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Good Placements/Bad Placements—EEEEKK

Once again, I have brought anger down on my head. I am just a wittle, honest Astrologer 😀vampire bite

Let me dive into the theory behind good and bad placements and see if I can assuage egos. Maybe, your ego would not be so bruised if you did not have it hanging out there so far. Huh?

Onto the subject of this article. One must look at the nature of each planet. One must look at the nature of each sign. One must combine these to find the nature of that planet in that sign. This seems easy enough. When a planet does not marry well with a sign, it will not flow well.

There is no personal insult in this. One does not choose one’s chart. Each chart has easy and hard placements. Some charts are harder than others. Only God knows why this is. That answer cannot be answered while we are on this earth. However, let’s look at what I mean when I say good and bad placements.

Let’s start with the Sun. The Sun was made to shine just as one’s ego was made to shine. A man was made to be confident and assertive. He was made to go after his needs in a strong way. This would be what is called a healthy ego. Lets look at the Sun in the Domicile and Exaltation. They are Leo and Aries.

Leo is the friendly, gregarious lion. He comes into the room, walking like he owns the place. He extends his hand to all. If he were on a job interview, he would be hired. He would make the company proud. Leo uses his ego like poetry in motion. The reason is because the sign of Leo is at home in the planet of the Sun.

The person with the Sun in Aries has courage and he is direct. If you want a friend who will stand up for you when the bullies surround you( and they do), find an Aries Sun. Aries is like Leo in that he makes a strong, confident presentation. He would be hired, too. Hence, we see the Sun working in it’s Exaltation.

I think you are getting the point here. Some planets do well in a sign. Others will struggle. It is not personal. It does not make you a bad person if you have a planet or two which is not in a sign in which it is compatible.

Lets look at the Sun in it’s Detriment and Fall. The Sun in the detriment is Aquarius. This stands to reason because the Sun is all about personal goals. Aquarius is all about group goals. Aquarius never seems to really fit when it is in the Sun. It does not feel right. It feels as if your clothes are too tight or too loose and you are in a group of people who are perfectly coiffed and tailored like a man who sells suits at Brooks Brothers.

Aqua Suns seem as if they won’t accept that they have an ego. They seem to be saying that they are “better than that”. In doing so, they seem hypocritical.This is my general feeling about Aquarius except when it is in Mars or Venus. Then, it seems to fit with an authenticity. This is my personal opinion, as I said in another article.

Back to the Sun, Aquarius is not a good fit for the Sun for the above reasons. A planet in it’s Detriment will not have a good flow. It will be like a car that stops, starts and sputters. That is just the nature of the Detriment and Fall. There is nothing personal here, again. Most people have planets in the Detriment and Fall. Most people have planets in the Exaltation and Domicile. It is called being human.

Let’s look at the Moon. The Moon is in the Domicile in Cancer. It is in the Exaltation in Taurus. These Moons will be the best places for the Moon. They are tender, kind and gentle, as the Moon was meant to be. You love with your Moon. You may be attracted with your Venus, but you love with your Moon. Falling in love is Moon to Moon, in my opinion. The Moon is the inner child. The Detriment position is Capricorn. The Fall position is Scorpio.

The Moon in Capricorn schemes when it should feel. This can be wonderful in a friend. I would not want it in a lover. If you have a Moon in Cappy friend, he will be loyal. He values loyalty. If you have a Moon in Cappy business partner, you have struck gold. He will out- think everyone and your business will rise to the top. He will be loyal to you in the process.Many of my friends seem to be Cappy Moons. One has to look at one’s own chart when seeing if someone is compatible with you. I have Moon in Cancer. Opposite signs will help balance you out. So, only you know to which signs you gravitate.

Moon in Scorpio is the Fall position. I find this to be a loyal Moon but it is too intense of a placement for the gentle Moon. The person is driven by passions which overwhelm him. The sign of Scorpio is an intense sign. Mars loves to be in Scorpio. Mars is at it’s finest in Scorpio. It chases with a sexy poetry in motion. The Moon does not. It simmers and plots. One must be careful with a Moon in Scorpio person lest he turn on you. This is not pretty. However, most Scorpio Moons seem to be reasonable. If you treat them well, they will do the same to you.

Let’s look at Mars. I have Mars in the Fall position, so can speak to the Fall, here. Mars is in it’s Home in Scorpio. It is in it’s Exaltation in Capricorn. It is in it’s Detriment in Taurus and it’s Fall in Cancer. Mars in Scorpio moves like a leopard in the wild: beautiful and strong . It is a poetry in motion placement. The Detriment is in Taurus. Taurus is kind of a lazy bull. He does not want to fight the prey. He wants to relax on his warm rock in the sun and eat grass.

Let’s look at Mars in Cancer. Mars in Cancer does not like strong emotion. It is afraid of passion. It is afraid of anger. The Fall and Detriment make one struggle to overcome the inertia that is part of these placements. You will find this to be the case no matter which planet you have in the Fall or Detriment. I may like the Moon in Cappy, personally, for example, but that does not mean that it is a comfortable place for it for the person.This brings us to the point of one’s liking various placement, even if they are in the Detriment or Fall. I like Cappy moon. This is because it fits with my Cancer Moon as a balancing opposite. However, one’s personal likes does not take away from the fact that a planet in the Detriment or Fall does not function with an easy flow. There will be some hindrance and hardship to the native.

Let’s look at Venus as our last planet. Venus is in it’s Domicile in Libra and Taurus. I do not think that Taurus is the right sign for Venus’ Domicile. I think it would be Vesta or something that has not been discovered. I feel the same way for Mercury which rules two signs, at present. I think it is the Ruler of Gemini and not Virgo. I think Chiron rules Virgo. At any rate, Libra and Taurus are the accepted Domiciles for Venus. Libra in Venus is the most refined Venus sign. It has a natural refinement to which it was born.

Venus in Aries is the Detriment. Venus in Aries does not seem to work for either sex. The woman chase and the men need to be chased. It is an interesting phenomenon to watch for in charts. I have not seen it fail. If the man seems to chase at the beginning, it will not last. The man with Venus in Aries needs a dominant woman. If that is not you, watch out if you see this placement.

I hope I have answered some questions and not gotten myself in more hot water. The truth hurts. The truth heals. I deal in truth. What can I say 😀

36 thoughts on “Good Placements/Bad Placements—EEEEKK

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      What do you mean , Lon? Did you see that I put your chart up. I am gonna do some things around the house before I go look at it. I ask questions and the person comes back and discusses it, if that is OK. That way, we both can learn from each other.

  1. amiannJamie

    I agree that the truth hurts and heals. What you need to be cautious of is thinking that your truth is generalized truth. Not the case. I would suggest that truth be one to take into consideration, especially as you work to find your writing voice.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Jamie, I appreciate your comment but I think there is one truth and that is God’s truth. That is found in the Bible. Beyond that, there are certain truths in Astrology such as the subject of this article— Domicile, Exaltation, Fall and Detriment. I do have opinions and I do couch them as such.

  2. amiannnick

    Here is another one. MErcury in Pisces or in the 12th house { fall}

    MErcury likes to work with logical and detailed facts while Pisces and the 12th house runs by imagery, sentiment and intuition.

    Mercury in aquarius or the 11th house { Exaltation} Uranus or Aquarius is the higher octave of mercury. Flashes of insight and genius.

    1. amiannbobo

      those Aquarian Mercury flashes are often seen as “scatter brained” and eccentric, or even downright insane. That is the bounty of genius I’d say, maybe one or two truly “genius” ideas get through, but the rest tends to be disjointed and speculative ramblings, or at the very least lacking in objective practicality.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Well, Uranus is the planet of genius, so Aqua Mercury makes sense with the flashes of brilliance. Uranus is electricity, so all the more so, flashes would fit lol

  3. amiannJamie

    I appreciate your opinion, but to say that God’s truth is the one true truth is again, your opinion. There are many Biblical statements that are not personal truths for all.

  4. amiannbobo

    Oh Ami I love this!!! I actually didn’t read this until after I responded to your next post and I’m so glad that is the case otherwise I likely would have been inclined to defend my own ego. This is the truth, just in case you wonder (as I likely would) that my comment on the next one was any sort of feigned humility. I assure you that response was full of ego, as the one to this one is sure to be. But I will take a moment to fully read and contemplate this post before responding. I just felt a need to express right away how interesting and stimulating this all as, especially considering your second post and the invitation for others perspectives which I read first. 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Bobo
      I just read your first post and now I understand your second post. Bobo, seriously, my writing this was all worth it because of your post. Bless you, Friend!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I love to talk about Astrology. The best teacher is the person who has the placement. I pick the brain of that person and that is how I form my opinions.

          1. amiannbobo

            I enjoy that, though I could learn from you about picking the brains of others. I’m much better, it seems at expressing my perspective (for all the objectivity I claim to have. lol) but for me, remaining quiet and really listening to others is an area in which I can grow.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Awww Well, I will try to figure out how to use my photo feature on my new phone. It is a real earth void garden because different things are growing everywhere with no order. I have surprise containers in which I plant seeds. I forget what was planted and then it is a surprise when it grows. I have two orange trees, one mango tree and about 8 avocado trees growing just from seeds that i saved from the vegetables or fruit.

      2. amiannamiann Post author

        Why don’t you come on the Gardening Forum. You can ask me about all my trees and if you are a very good boy/girl, I will see if I can take a picture of my beautiful Aloe Vera Beyonce hair 😀

  5. amiannbobo

    Okay, now that I’ve taken a second to read the entire blog and to consider what I’d like to contribute as far as my perspective, I want to first state that this post, in particular, has got my juices flowing. I really like the consideration of placements as far as Domicile, Exaltation, Fall, and Detriment. I must refute however the wording of “good” and “bad” placements as good and bad are subjective words and (hello Aquarius) there matters I feel are deserving of a more objective approach.

    It is clearly evident that some placements or aspects are easier than others. Some get to being down right difficult. I don’t like to say good or bad when describing these things because it can often be the case that a difficulty results in much that is good, and likewise that something that comes too easily may, in fact, be bad for an individual in that they will tend to rely too heavily on what comes without effort, to there detriment. (perhaps comparable to a South Node placement)

    So, that being stated, I would like to offer my perspective on having sun in Aquarius, the sun’s Detriment. You have stated that the sun is about personal goals, whereas Aquarius is more akin to the goals of a group, or perhaps society or humanity as a whole. I can definitely vouch for the notion that it is difficult for an Aquarius sun to pursue personal goals. Personally, this has sometimes been so much the case that I have attempted to abandon my personal goals altogether and tried to adopt the group goals as my own. This maybe can have a positive result in that I feel I am most comfortable in engaging in pursuits that will genuinely service the benefit of others. These are the most gratifying pursuits I feel I can focus my energy towards.

    There is a trade off however. I do have personal needs, interests, and goals. There are even times when I neglect these things so much, perhaps because I don’t feel I am deserving of them or even that my personal needs are unworthy of my attention. Now that might sound like a selfless notion, but it has negative consequences at times. When my own needs are not met, I will not be able to help but project my dissatisfaction with life on others. If an individual neglects their own needs, they will often take it out on others for not addressing the needs we Aquarians seem to have such difficulty addressing for ourselves. This can sometimes even manifest in an unintentional envy of those who seem to be able to gratify their own needs so much more easily, such as a sun in Leo or Aries.

    You stated that the Leo and Aries pursuits of personal needs denotes a healthy ego. I won’t refute this as it is often very true. I will, however, pose the notion that when it is so easy for one to consider their personal ego needs, they can sometimes neglect the needs of others. Much the same is the Aquarius who focuses so much on the needs of the group that they neglect themselves, and a person who neglects themselves is bound to pass on that neglect unintentionally to others.

    Now I’d like to touch on the function of different placements and aspects as they relate to being “good” or “bad”. You’ll have no argument from me that some placements are easier than others. But what we might consider a hard or difficult placement can, in fact, serve a beneficial function. Hard placements and aspects create friction, tension, and difficulty. A fixed sign (with it’s inherent rigidity) with sun in detriment, I have found endless difficulty and friction in pursuing personal needs. This is most apparent, to me, in social functions and relating to others and their opinions. Friction is created in my life in realizing that I will never have an easy time maintaining social stability, I will always stand outside what is considered the “norm”, I will always struggle with not being readily accepted by my peers, and I will always in some way or another be misunderstood. However, in this sense, I have also developed a level of comfort in my clothes “not fitting right”. I rather enjoy wearing over-sized clothing and definitely get a kick out of appearing strange or eccentric to others sometimes.

    This helps me since, though it is a source of great anxiety, the opinions of others do not determine how I choose to conduct myself. There is, however, an irony to this in that sometimes I will even stand in direct opposition to what is considered the “norm” if there is some paradigmatic norm which I feel hinders the ideals I choose to perpetuate and encourage in our society.

    This friction, however, has served a purpose in my life. I have developed certain aspects of my personality and ego as a function of necessity. How does the saying go? “Necessity is the mother of innovation.” Perhaps this is an appropriate inflection of the function of these harder placements as opposed to more appealing, fluid, flowing, soft, or easy placements and aspects.

    I like your automobile analogy. A difficult placement is maybe something akin to a vehicle that runs with a lot of friction, and not so fluidly. But as technology has been advancing due to the necessity of better optimizing our use of energy on this environmentally neglected planet, someone at some point decided that FRICTION is an accessible source of energy. One of the more genius innovations in automobile technology that I’ve heard about is that newer 100% electric vehicles will utilize the friction from the application of a car’s brakes to recharge the car’s battery and increase energy efficiency.

    I guess my overhanging point is that struggle, as is intrinsic in some of these more difficult placements, is often times an opportunity for growth and developing strength that people with easier placements might not ever have the need to acquire. I’ve even found myself sometimes, in light if my sun in detriment’s inherent lack of harmony with a world (that sometimes is in a state of inherited disharmony), trying to WILL the world around me to better harmonize with my version of harmony. Optimally this version of harmony is one that serves the group needs, or those of society as a whole. But that is just my Aquarian, overly-worded, and questionably humble opinion. 😉

      1. amiannbobo

        Might be Uranus being charged by Aries ATM. Also, my mercury (also in aquarius) is retro in my natal, so mercury retrogrades tend to bring a lot out of me.

  6. amiannLon Spector

    We have to live and carry on INSPITE of the astrological disadvantages of our charts.
    That’s what I ment. Only God can help us do that!

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