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How To Heal Ulcers Naturally

As with any medical issue, please check with your doctor about this or any recommendation. This is my experience. I want to share it because my heart goes out to people who have stomach issues. I put my emotions in to my stomach, as many people do. For us, we need to find natural methods to heal and prevent problems. I have found many.

DGL tablets are wonderful to soothe stomach distress, whether from an ulcer or just a nervous stomach. However, the big gun in healing ulcers, in my experience, is organic Habanero Pepper powder. Get the hottest one you can find. You can buy it on line. Work your way up very, very slowly . This is crucial, as it will really hurt, if you have an ulcer. I am warning you of this, so you will not be taken by surprise. However, the hot pepper has tremendous healing properties.The ulcer will be healed, when you can eat the pepper and your stomach does not hurt. If you take it in a hot soup or heated tomato juice , it will work better. The heat revs it up.

God put so many wonderful things for healing, on the earth. Seeing how well they work, builds my faith in the order of the Universe and in the presence of a Loving Creator .

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