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How to Look at Transits–Emphasis on Houses

Transits deal with planets currently in the skies. We will talk about them in relationship to one’s natal chart. When one looks at transits, one can make a chart that shows the current position of all planets and how they hit the natal chart. So, on the outside of the natal chart are the current planets in green. With both of these charts, we can compare the current position of planets to the position of the planets at one’s birth. One’s natal chart will be the basis for all charts. When we look at transits, we look at two major things. We look at the house a transiting planet touches.In addition, we look at the natal planet that a transiting planet touches, too. This is the basis for transits.

House Rulers come in to play here,. For the life of the native, his House Rulers will represent that House/sphere of activity. We use House Rulers in the transit chart.I will give an example. If a person had a Scorpio ASC, his Chart Ruler would be Pluto. If Transiting Mars conjunct Pluto, he may have something happen to his physical body as Mars represents surgery. Pluto is his physical body because it is his Chart Ruler. The Chart Ruler is the physical body. For the life of that person, his Chart Ruler will represent his physical body when looking at transits.

Lets look at some other House Rulers as it may propel you to study them. The Ruler of the 2nd House will represent one’s basic needs such as money and housing. For one’s life, the Ruler of the 2nd House will represent one’s basic life needs. In this case, the native would have Sagittarius on the 2nd House cusp. Jupiter would be the planet to represent his basic life needs. If there was a question of what would become of him, materially, one would look at what was happening to Jupiter, in transit.

If we wanted to find out what was happening to a person’s state of communication, verbal or written, we would look at the Ruler of the 3rd house. In this case, the sign on the 3rd house cusp would be Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn. Saturn represents the persons communications. If the person were a writer and wanted to know if his book would be published, we could look at which transiting planets were touching Saturn.If transiting Jupiter were touching Saturn in a good aspect such as a trine or conjunction, we would think the writer would have great success. If transiting Saturn were touching his natal Saturn in a hard aspect such as a square, we would say success would be delayed.

The 4th House represents one’s early home.It represents one’s adult home. It would represent what would happen to one’s home if one had questions about that. So, for this native Aquarius would be on the 4th House cusp. Uranus would represent the person’s home. If the person wanted to know if he would lose his house, he would look at which planets were touching the Ruler of the 4th, Uranus. If a benefic planet such as Jupiter were touching Uranus in an easy aspect, we could offer a good prognosis. If Saturn were touching Uranus, we would offer a prognosis of delay.

The 5th House represents one’s fun. This would include hobbies, creativity and romance. If one wanted to know if one was going to be lucky in romance, one could look at the Ruler of the 5th House.In this case, Pisces would be on the cusp of the 5th House. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces so we would look to see what touches Neptune in transit. Again, we would apply the rules as we did to the previous houses.

The 6th House represents one’s health and one’s service to others.This is service of a practical nature such car mechanic, hairdresser, cook, nurse, teacher etc. In this case Aries would be on the 6th house cusp. Mars is the Ruler of Aries. Hence, Mars would be the Ruler of the 6th for the life of this person. If this native had a health question, we would look to what was happening to Mars by transiting planets.

The 7th House represents Marriage. In this case Taurus would be on the cusp. Venus is the Ruling Planet for Taurus. Hence Venus will be what we will look toward when the native wants to know if he will be married, for example. We would look to Venus to see the state of his current marriage if he were married. Venus will be the Ruler of the 7th House for this native for his lifetime.

The 8th House represents one’s deepest emotions and passions.It also represents death.I am not good enough to deal with death so we will leave that aside.For us, the 8th House will represent one’s soul. In this chart, Gemini is the sign on the 8th House cusp so Mercury would be Ruler of the 8th House. . Soul mate relationships are 8th House relationships. Fling relationships are 5th House relationships. Marriage relationships are 7th House relationships. All parts of life can be seen by the chart. The transits will show what will happen in one’s current life.

The 9th House represents Higher Education, higher thought such as religion, philosophy and spirituality. It represents long distance travel in mind and body. In this case, Cancer would be on the cusp of the 9th House. The moon is the planet which rules Cancer. Hence, we look to the moon when we want answers to 9th House questions.If the native came to an Astrologer asking if he would have a safe overseas trip, the Astrologer would look to the Ruler of the 9th House. One would see which transiting planets were touching the Moon. If Mars were conjunct the moon, the person may have trouble on the trip. If Saturn were conjunct the moon, the person may have great delays on the trip. There may be hardships and frustrations of some sort. However, it would not be fatal as much as annoying and bothersome. If Uranus was conjunct the moon there may be sudden upheavals. I would not go on a trip if I had this configuration.

The 10th House represents career and one’s interface with society.In this case, Leo would be on the 10th House cusp. The Sun is the planet which rules Leo. The Sun will represent the natives career and social standing for the life of the native.If the native had questions about his career, he would see which planets were touching the Sun in transit.

The 11th House represents ones outreach to the world through global charity.It represents one’s membership in groups.It represents one’s circle of friends. The 11th House represents more casual friendships than soul mate relationships which are represented by the 8th House. In this case, Virgo would be on the 11th House cusp. Mercury rules Virgo so we have Mercury as the Ruler of the 11th House. You will notice that Mercury rules two signs. This makes Mercury be the Ruler of two houses. Venus is the same as the Ruler of both Libra and Taurus.

The 12th House represents the next dimension.It rules the fetal state as well as the afterlife. The 12th House opens the door to the unknown as we don’t really know what exists after life. Hence, the 12th House is unique in all of Astrology. Those who have 12th House planets must touch the next dimension while they are citizens of the earth bound dimension. For this native, Libra is the sign of the 12th House cusp. Venus is Libra’s Ruling planet. Hence, we look to Venus when we have questions which impinge on the 12th House and what it rules.


9 thoughts on “How to Look at Transits–Emphasis on Houses

  1. amiannBob

    I have a friend, a woman, married (she turned 58 today), never had children and, unbeknownst to her, I’m sure, she’s at the tail end of transiting Pluto squaring her Venus in Aries, a dynamic that has been in effect for awhile now, and during which time I have noticed a slight change in her, mostly in that she seems to be engaged in an inner wrestling match, but I hesitate to assume too much. But when she alluded to sex in movies recently, I was a little surprised, in that she’s rather what I would call “conservative,” and someone who’d be slow in any context to allude to sex. It’s just her style and I won’t say more than that because I just don’t know (although I do intuit). Then I noticed a subsequent pull-back, like a reaction to herself, a kind of policing, something I have noticed in her anyway; a kind of reaching out, then pulling back. (She’s Sun Pisces and has Saturn Scorpio; she does try to keep a lid on things.)

    I guess because you refer to yourself as a “Christian” psychic, Ami, I am dropping this here, without even asking a particular question. My friend, a co-worker for many years, is a devout Christian who, I think, would look askance at such things as astrology, even psychics. And it’s partly because of that, and given the subtle shift in her manner I’ve noticed – or “vibe” is more accurate – that I wonder how she experiences/has experienced this transit, because it has brought up bubbles to the surface from her deeper-down waters.

    I wonder whether, were I to describe some of the possible dynamics of a transiting Pluto squaring natal Venus, she’d say “a-ha,” or whether she’d look at me like I was speaking Ostrich.

    I wonder if it might play out as crisis averted or opportunity missed. I’m assuming a lot here, obviously, and rambling in so doing; but observing this, and knowing what I know, about her and the astrological factors in play, how she experiences what might seem like long-lasting weather. Given my own experience with Pluto (natal Moon/Pluto conjunct withone one degree), including clear recollections of transiting Pluto conjuncting my Sun twenty-something years ago and, more recently, passing over my Descendant (and now trining my natal Moon/Pluto in Virgo), I find it hard to believe that someone, no matter whether a belief system might buffer against the “occult” or unfamiliar, would be immune to the effects, or at least the strong push and pull.

    Having said that, it’s refreshing to come across a Christian Psychic/Astrologer.

    Thank you for humoring this long-winded post.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Bob
      It is MY pleasure that you wrote on my Comment Form. I am a completely sold out Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew. Jesus is everything to me. It is a strange ministry I have but when you do what you were made to do, you are very happy as I am!

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Well the planets, Pluto in this case, are going to do their thing. The person’s belief in them does not change that. The person just has no warning lol

  2. amiannBob

    not really. my mother had linda goodman’s Sun Signs on the shelf when i was a kid, so, being a curious scorpio, i’d read it once in awhile, and things resonated. that was the extent of it until my mid- to late-20’s, when i was seeking to make sense of a lot that had happened and was happening; i don’t even know how i checked back into astrology, but i did, pretty much limited to planets in houses. (this was a period of time that corresponded with transiting pluto conjuncting my sun; it was a beautiful and awful ride. i did not know this was in effect until relatively recently when, armed with information and an ephemeris, i took a look back.)

    i began to check astrology forums about two years ago, maybe a little less, which ended up being a big help during transiting pluto’s pass over my descendant, which went pretty much by the book. only lately have i begun looking into the more esoteric aspects, such as nodes, angles, transits, asteroids, synastry, etc.

    it’s been pretty eye-opening and helpful, especially where understanding a little more about pluto is concerned. and there is SO much information online.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aw I see, Bob. It is my pleasure to answer any question. If you care to come on my FB page and talk, click Like on it and I can send you articles and you can come and talk!

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