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House Rulers –Lets Have Fun–Part Five

I will put address another question people ask. How about my health? One would find the Ruler of the 6th House( the House of Service and Health) and see what this planet is doing.Lets say the Ruler of the 6th is Venus.Lets say Venus squares the Ruler of the First House, or Chart Ruler. This opposition may show a struggle in health, as the Ruler of the 1st which shows the Physical Body is in a hard energy aspect( a square) with the Ruler of the 6th. What if we have an easy aspect, such as a trine or a sextile, a better health situation is indicated.


What about ones early Home Life? One would take the Ruler of the 4th which is the Early Home. One would see what happens to it. Lets say that it travels to the 12th House and resides there. There was probably sorrow in your early years, and quite a bit. Lets say that it squares the Ruler of the 8th House. The 8th House is repressed emotions. The Ruler of the 4th House which REPRESENTS your early home and will ALWAYS represent it, is in hard aspect to the House Ruler of the 8th House, which represents repressed emotions. One could conclude that you struggle with facing your deep emotions due to the pain of your early childhood.


Is it becoming clearer? Please, ask me questions on my Comment Form.


3 thoughts on “House Rulers –Lets Have Fun–Part Five

  1. amiannThao Pham

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful article 🙂 It’s very helpful and I enjoy it so much. I have a question about my natal chart and my house rulers. I have a stellium including Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury in 11th house and an unexpected Moon in 4th house. Ruler of my 7th house is Sun conjunct with 3 other planets as you can see, does it mean i get involved a lot in matter of love ? I am afraid I will get hurt since I also have chiron in my 7th house. I have had a relationship with a guy for 2 years. However, it got a lot of ups and downs with emotional turbulence; most of the time it was me who left him due to my fear of losing him. The relationship changed quite much my ideal of life as well as my self esteem (I felt more confident whenever he complimented me)

    Here is my natal chart link:

    And this one is our synastry:

    Im sorry for my bad English. Have a good day ^^

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Thao Pham How special to find your comment. Your English is very good. Where are you from Thao? I will look at your charts in a bit Sweetie!

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