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How I Got The Name “My Christian Psychic”?

Do you know when you have things happen that just feel right? I went to a web designer during mercury Retro and signed a contract. I knew I should not do it but I did. It did not work out with him( as I knew it would not but did not listen) but he came out with the name My Christian Psychic and I knew that was me.

I am not a psychic, per se, because the word denotes going to a place other than Jesus for information. I am sold out to Jesus. He is my everything. My life is lived for Him, to the best of my flawed ability. This name–my Christian Psychic–put me at odds with Christians who thought I went to the dark side. I knew that would happen but the name seemed right.

If I only get Christians coming to my site I have failed. Christians already have Jesus. Even if their life is bad here, it will be wonderful in the next life so they are OK . I want to reach the people who are not Christians. I have led several people to Jesus. That is the crowning glory of anything I do.

I have Christians afraid to go to a psychic because they are afraid to go tot he dark side. I reassure them that I am not. I have non Christians who do not want to hear about Jesus. That is fine with me. I am someone’s friend and that does not depend on if that person has Jesus or ever finds Him. That is not the job of the Christian. The job of the Christian is to try to mirror Jesus and his love, most especially.

God is love. The Bible says that people will know God’s followers by their love. This is a high bar and one at which I fail.We all do . It is just to varying degrees.One’s ego is one of the biggest problems when one is on the earth. It wants to aggrandize self and we all want to do this. That is the fight for the Christian–the ego vs God.

At any rate, I wanted to explain more of who I am for anyone who wants to call on my services, join my Forum or just read my website. I am honored to have each and every reader to my website.



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