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How To Have an OBE(Out of Body Experience)

There are many reasons to have an OBE. It will raise your vibratory level. This will allow you to be more psychic. It will give you more physical energy. It acts as a kind of tune up. I have even heard of actual diseases being cured. I have no doubt this is true. I will tell you the easiest way I have found to have one.


1. Set your alarm to wake up in the middle of the night, after 2-3 solid hours of sleep. Get up and do something active such as exercise or take a walk outside. If you don’t want to do that, rouse yourself as much as you can. Try to do some activity which rouses you in body and mind. Stay up for about one and a half or two hours.

2. Go back to bed and fall into a state of sleep. You may feel your “body” try to rise. Allow that to happen. No one is exactly sure “what” is leaving but something is. That something is what takes you on the OBE journey. The most important thing to do( and the hardest) is to relax and go with it. You will probably have strange sensations accompanying your body rising . You may feel vibrations or a loud clanging noise. You may feel as if you are in a speeding elevator. This is when most people give up. I am still afraid of these sensations, as I have not done an OBE in several months. I, always, was a little afraid, even when I was doing them regularly. However, they will not hurt you. People leave their bodies, as a natural state, and don’t know it. Often, lucid dreams are OBE’s. If you have a very vivid dream which feels “more real than real”, it is likely an OBE.

3. One must keep up the exercise in the first step for several weeks. If one is persistent, one will have success. However, for most people, they give up due to either fear or discouragement. I was rabid about having them. I would not give up, as I was very attracted to the whole concept. I had my first OBE after 3 weeks of the exercise above.

2 thoughts on “How To Have an OBE(Out of Body Experience)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      El, those “nocturnal seizures” may be the beginning of the OBE process. It feels exactly as you described. If you let yourself go OBE, you will have the trip of the lifetime. No trip on earth can compare even the best drug trip( not that I have had them as I have always been afraid of mind altering substances lol)

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