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How Can a Jew Vote For Obama—-Part Two

Last night, a Jewish person told me she was going to vote for Obama. I felt faint. I hate when voting blocks don’t have independent thought. A few Jews such as Howard Stern and Sarah Silverman are breaking away from the herd. The Jewish vote for Obama has gone down form 82% to 64%( approximately)

Why would a Jew vote for Obama with his obvious disregard for Israel? Many Jews are like many black people.They think the Democrats will be their friend. They think the Democrats will not persecute THEM. Both groups have a history of persecution. That history is close to one’s heart. One wants to run from it. One never wants to go there, again. They think the Democrats offer a protection. However, that is an illusion. The opposite is the case. The Democrats, in this era, are for a society of very rich and very poor, although they may say otherwise. This era of Democrats will produce an elitist society, as the middle class will be eroded to such a degree that it will disappear into the lower class.



6 thoughts on “How Can a Jew Vote For Obama—-Part Two

  1. amianndoommlord

    well….i dont know about the whole democrat/republican war out there but i do hear how many people here in israel are disppointed from obama…..even as much as they are disappointed with the leadership here

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Last night, I called my mother and she was the one who said she would vote for Obama. I practically dropped on the floor. I could barely breathe. A Jew? That is the thing. The Jews are too stupid to see their enemy *sigh*

      1. amianndoommlord

        please….its up to each persons opinion to define who is an enemy and who is not…we will just have to see who gets allected and how it will all work out

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am very upset DL. I just wrote something on LL that people seemed to accept( not get all enraged over lol) I will put it on here, because I feel it so, so strongly.

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes, I think that if Obama wins, God has given us up to our sin. I know that people hate the word “sin”. Hey, everyone hates it but we kill babies( abortion). We allow things which God hates( many things) God will not allow this, forever.

          God waits. He loves us, but He will not wait, forever. His judgement will come. The Bible says that. The question is WHEN.

          If Obama gets elected, we are done as a nation. How we go down, I don’t know, but we will.

          If we get Romney, we have time imo.

          1. amianndoommlord

            well i personally dont belive any of this….

            nobdy said romney will be generally a good president…maybe better than obama….but when the bar set so low how cant he be?

            im not into all that “god will punish us” mentality so i think its will be up to the US to punish itself

            and i dont belive abortions are a horrible bad thing

            also…according to the bible god disapproves of gay and lesbians… you say that romney is going to “deal” with that?

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