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How To Get Behind the Eyes of Astrology( And REALLY Be Able To Do Charts)

Every beginner thinks he will never make it to the place when the 2D chart becomes 3D and a real person emerges. This is as exciting as learning to read. I remember the moment the letters came together into words, in first grade. With Astrology, one must apply oneself. The reward is well worth the effort but there will be effort. I, as a Gemini, always like to make things fun. This article presents a fun way to learn Astrology.

When I meet someone, I try to feel out their chart. I do it not from an intellectual point, although I do that, too. I do it by how does this person touch ME. Do I feel warm fuzzies? In this case, there may be a Moon trine Moon or Moon conjunct Moon. Do I feel like I can’t stand the person? I have a funny story about that. One person I could not stand so badly that I was driven to check the charts. My Unaspected Venus was the missing piece that made his T square a Grand Cross. Yikes. The feeling I had with him was that if I did not get away from him, I would go crazy. On his side, he saw me in a terrible light. When I joked, he thought I was serious. When I was serious, he thought I was joking. It was a relationship that could not work if someone gave me millions of dollars.

You can never violate the charts. You can never make more of a relationship than the charts will allow.The charts determine the depth, closeness, passion, attraction, friendship and love connection. Eschew the charts and you will pay, in my opinion. Respect the charts and you will win.

So, if you feel as if that person could be your best friend, if you are that comfortable, check to see if you have moon trine moon or moon conjunct moon.

If you feel the person is riding you such that you feel like you are a mistake waiting to happen, see if that person’s Saturn is conjunct your Moon. If not, see if his Saturn is squaring your Moon. Saturn feels like a “rain on your parade”. It feels like someone is waiting for you to screw up so they can say “Gottcha” With this in mind, if someone’s Saturn conjuncts a pivotal and emotionally sensitive part of your chart like your Moon or ASC, you will feel as if the teacher has caught you putting gum under the chair. You turn red. You feel under the gun.You want to run from the room.

If you feel sexy vibes, the man’s Mars or Pluto may touch your Moon, Venus or ASC. You can even discern the degree of sexy vibes to predict what touches what. To me, if a man’s Mars touches a woman’s Venus in any way, she will feel attracted to him and not know why. It will come out of the blue and hit her, kind of like Cupid’s arrow. With the conjunction, it will be the strongest. With the trine, it will feel more mellow. With the square and opposition, it will feel more like sexy fighting kind. Either which way, look for Cupid’s arrow and then check the charts.

If you feel the earth opened and swallowed you and you are gesturing an SOS from 40 feet below, it was Pluto. Pluto in synastry can have the best of us shaking. It just is, Friends. If you find yourself in this unfortunate(?) situation, the man’s Pluto has touched your Moon, Venus or ASC . That would be the order of strength, in my opinion. Your moon will always be your most sensitive point. What touches your moon touches you way down deep. So, if the man’s Pluto is doing anything to your moon, pick yourself up off the floor and check the charts. Pluto can touch your Moon any which way and you will feel those nuclear vibes. The conjunction is the strongest.The trine is a tamer version. With the square or opposition, you may tear each others hair out before you make up and go to bed. (Actually Moon square Pluto is a sign of violence but we don’t have to go there.)

Now, you can check out the Moon/Moon relationship with anyone. Do you feel an instant rapport? Do you feel like you could tell secrets, as you do with a best friend? Do you feel you can be vulnerable? Do you feel like you could die laughing together at the same things? If you answered yes to these, I would bet you have Moon trine Moon or Moon conjunct Moon.

The charts work with all people and all relationships( even pets)

If someone makes you feel just plain good, check out where his Jupiter hits you. If it hits your Mercury, you will feel better mentally. If it hits your Moon. you will feel better emotionally. If it hits your Sun, you will feel more confident at your job. If it hits your ASC, you will feel more confident in your daily life. Jupiter can be felt as joy and optimism. We bring this to each other. When you feel it, run for the charts and check out the old Fairy Godmother( Jupiter’s nickname)

If you feel a sense of unreality around someone, that person may have touched you with his Neptune. Neptune can be musicals where lovers walk on air. However, when the play is over, they may have backs turned and be sleeping on the couch. Neptune gives the air of lovely unreality. However, Neptune will always come down and that is the problem. The classic aspect is Neptune oppose Venus. The Venus sees the Prince. People will tell her he is the frog but Neptune lies his poor little behind off. One day, she wakes up and sees him without the chimera of Neptune. Then, there is hell to pay, as the saying goes. if you feel swept off your feet with the unreality of gossamer like dreams, check out his Neptune. See where it touches you.

If his Neptune touches your Moon, your feelings may feel confused. If it touches your Venus, you may be swept away into childhood dreams of love. If it touches, your Sun be careful of business deals with this person. If his Neptune touches your ASC, you may never see him for who he is. Neptune is indeed a fog. Find a trusted friend to help you with this one. Sooner or later, you will come down on your own but one hopes it is not with too much fall out.

I hope I have given you a brief look behind the eyes of some aspects in synastry.




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