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How To Get Your Confidence Back?

I will be back

9 thoughts on “How To Get Your Confidence Back?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Tried to get on. Just couldn’t. I’m afraid you just can’t comprehend my plight.
    When a person is saddled with these placements. They’re “odd.” You said so yourself.
    I’m anything but a “people person.”
    PL in 1st.
    0 in 2nd
    Ju/Nep in 3rd
    0 in 4th
    Sat in 5th (Dear God!)
    0 in 6th
    Mars in 7th. Opp PL in 1st. (Lot’s of “understanding” from people, you know)
    Venus in 8th. (Will find “love” in a graveyard?)
    Sun in 9th. My only saving grace. Have more knowledge in my little finger then most have
    their entire lives.
    0 in 10 (Obviously)
    Moon in Cancer in 11th. Like Casey!
    Uranus in 12th. Like Hitler!
    Leo raising Again, like Casey.
    Sometimes, a little knowlegde is a dangerous thing. See what 2nd Peter and Jude had to
    say about certain folks.
    Can ONLY POST. WILL ONLY POST. If that’s not acceptable, then this IS goodbye.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    I believe that my Chrion is in my 7th house though I’m not sure.
    My Moon’s nodes are: North node, 1 degree of Scoripo in 3rd house. South node
    in Taurus in 9th house. Am I set for some type of transformation? Trouble is, with these
    type of placements, you’ve got to surrender everything, and live the last part of your life
    The reason I am so sympathtic to Casey Anthony is her nodes are: North node in Taurus,
    9th house. And South node in Scoripo 3rd house. The exact inverse of mine! Truly, a
    Yin/Yang situation. I THINK she might have made an attempt to friend me through Skypth
    but for any number of resons I decided against it. Namely, because I didn’t think it would
    lead to good results for either of us. I’m out of my element when I go beyond simple postings.
    I give an explaination in the “Embrase The Awesomeness” section of that I hope she saw. Did you happen to see any of my
    Casey Anthony postings, and the EXTREMLY adverse reactions they provoke?
    I wish you could see the stuff I posted on: but sadly.
    that website no longer exists. If I am correct, and Casey attempted to contact me, it’s
    because of my postings there. It was a smallish website, so the things I posted were more
    noticable. In any case IF Casey has seen my more recent postings she knows there’s
    no doubt that I DO believe she’s guilty. But I see it more akin to Lizzie Bordon then O.J.
    A muliplicity of factors lead to the accquital. I’ve always thought, so much could be learned
    by studying Casey AND her case because it’s more then just sensationalized murder trial.
    You can actually TEST Astrology (And other systems as well) using Casey as an object of
    study. Have you done so? There’s certainly a wealth of information about her.
    I have another web name I posted under at the various sites:missittempts. The reason I
    chose that name was because of my many frustrating “misatempts” to learn the computer.
    I have a very low frustration threshold so I like to keep things as simple as possible.
    With Uranus in the 12th house, it’s said that you communicate in a very clandestine manner.
    It also pertains to “hidden” enemies. I may yet set somebody off with my postings and it
    could blow up in my face. We DO KNOW that ‘Big brother is watching.” I’ve know it for some
    time BEFORE the recent revelations of government snooping. You may have read what I
    wrote on CaseyAnthonyIsInnocent,com. Some say I was crazy when I wrote that stuff, just
    as they thought I was crazy when I told some folks that a “horrible incident would ocurr in
    the fall of 2001. You see how “crazy” I was.
    I’d also like to call your attention to a site called It is run by a woman
    named M.E. Thomas. That’s not her real name. She is a law professor in B.Y.U. in Utah.
    She wrote a book titled: “Confessions Of A Sociopath.” It was featured on the cover of
    “Psychology Today” magazine. She was also on Dr. Phil in disguise. As with most sociopaths you don’t know what to believe. Is she legit or not? In any case, I posted a lot of
    material there. I write one post every day. I wrote a lot about Casey and Jodi Arias.
    You could look up in the quick reference box what I wrote. Also, you can tell it’s me from
    my lousy spelling. M.E. did write one or two postings about the astrology of sociopaths, and
    many of her readers DO believe in astrology.

  3. amiannMelanie

    Hello, I have self esteem and self confidence issues. I do not know where my Chiron is. I had a “professional” chart done years ago. Couldn’t make much sense of it. Supposedly I should have success with whatever I choose, supposed to be life of party, lol My life is totally opposite of that.
    I am sag sun and ascendant and moon in aries. I will dig up the chart and find out more particulars, I remember that most things were on the one side. Would like to get a reading when I get some funds.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Melanie, dear.
      In the meantime, why don’t you put your chart on my Forum? You can ask any questions and there is no charge. Hope to see you there, Friend!

  4. amiannmelanie

    Thanks Ami, I am working on it. Got the photo bucket and the chart, but I think I need to register at astro to get a pdf so I can download then upload… Everything is on one side, I have nothing in third through sixth house, (I think)

    You have a lot of good articles on here.

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