes.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

This native will feel confident in his speech. He may get up in front of a group with little fear of public speaking. He just knows that you will like him. What is not to like, he reasons. He likes himself and he has the confidence to make you like him, too, and you do. Mercury conjunct Jupiter would be confidence in communication. It would, also, be confidence in learning. He may love to study and particularly about God and spiritual subjects. He would have an aura of confidence when he speaks and you would be caught up in his enthusiasm. This would be a wonderful placement for a teacher or anyone who lectured for a living. If a pastor had this aspect, he would be sure to keep people from snoring in the pews.

Venus conjunct Jupiter

I love this one. I discovered it in my friend, Bella, who is as beautiful as the name implies. She has big love. Venus is the planet of love and Jupiter is the planet of big. She has a spirit of love which reaches out and cools the fevered brow. We all need love. It is the food for the soul. Venus conjunct Jupiter is a blessing to the native and to all whom she touches.

Jupiter conjunct anything

If Jupiter touches a planet or an asteroid, it sprinkles good feelings on it. It brings it to it’s highest level. If it is a hard planet like Chiron, it mitigates it’s harshness. Look for any Jupiter conjunctions and write on my Comment Form about how they impact you.


Please forgive the few typos. I will be back to edit them.





14 thoughts on “Good Conjunctions/Bad Conjunctions

  1. amiannBlackbird

    All conjunctions are mixed blessings, especially conjunctions to the Sun. When two things overlap, something usually gets hidden or suppressed.

    Sun conjunct Mercury – intellectual pride; overthinking; weak ego (everything is taken personally).

    Sun conjunct Saturn – self-criticism, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence.

    Sun conjunct Pluto – obsession, cynicism.

      1. amiannBlackbird

        Boredom, disinterest in people, hobbies, career, day-to-day living, life in general (“this doesn’t matter in the long run”).

        Lack of, need for and search for identity, purpose, calling, meaning.

        Self-control and willpower, but with no goal or application other than self-preservation.




          1. amiannBlackbird

            I’m bored with day-to-day life and work. I guess it’s because I haven’t found a calling.

            When I’m interested in something, it is rarely a casual interest. I spend most of my free time reading and researching the subject, studying all the little details.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Jupiter conj anything is good. It makes any planet have more life, more joy and more positive power. You would be able to meet your goals well and with positive energy

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You may not own your own victim side so look for partners who will play it out. Come on my Forum and be a Mod. I could really use the help. Will you consider it BB? xx

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