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How I Can Tell the Difference Between Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Scorpio in a Guy?

pink water girl My life is my laboratory and I am the mad doctor 😀 I had a fascinating conversation with a very sexy guy, yesterday. I could feel that Scorpio under the surface like one might see a bit of lace peek out from under a skirt( Don’t you love my analogies?) Well, I thought it was Mars in Scorpio but it did not feel exactly right like I took out the cake a bit too soon and it was half pudding. I was puzzled because I felt that he had Mars in Scorpio but it just did not fit.

I do what I always do. I wheedled his birth information from him. I went to the nearest computer and found my answer. He had Venus in Scorpio. Hmmm, I thought. I had my working theory. Venus in Scorpio will have Mars in Scorpio vibes but will not have the aggression/assertion to act on them.

Venus is a yin planet. That means it is a feminine planet. Mars is a yang planet. That means it is a masculine or active planet( as it is called in Chinese terminology) Hence, when one feels those sexy Scorpio vibes without the assertion and drive of Mars, the Venus will be in Scorpio.

Just an added aside. When a man has both Mars and Venus in Scorpio, it seems to make him kind of frozen. I know I am going to get all sorts of hate mail from my friends with this placement. I will try to explain. I do not mean frozen in the sense of no passion. They have TONS of passion. I mean frozen in the sense of inaction. They seem almost as if they have too much Scorpio. Hence, they seem to be like a car which is in the mud. It grinds it’s wheels but does not go anywhere.

I hope I am explaining that well. I feel I am not but will leave it for the moment, in hopes that some men with both Mars and Venus in Scorpio will come to bail me out.

28 thoughts on “How I Can Tell the Difference Between Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Scorpio in a Guy?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    There was a religious cult called “The Children Of God.” The actors River Phenix
    and Jahoune Phenix belonged to it.
    In order to attract men into the cult, some of the gals were assigned roles to become
    “fishers of men.” Another words, they became prostitutes to attract men into the group.
    Please tone down on the sexy pictures. Most of your followers are women anyway, so
    you don’t need to bate the “Christian(?)” hook to get them.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It is funny you say that about the pictures because I am feeling to go in a different direction, Lon. I can’t say I will never put another sexy one up, but I feel that not all of them should be.

  2. amiannPadre31

    Hmm, sort of, for myself the dueling Scorpio placements means lots of energy that CAN become unfocused, until the poor soul is found who gets all of the attention.

    Think of it this way “do it now!” says Mars, Venus says “hmm, is that the best thing for them” when the answer comes back “yes” from both then heaven help whatever it is b/c there will intense focus on it to the exclusion of all else.

  3. amiannMoonChild

    I don’t know Ami, all I can say is that being pulled in two directions? Lot os passion pushing me ahead (also propelled by the Sag Sun and Aries Moon), yet some coldness pulling back back? Maybe the Scorpio Venus?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks so much for responding, Moonie. I was afraid I would make people that I care about, such as you, angry. I am glad we can talk about feeling is that the Scorpio Venus is a lot of baggage in love. It is like heavy meatball or a two ton joke that falls flat lol

      The Fall and Detriment planet always have problems, albeit different ones.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, been thinking about this Moonie. The Scorpio Venus is filled with passion and intensity but kind of stuck inside it like when you eat too much and are super full. Can you relate?

  4. amiannPadre31

    I would say that is true, also think that Venus in Scorpio does not realize what sort of effect they have on other people, more or less oblivious to it in fact. Sort of cannot understand why there are different reactions for other people then there are for them (us actually)

    Other thing with that is there can be a lot of unrequited affection coming that way

  5. amiannPadre31

    Here is how to put it, when even the Venus placement likes someone, they go at it in typical Scorpio fashion. When they merely are being friendly the other person reads it the wrong way b/c the vibe is neutral/flirty even though the Venus Scorpio is just being friendly and making conversation, the other half of the interaction reads it the wrong way b/c of the Scorpio vibe. With Mars in Scorpio it is either clearly “wow they are really into me!” or “what a jerk” one way or another.

    Venus in Scorpio is a bit more murky and unclear about how they feel about a person and receiver a fair amount of amorous projection when in fact, they really are not into the other person at all. The energy is more “they are so attractive” where the Scorpio is more like “what? never even thought about them that way!” Suspect there are a lot of secret crushes on the Scorpio Venus, were Mars in Scorpio creates either instant attraction or revulsion.

    Pity one cannot sit in on my Friday walks with my Taurus neighbor, poor girl is probably very confused about what I think of her with both placements. We’ll walk for an hour up and down the hills and everything from investing to what we each look for in a lover to “are you dating anyone right now” is touched on, then the whole thing ends with a “well that was my last lap, have a good night”, to me that is Scorpio Venus energy, Scorpio Mars energy would have went directly for sex…like now.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well explained, Padre. I had to pull it out of you but it was well worth it 😀 That reminds me of a guy I dated who was like that. It feels very weird to the woman, like the signals are not clear. You seem to be saying that.

  6. amiannmarion

    Spot on Ami!.

    My man has both Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Yes INACTION/FROZEN fits him so well. On our first two nights together, he did not make any attempt to initiate intimacy. He does not ever talk about or demonstrate passion either.

    But his asteroids Eros and Lust are both conjunct my BML (near my MC which is also his IC). Also his BML squares my Eros exactly. So we have Eros-BML double whammy. AAAND his Scorpio Mars semi-squares my Venus by 2 degrees.

    So very very strange that he acts so passive in spite of all of the above.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Marion, dear.

      I was hoping to get some first hand accounts. I think the Venus and Mars both in Scorpio are too intense, so the person kind of shuts down. That is what you seem to be saying

  7. amiannLon Spector

    Did you ever hear of a book called “Destiny Times Six”? It was about a famous
    lady astrologer’s case files. She writes about 6 cases that cover most every problem
    people can have. I think you’ll like it!

  8. amiannMel

    I had a Mars in Scorpio friend that everybody just loved. Sagittarius sun and Aqua moon. There was something very charismatic about him that EVERYONE just fell for. I eventually realized that he dazzled people with his Mars energy and never even knew it himself.

    I know one guy Libra sun, Leo moon who is Venus in Scorpio
    and another Libra sun Virgo moon, also Venus in Scorpio.
    They are both very direct! To the point of being nearly predatory. The energy is so present and sexual. They have those eyes that give them away. If you ever catch one “checking out” a specimen, you’ll see what I mean.

    Mars just has a predator stare. I’ve been lucky enough thus far not to see it for myself.

  9. amiannZing

    I have Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, and if I love someone or have strong feelings of adoration, I usually will fester in those feelings and stew things in my head, all while I burn with the intensity of lava. I hate public displays of affection and am very private — I have a hard time being vulnerable or showing my vulnerability. Even when in a relationship, I will find it hard to relinquish control and surrender myself completely. There will always be a part of me that will always, always remain private, that I will take with me to my grave and no one, not even my significant other will know.
    And yes, I completely agree with being clueless of the impact I might have on others. Now that I think about it, I realize that most men either feel intimated by me or harbor secret feelings of wanting/lust towards me. I can sense it and often cannot understand why, especially when I haven’t been overt in any way.

  10. amiannjeff

    I have Mars in my 4th, 2’56 Scorpio, I have Venus 13’36 conjunct Uranus 14’02 Scorpio in my 5th.I was struck by the freezing you spoke of. I’d say it was something akin to a vampire needing permission to be let into a house. I want in that house. I have Neptune in the 5th too, but at the end in Sag. I kind have some experience of misjudging, and being embarrassed, So I wait for them to make the first move, at the beginning at least. Question, though. What would be the ideal kind of women in terms of sexual compatibility with me, in her Venus, Mars placement? Would a double Scorpio women in this regard be too much? Or amazing?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, Jeff! Well, you have Mars, venus and Uranus conjunct? I have never seen that. I would like to pick your brain.
      I know you are super sexy and charismatic from the Mars conj Venus. Send me a pic, if you want 😀
      Lets consider Uranus there. Are you very reluctant to make commitments. Do you feel stifled in my routine? Are you accident prone? Lets talk about this and then we can talk about the women.

      1. amiannJeff

        Venus and Uranus are conjunct, but Mars is a bit off. They are all in Scorpio, though.
        For my for full chart, you should know I was born at 1:40 am in Detroit, MI on Sept 24th, 1978. I feel the Uranus comes about in my attractions. I am attracted to weird looking, or hippyish women. I am married, but I am polyamorous. I can make commitments. Recently I feel stifled in my routine. Klutz, not full blown. A picture, huh? Where would you want me to send it?

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