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How To Heal Depression—Feel Your Feelings as Does a Child

If you are depressed, your true feelings are locked inside, as if water in a dam. Your true feelings are clouded over by what you SHOULD feel. Depression occurs when we have shoved aside our true self with it’s feelings and taken on a false self, that we thought was acceptable, when our true self was not. This is one of the major reasons for depression, bar none. You do not see many young children who are depressed. That is because they still have access to their feelings.

So, to banish depression, once and for all, you must learn to access your feelings. How do you do that? You are not going to like the answer, but who said everything has to be easy. Good things are not easy. They are hard. With that caveat in mind, I will go on. You must become vulnerable and able to be hurt. This means that your armor must come down. Your armor is there to protect against hurt. Why take it down? Because, if you have walled yourself off, you will be depressed. The Dead Sea has no routes out. It is a closed body of water. It is dead and so are you, if you have hardened your emotions. If you are dead in this way, you will be depressed. I promise you.

So, what are the practical methods you should employ to gain access to lost feelings. You must express your true feelings, your true opinions, your true humor and your true vulnerability. You will get hurt. I assure you of that. When you do, you will feel very badly. You will feel sad. If you have some access to your feelings, you will cry. In crying, you will hook up with your lost feeling self.

Does this sound too easy? It may sound too easy, but the doing of it is hard. Take a chance. Then, write me and tell me what happens.

6 thoughts on “How To Heal Depression—Feel Your Feelings as Does a Child

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you El. I just saw it and was so touched. I will say that the best way to understand this is to work it out in oneself. Talk is cheap. Experience is everything Success is the way you know it works. I have been having success. To me, the word of God is everything. When Jesus died, he TOOK all our pain and shame. It is GONE at the Born Again experience. However, we still have the old program. Our getting totally normal, happy and free is how well we can cast off the old program. It is very hard and slow. However, it is that simple, but not at all easy.

      For me, just knowing that it was done was the key, as God wants us to have an abundant life. God wants us full of joy and love. God does not want us to be emotional cripples. I have sobbed myself to sleep for so many nights but I was not alone. I talked to God. I had the faith to believe He was there. The key is faith–faith that he is the LIVING God and that he shows up. Love you, El <3

  1. amiannadele_90

    going through your site and this struck me, simple, beautiful, advice all people should be reminded, i’ve always been acutely aware fear not being in touch with myself, and have learnt to overcome the fact not many people my age in this generation are in touch what so ever. good on you Ami!!

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