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Hekate Shows the Shadow Side of What it Touches

Hekate is the shadow self, akin to Jung’s archtypes. One should look at one’s shadow self, as a matter of course. However, most of us want to get as far away as we can. Astrology is about going in to the center of ourselves. The unexamined life is not worth living, could be the motto for Astrology. That brings us to Hekate. Hekate can only touch certain parts of a chart,as it is one asteroid In synastry, it can, only, touch a small portion of another persons chart, as well. Hence, what Hekate touches assumes importance. Do you want to see the shadow part of yourself ? Look at Hekate in the natal chart. If Hekate touches Lilith, you must face your raw sexuality.If Hekate touches Nessus, you must face your potential to abuse. If Hekate touches Eros, you must face your erotic side. If Hekate touches Ixiion, you must face your ability to be utterly lawless. Hekate works the same way in synastry. If his Hekate touches your asteroid, HE will show it to you. If his Hekate touches your planet, he will open up the shadow side of that planet, to you.

10 thoughts on “Hekate Shows the Shadow Side of What it Touches

  1. amiannJane

    I would really to get some ideas of possible meanings of Hekate in the 3rd house.I have it there in Sagittarius.The third house covers so many things—–your basic mentality,everyday conversations and speech patterns,’short journeys’,neighbors,siblings—how does Hekate figure in all this? Haven’t found much info on her different placements in the natal chart—

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Jane
      Well, I only look at asteroids if they are conjunct certain parts of the chart such as the ASC or if they are conjunct other planets or asteroids. By itself, I would not assign meaning to Hekate in the 3rd house. You could, for fun, I suppose, but asteroids are very precise and specific to each person like your own particular spice. Not every asteroid is an important factor for every person. One has a few, usually, which are one’s personal asteroids and one’s personal issues. One of mine is Echo. That is why you see so much about her, on here. You would need to find yours and then study them imo

      1. amiannJane

        It does not conjunct anything but squares a Pluto/Chiron opposition in the 6th/12th which I find significant.It also touches nearly everything in the chart—-trining the moon,quincunx the Moon in Leo, quincunx Sun/Venus in Cancer, quincunx Mars in Taurus——which I find pretty significant.I’ll have to study up on it—

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Interesting Julia. I would not count the Juno as everyone born at the same time has asteroids conjunct, but I would count the DSc as that is personal to you. I would say that you don’t want to look at YOUR shadow side when it comes to partners i.e you are lying to yourself about something about your own shadow side, in your relationships. Does that fit?

  2. amiannJulia

    Thank you. I don’t know … to be honest, I’m a bit “afraid” of committed relationships, of responsibility for the other person, telling myself that I don’t need any. I guess I fear loosing my freedom 🙂

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