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How Do you Become ” Born Again” ?

I talked about why you need to become Born Again, in another article. How do you get born again, is the subject of this one. Becoming Born Again is easy, on one hand. However, it must be a true heart surrender. As such, many people who think they are Born Again are not. I thought I was Born Again for 15 years and was not. When it happened, I knew it, without a shred of doubt and I changed. When you experience the New Birth, you are born from a fleshly spirit to a Divine one. This exchange may be hard to understand, at first. One must start with the make-up of man. Man is made of three parts: spirit, soul and body. Man’s soul and body are not changed at the New Birth. One’s spirit is changed. It is , actually, EXCHANGED. It is called the Divine Exchange. One cannot feel one’s spirit. One can feel one’s body, of course.One can feel one’s soul, as one’s soul houses one’s feelings.One can feel sad, happy or angry. However, the Divine Exchange must be accepted by faith. Faith is another concept which is bandied around, but not truly understood. One can find God with one’s intellect. God wants man to use all man’s resources in finding and understanding God. The intellect is the main one we use with which to find Him. However, after one has studied to the point of intellectual understanding, one must make some leap of faith, as faith is NOT an attribute of the mind. For me, I came to believe God was real with 75%-80% of my mind. The last 20-25% was a leap of faith. This is how it must be, in my experience.


For me, I spent three years studying Bible Prophecy. Then, I asked a Messianic Rabbi to come to my house. I told him that I was not sure and I did not want to lie or be false about it. He asked me to close my eyes. He read Isiah 53 from the Old Testament. He asked me”Who is this?” I said ,”Jesus” He said that it was from the Old Testament. I said the prayer to ask Jesus in to my life. However, as I said, I was not truly Born Again until a year ago, although I thought I was. However, I did not feel that I was because I felt no change at all. One should feel a difference when one is Born Again. If not, I would question whether it happened. A person can ask God to come in to their lives, their heart, actually their spirit, at any time. You do not need another person to help you. You realize that you cannot come to God as you are. You ask God to come in.


Anyone who wants to know more, please write on my Comment Section. It would be my pleasure to try to answer, the best I could.


4 thoughts on “How Do you Become ” Born Again” ?

  1. amiannRuth E Velasco

    I am wondering if I had a similar experience. When I first asked Jesus into my life, I felt no different. Just recently, I asked Jesus into my life again, and I cried real tears about many of my past sins that most people would not even think were real sins. I now understand why Jesus died for our sins, but in the past it made no sense to me. I hope this means that the holy spirit is truly in me now.

    I wonder if there is one christian church that is more pleasing to the Lord then all the others. I want to know if I should start attending the Jews for Jesus church.

    I love the work you do!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Ruth. Comments like yours give me such a lift and a feeling that I matter! I think you may have just had a true Born Again experience. As far as which church God likes. In every church, there are true believers and non true believers, if you can say it like that. I think you will be drawn to the right church for you if you listen to the still small Voice. Messianic Jew’s are full of life. The Bible says that when the Jews’ come to Jesus, it will be like life from the dead. It really is that way. I used to be in a dance group and we would dance to the Messianic music. It was so filled with life and joy. Speaking of that, I am going to put some of my favorite Messianic Music up, so you can listen.

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