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House Rulers–Let’s Have Fun—-Part Four

I will try to give you some practical applications for House Rulers. People ask as Astrologer many practical questions. What good is Astrology if it lives in the land of esoterica ? Astrology must meet one where one lives. This is in the realm of simple questions about life, loves, marriage, money, work etc. In that vein, let me give some examples.

A person may ask”Will I have children?” One would need to look at the Ruler of House 5( the House of Children). What happens to this House Ruler? Lets say the House Ruler is Venus.At this point, in our discussion, we are looking at House Rulers and planets. We have left the domain of Houses, with respect to Houses, only. We are moving on to included planets, as well as purely House Rulers. This should become clear, in time, if it is not, now.

In the question above, one would look at the Ruler of the 5th house, Venus and what happens to it. Let us say Venus trines the Moon. The Moon is the sign of the Mother and Fertility. Venus is the Ruler of the House of Children. They are in a trine, which is a positive energy flow. The answer would be that children look like a definite possibility for you.

Say, instead Venus, the Ruler of the 5th square the Ruler of the 1st. The Ruler of the 1st rules the physical body. The square is an impediment to good energy flow. This does not look as positive.

Lets add to this, say Venus, the Ruler of the 5th, conjuncts Saturn, which is the ruler of the 1st or Chart Ruler. The Chart Ruler shows our physical body. The Ruler of the 5th melds with the Ruler of the 1st, in a conjunction. However, Saturn is a planet which restricts. This is not a favorable indicator for childbearing. One may be delayed in having a child, as Saturn restricts and delays.

In another example, lets say that Venus, the Ruler of the 5th, conjuncts Jupiter, the Ruler of the 1st, or Chart Ruler. In this case, the prognosis would be excellent as Jupiter expands. Jupiter multiplies. Hence, the astrologer could say that having children looks as if it will go easily and well.


Please, ask any questions on my Comment Form. NO question is too elementary or silly. It will be my pleasure to try to answer.

15 thoughts on “House Rulers–Let’s Have Fun—-Part Four

  1. amiannSofia

    Ok I’m going to go with your example with will I have children? I don’t have any right now. In my chart I have an empty 5th house. My ruler for the 5th house is Mercury.

  2. amiannSofia

    Now that I see my house rulers I got Ruler of House 2 – Gemini = Mercury = 8th and Ruler of House 5 – Virgo = Mercury = 8th. I just realized Mercury has two signs Gemini and Virgo. I hope I’m not confusing cause I am already lol

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I KNOW. The Signs that have Two Rulers are confusing. I think Chiron rules Virgo but it will take time for that to be accepted. As far as Venus, i think Libra rules it and Taurus needs to find his own planet.

  3. amiannarjola

    Ruler of my 5 th house(pisces) is neptune, and conjucts saturn on the 3rd house. Both sextile pluto on 1st house and moon on 5th house. At the same time both oppose jupiter on 9th house. I also have a grand trine pluto, moon, jupiter in water. (A kite is formed)Do these asspects signify problems as related to having children?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Why don’t you come and put your chart up in my Personal readings Forum. Then, ask any questions you may have. It is easier for me to look at with the chart in front of me.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Aww Keep trying to get on as there is great discussion but I will take a look. You just go to the 1st page of my website and you will see Ami’s Soul to Soul Astrology Forum. Click on that. Hope to see you there 😀

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