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How To Have More Energy, Naturally.

I have read many woman’s magazines at the supermarket check out counter because they had articles on how to get more energy I was, always, disappointed. Their advice seemed impotent. I have found answers on my own journey. Kundalini Yoga, particularly the breathing exercises, are the single, best way to get more energy. I described the Dog Pant Breath in another entry. If you want more energy, please take the time to study this and use it.

The second thing would be add more raw food. Raw food is anything that is from nature and has not been processed. This includes all vegetables, fruits, and raw nuts and seeds. If you really explore raw foods, you will find that you can get wonderful specialties like raw chocolate, raw chocolate macaroons, and many, many other goodies. I have a raw food store and restaurant near me.
These goodies make eating raw food, effortless. Before the store opened, I got raw food cookbooks and made all sorts of recipes, myself.

Juicing would be the next step in getting more energy. I will discuss different types of Juicers in another entry. Any juicer is the way to start. Juices can be very delicious, too. I have my personal favorites like Cucumber and Apple, Cucumber, Beet and Apple, and Apple and Celery.

These would be my top suggestions for getting more energy. They will work! The side benefit will be beautiful skin and hair. How can you lose?

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