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How To Get Over Your Fears

This will be ongoing, as it is an ongoing process for me. As I learn things, I will write them here. As always, please comment, as I would love to hear your experiences, as well.

1. Fears are based from the ego.

2. Fear Reduction and Ego reduction go hand in hand.

3. When you get that awful feeling like you will fall off the face of the earth, your ego is dying.

4. The Bible says that the master fear i.e. the one that holds all the others together, is the fear of death. This makes sense,as people who have had NDE’s (Near death experiences) are very, very calm.

5. You get very shaky when you try to overcome fears. You can feel as if you legs will give out under you. People, even, go to the ER with panic attacks. Fear is a very real thing, physically, as well as emotionally.

6. Fear will dissipate the closer you draw them to you. Of course, this process of drawing fears to you is very,very painful. It is very hard to get yourself to do it. Your motivation must be very high. Then, force yourself to go toward that which you fear. What will happen, slowly, is that the fear either the fear will dissipate or you will develop the confidence to deal with it.

7.Many( if not all) fears are ego based. The ego can be reduced but the pain is very strong. One needs a close friend with whom one can share the pain,as it is too hard to bear alone. This would be an Enlightened Witness, as specified by Alice Miller. I have an article on this.

4 thoughts on “How To Get Over Your Fears

  1. amiannDL

    often when i fear i bask in it a few moments cause i know that once il finish the fear will be dead and il be a better person

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