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How To Overcome 12th House Planets?

I feel a burden for those with 12th house planets. As I do more charts, the angst associated with 12th house planets is palpable, to me. I have Neptune in the 12th, which is the easiest 12th house planet and even it is very hard. I think that there is one way to deal with the burden of 12th house planets. There is one way to transmute that burden from dross to gold. It is through service. The 12th house is the door to the next dimension. The next dimension does not have the values of this one. On this earth, money, beauty and prestige trump. In the next dimension, it is the quality of your heart. This will resonate with 12th house people, I suspect. I think they already know it. It is written deep inside them. These knowings are part of what makes them both different and special. If you have 12th house planets, consider the form of service with fits with you. Start to put it in to practice,slowly. When you feel depression, as most 12th house planets have, give to someone else. The depression will transmute and something of beauty will be in it’s place.

10 thoughts on “How To Overcome 12th House Planets?

  1. amiannRishi Talreja

    Would having Saturn in the 12th make one gloomier than what Saturn normally causes one to be? Also, do you think having Saturn, Netpune and Uranus all in the 12th make someone very dreamy and unsure of things around them, as if they know something better is happening somewhere else but we are all stuck doing the wrong things?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Fantastic question, Rishi. First of all, lets make sure that all the planets are In the 12th house and not conjunct the ASC. Are any within 10 degrees of the ASC. I am sorry that I do not remember your chart, Sweetie.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Rishi Figure out what you have in the 12th house, first. Then, come back and tell me and we will talk about it. Saturn in the 12th is very, very hard. If you have it, there is no reason to mitigate it with platitudes. It is best to deal with it, straight up. I think it would lend itself to depression. More than that, even, I think it would make one doubt one’s worthiness to be on this earth. I think the self doubt and insecurity would be so strong, as to even knock the breath out of one. 🙁 Can you relate?

      1. amiannRishi Talreja

        Self-doubt huh? Can it go to both extremes? I have a Leo sun(which has no aspects to Saturn by the way) and at times I feel like I always shoot for something less that what I might be capable of but other times I feel like people don

  2. amiannRishi Talreja

    I am confused. I have three planets in the 12th house: Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. If Saturn and Neptune conjunct the ASC, does that reduce their influence in the 12 house?

    I have my Leo sun in the 8th house (In the equal house system, which is what I generally follow. In Placidus, it comes in the 7th but I feel more plutonic than venusian, you know. 🙂 )

    Here are the Sun aspects:

    Sun squares Moon (in scorpio)
    Sun trines Jupiter (in cancer)
    Sun squares Pluto (in scorpio)
    Sun quincunx ASC (in capricorn)
    Sun sextile MC (in Libra)

    Is that a good starting point?

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