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How Can You Escape the Terrible Things which are to Come on the Earth?

There is no reason for any one to worry about having to be stuck on Earth when the terrible days of Gods judgement comes. There is no reason, other than man’s pride and blindness. If one cannot see the truth in this,one needs to pray for God to take the blindness from your eyes. He will. He loves man with a supernatural love to which man could never understand. One must be Born Again to come in to the presence of God. If not, man will stay on this earth during the terrible days of God’s judgement. Some people will find God during this time, but they will suffer a great deal. This is not necessary, if you find God, now. Please get Born Again. Write on my Comment Form with any questions as to how.

2 thoughts on “How Can You Escape the Terrible Things which are to Come on the Earth?

  1. amiannRuth E Velasco

    I am interested in knowing about some of the terrible things which are to occur before the rapture and afterwards. Can we look to the weather and the decline of people’s morals as evidence that we are in the last days? I am interested in some specific examples of each.

    Also, I can’t figure out how the anti Christ will use the 666 or how we will be asked to use it. That is very scary!!

    Thank you so much for all your info!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The terrible things will not happen until after the Rapture. The believers are salt on the earth.Once the salt is taken away i.e the believers leave, the really terrible things will happen. I will re-study the Book of Revelation, again, and write about it ! x

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