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House Rulers—Let’s Have Fun—Part Three

I am off to research this subject. I will just give you a little taste of it, to whet your appetite. We looked at the Chart Ruler, in the last article. We talked about how one may use him, by looking at Transiting Planets. Now, lets see how one can use him in the natal chart. Remember the Chart Ruler represents one’s physical body. It represents one’s image.It represents one’s comings and goings. It represents one’s Ascendant or First House, which is the House of the Self. Here are some examples of how we could use the Chart Ruler, in your natal chart.

The Chart Ruler will aspect other House Rulers. Your Chart Ruler may make favorable or unfavorable aspects. Whatever aspects the Chart Ruler makes with other House Rulers, it will be a bringing of the OTHER House to YOU. As such, your physical body/image will be LINKED with that House. I hope this is clear.If it is not, I will repeat it a hundred times, so you will get it.

Here are some examples.

If your Chart Ruler trines( a positive energy flow) the House Ruler of the Third House( the House of Communication), you will be able to communicate well.If your Chart Ruler squares(a thwarting energy flow) the Ruler of the 4th House( the House of your Early Home), you may have pain from your early home, which seems like you can never release.

If your Chart Ruler trines the Ruler of the Ninth House( the House of Higher Intellect) you can use your intellect well.

If your Chart Ruler Squares the Ruler of the Tenth House( the House of Career and Reputation), you may have a hard time getting ahead, in the world. You may feel thwarted, in your career. You may feel your reputation is hard to maintain, even though you are innocent of charges against yourself.


When one wants to see one’s challenges to one’s “Self in the world”which is what the Chart Ruler represents, one looks at what happens to one’s Chart Ruler.

4 thoughts on “House Rulers—Let’s Have Fun—Part Three

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Sofia. OK—say you are looking at a “normal” aspect say Pluto trine the Moon. You need to see which House has Scorpio on the cusp and which House has Cancer on the cusp. Pluto is ruled by Scorpio. The Moon is ruled by Cancer. Now, Pluto may be ruler of the 1st House. The moon may be ruler of the 3rd house. So, we know the person will be able to communicate well. The first House is the Self. The 3rd House is Communication. Do you see what I mean, Sofia? Keep asking until you get it, as I am sure you are not alone in your questions!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It took me 3 months of study to get it. It is a kind of strange concept, at first. However, when it kicks in, it opens up the charts. Stick with it, Sofia. I know you are not alone, in utter confusion lol

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