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How To Heal Emotional Problems? Find Someone to Listen

This simple solution is more profound than you could ever know. The person does not have to have special training. It may be better if they don’t. Alice Miller calls it an “Enlightened Witness”. The person needs a few qualifications, though. They must listen without giving advice or judgement. They must not want to try to fix you OR take away your pain. They must have the strength to bear seeing you in pain without trying to fix it. It is very rare to find a person who can or will do this. If you do, you have found a very special treasure. The Enlightened Witness is one of the keys to healing emotional problems. Facing painful issues is too hard to do by oneself . We need the support of someone who will walk beside us, not try to take the pain away. A person cannot take it away. It has to be released. Crying is God’s Way to release pain. Current science supports this. However, you don”t really need the verification from current science. You know, in your own heart, the healing that comes from crying .

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