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How to Overcome Depression in a Way Unique to You?

I think there are some general reasons a person becomes depressed and this applies to all people. Ana Bret, my favorite Yoga teacher, talked about this on her DVD about using Yoga to heal various conditions. She said that depression is a self which cannot find expression, if I understand her right. It makes sense, logically. Depression is so rampant and people are so consigned to roles. It becomes an anomaly if someone is who he is, such as a Patch Adams or a Leo Busciaglia. That person becomes an icon, for the mere fact that he expresses who he is . It has become such a rarity that you scratch the surface and find a real person living there. Depression may be as simple as forcing yourself to find your unique voice and shout it.Astrologically speaking, the Sun is our basic identity. For each Sun Sign there is a unique form of personal expression. If one is not living one’s Sun Sign, first and foremost, one is not living one’s identity. The more planets in the Sun Sign, the stronger the identity. I will discuss each Sun sign and it’s form of personal expression.

Aries–the first sign of the Zodiac lives to have courage and boldness. Aries must follow his passion. If he loves someone, he must defend them.If he believes in a cause, he must support it, no matter how unpopular his stand.

Taurus–the second sign of the Zodiac lives to make something tangible from nothing. He lives to build, whether with actual bricks or with finances, as in banking. Taurus must touch and feel life as a gardener touches the earth and makes flowers and vegetable grow from the dirt.

Gemini-the third sign of the Zodiaz must express himself. His palette is words. He loves to laugh and make you laugh. He may express himself through other mediums such as music and singing. However, you will have a depressed Gemini if he is not a unique Gemini

Cancer–the fourth sign of the Zodiac must express himself through nurture. He loves to nest build and nurture those to whom he offers succor.A Cancer with no nest to nurture is a sad Cancer.

Leo –the fifth sign of the Zodiac must be who he is, as the Sinatra song. “I Gotta be Me”. The lion must find the special qualities that make him unique and sing them out. He may dance them out. He may love them out. You will have a depressed lion if your lion is undefined.

Virgo–the sixth sign of the Zodiac must serve, as it does something for his sense that he belongs on the earth. He must have a vehicle where he feels he has something to give and that others appreciate his gifts.

Libra–the seventh sign of the Zodiac must harmonize. It must include others, as it is the sign of partnership. It loves to beautify it’s environment. It loves to beautify itself, as it is the most gracious sign of the Zodiac. A Libra who cannot express grace and refinement is a sad Libra.

Scorpio –the eighth sign of the Zodiac must look underneath the surface to find his identity. He must look in to his own soul and yours. He must swim there, with a partner, if possible, to feel as if he is living from his unique depth of being.

Sagittarius-the ninth sign of the Zodiac must travel, in his mind and body. He must understand why he is here. That means he will study all the various philosophies. He must run and run until he finds rest in his higher intellect. A Sagittarius who has given up this quest will be a sad Sagittarius.

Capricorn–the tenth sign of the Zodiac must build a place in society for him to be happy. He must have a career which has a clear purpose. He must see the fruits of his labor in the rise of his career and as a leader of others, as he is a Big Daddy for the many people who rely on him.

Aquarius–the eleventh sign of the Zodiac must be a part of a group(s). He must help humanity. An Aquarius who feels he is not part of a group is a sad Aquarius.

Pisces–the twelfth sign of the Zodiac must find meaning in life beyond the mundane meanderings which may satisfy a less mystical sign. Pisces has one foot in the oceans of the next dimension. He can bring it’s wonders back to lesser souls. However, he will be a depressed fish, if he must, always, play in the mud, as do other earth dwellers.


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