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How To Hear God’s Voice

eye tattooOne of my most beloved clients asked me this question. She is the English professor I tell you about. She is a Gemini like I am, so we have great talks with lots of laughter. Her question is an important question. Most people would want to hear God’s voice. Most people are interested in the subject. I will share my experience. I hope it will help you in your own search for God. Each person is on that search, whether or not they know it.

This is my personal experience. I was always on the search for God, even as a little child. As a little Jewish girl, I used to wish I could be a nun so I could marry God. I learned very soon that Jewish people did not believe in Jesus. I would say that I was always one of those kids who was a deep thinker. I, always, wanted to know if there was something more.

For each accomplishment I reached, the joy faded. I thought that this was just the nature of life and stopped searching for God. As happens to many people, terrible struggles take us to God.

That happened to me. I reached the end of my abilities and knew I must find God. That is my background but not the subject of this article. I think a person has to be Born Again to have God’s spirit living inside him. If not, God will be outside of him. God can contact the person and vice versa, but God will not be living in that person.

I got Born Again one night in the middle of the night. I felt oxygen go into my head and I said, “I am Born Again. I am Born Again”. Then, I started having a strength that I did not have prior to this. I had a desire to tell people about God that I did not have prior to this. I had a connection to God I did not have prior to this. This brings me to hearing God’s Voice.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will guide us. It says that the Holy Spirit will show us things to come. That is what I do as a Christian Psychic. The name is misleading. My Christian friends tell me this but I think I was supposed to have this name because the people I reach would probably not go to a Christian site. It was one of those things that felt right and I went with it.

However, the subject of this article is how to hear God’s voice. After I got Born Again, I did become a different person, in some ways. In some ways, I was the same old person. However, I am losing sight of the subject. I will give you some examples of how God speaks to me and is speaking to me, at present.



I will be back

19 thoughts on “How To Hear God’s Voice

  1. amiannGB

    I saw a true crime show where a police officer’s athletic, eighteen year old son was kidnapped from the supermarket parking lot where he worked. Time was ticking and they had no leads. They were out of options and decided to ask a psychic for help. The kidnapper was planning to kill this young man after he had repeatedly raped him. The psychic said she prayed to Jesus for guidance. With the leads they got from the psychic they found their son alive.

    This story is what led me to look for Christian psychics online. I am so happy I found your site. You have helped me so much. Your articles continue to educate and encourage me.

    Thank you:)

  2. amiannLon Spector

    No one can come to Christ purely through their own efforts. God often taps the person on
    the shoulder when they least expect it. “The gifts and calling of God are without repentance.”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Is that what that verse means? I did not know that, Lon? This is an interesting aside. I just had a wonderful new client last night. She is a Born Again Christian but does not fit in the churches like I don’t. I think this is the Christian population that are attracted to me.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    It doesn’t occurr to anyone to come to Christ, because to the worldly ear, Christ is a
    buch of gobbledgook. Paul says, “The Greeks seek knowledge (logic) and the Jews
    seek signs (miracles). To the Greeks (Gentiles) Christ is foolishness (illogic), to the Jews,
    He is a stumbling block. (Because He didn’t perform the specific miracles that the people
    demanded, sweeping away the Romans, etc..)
    The scientist type rejects Christ because He is not “scientific.” The miracle seeking type
    rejects Christ because the “miracles” are hidden “inner” miracles for the most part.
    Jesus said, “An evil and adultrous generation seeketh after signs and no sign will be
    given it except the reseruction. As Johna was in the belly of a whale for 3 days, so shall
    the Son of Man be in the earth for 3 days and then raise.” The only REAL miracle confirming
    Christ’s Messionic claim is His reserection from the dead.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    “All manner of sin and blasphmopy will be forgiven except sin against the Holy Spirit.”
    “If a person says something against God it will be forgiven. If someone sins against the
    Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him in this world (age) or the world to come.”
    There is one sin so grevious that it can’t be forgiven. That is sin against the Holy Spirit.
    Fortunately, only a realitive few do this. If one starts down the Christian path, and for
    whatever odd reason decides to disavow his newly acquired nature, the Spirit ceases to
    work in him and he is blotted out of the Book Of Life. It’s too late! Prayer won’t even help!

  5. amiannLon Spector

    People so frequently take God’s name in vain, that He makes “allowences” for that.
    But if you truely profess Christ as your personal savior, and recieve devine power, you
    become “born again”
    The “Spirit” is the energy that attatches you to Christ. You are a “new creation.” If you
    go against this new nature, it will cease to operate in you, and like Humpty Dumpty,
    you will become irreversibly ruined. A “twice dead” person that is destined to be placed
    in the Lake of Fire. Peter said: “Better for them never to have known the truth then to
    have turned away. If they had escaped the pollution of the world through Jesus Christ and
    gone back, they are like a dog returned to it’s own vomit.”

  6. amiannLon Spector

    No offense intended, but perhaps only one half of one percent of humanity through
    out history have been Christian. We’ve had many “christians,” but few BORN AGAIN

  7. amiannEugene

    Have a question for Lon, I believe I am an example of someone who was introduced to the truth only to return to the worldly behavior. like the second death you talk about. I was not only thinking the same way, that I have no hope. but I really do regret this choice as my life is in a total mess. can anything revive me from this “second death”? or.. I am doomed in this life and thrown into hell. wow my fate is ruined

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I will take a stab at that, Eugene, but Lon can answer, too. IF you were truly Born Again, this would be the case. However, I bet you were not because most people that go away like this, never regret it. Lets start at the beginning. Tell me your whole story! I am very glad you are here and felt safe enough to ask this question here.

      1. amiannEugene

        I think this is a website full of love, and god is love, so I trust you and your site. My story.. here it goes. I was a grade A student, varsity swim team, pretty noticeable guy then I went to college to fall into drugs, sex, and those stuff. seems like I used to be a pretty smart guy, now everybody looks down on me and people actually tell me I used just die because there is nothing useful or good about myself. I believe that I met god, when I meditated in highschool. he was present in all aspects of my life, I wasn’t addicted to anything, I was healthy in both mind and body, and people respected me. now I lost everything in my life. my father’s business is in a downward spiral, so my family is experiencing difficulties financially. I’m not a smart person anymore (I actually cannot do the things I could do in my head before), my grades are abysmal, my social status is nonexistent and my life pretty much feels like a total mess. This all happened after, you know, I was introduced to the way of life only to turn away from it. To me, Jesus was the way of life, a sinless life. but I fell into years of sin. and the consequences are.. just inexplicable. Here’s my story and.. haha.. feels good to have some hope that there might be an answer to all this. Thank you Ami

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am honored, Eugene, that you would share your story with me. How lovely you could do that! Well, are you born Again? If so, you can rise from the ashes. If you have read my story, you know I am trying to do that. I think many of us are. People don’t seem to find Jesus without pain. I just had a friend die. He was as perfect a person as one could know. He was gorgeous, smart, an MD and sweet. He had no interest in Jesus. Was HE the lucky one, so to speak, or are we, who have suffered a great deal? We are, if we find Jesus!

          I would love to do your chart for you if you put it in my Forum. There is no charge and you can ask any questions you have. If not, please keep commenting. You truly made my day, Eugene!

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