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How To Overcome Depression—Share Your Soul

People seem to respond to my articles on depression. That means a great deal to me. It encourages me to explore the problem more, as people seem to need a way out of an omnipresent condition. If you are taking medication for depression, it will dull it. It will not eliminate it. In fact, it will work to make it’s eradication much more difficult. The reason is that depression is a shutting down of your soul. It is a shutting up of your essential being, as you deem it “not good enough”. This is at the root of depression. Conversely, a child who expresses his heart, will not be depressed. He will feel alive.

Hence, one must find a place where one can express all of who one is—–the good, the bad and the ugly. If you pray for God to send you such a place, He will. You will know when you find it. Then, seek for your authentic responses and say them. You do not have to conform to anyone or anything. If you do conform, you will be depressed. We were made to shine our own individuality. Find out what your chart has to say about you, as the chart shows you, in bas relief. The chart is your personal road map, given from God. The chart is the clearest, simplest picture of you. Get your chart done. If you cannot afford this, study yourself. My website is made for the beginner to start from the very beginning and go forward. I am very happy to be this kind of an outreach.

When you can figure out what you feel( and this can be very hard, if you are depressed) shout it and scream it. Don’t forget to share your tender emotions. Being loving can be much scarier than being hard and closed down. In fact, being loving opens you up to hurt, more so than if you are armored. However, in time, you will see the beauty of love given freely. The biggest antidote to depression is to be able to love. This includes oneself, which many Christians forget. God commanded us to love others AS ourselves. The commandment does not allow us to treat ourselves poorly. That goes against the Bible, as God loves each person with the love of the most passionate lover.

If you are in a terrible depression, right now, force yourself to brighten someone’s day. Force yourself to give the waitress an extra tip. Force yourself to go out of your way, with no expectation of anything, in return. If you want magic in your life, you will find it by freely giving love to others. This one step will be more powerful than any antidepressant.

I had a small example, today. It was nothing, at all. I was ordering a take out item. The waitress looked so harried and stressed that I handed her an extra tip. She was grateful and even gave me an extra item, free. For a small amount of money, I touched someone. It was not the money, as much as the appreciation of her. I was touched with her extra item, as it reminded me of the beauty which can be found in the mundane. Look for these small opportunities, during the day. You will find them. It can be as simple as really listening to someone when they talk. Look in their eyes. Be engaged. You may be surprised at the person’s response because simple listening to someone is very rare.

Often, a simple kindness will bring tears to someone’s eyes, as it is so rare and unexpected. Please comment on my Comment Form, as you lift me up with each of your comments!

6 thoughts on “How To Overcome Depression—Share Your Soul

  1. amiannDL

    my dear you are speaking like that waitress was the only person you helped to 😛

    you do much more than help a lot of people every day even if its just with the nice things you put on FB ^^

  2. amiannEl Phoenix Farris

    Dear Ami, I really really loved this one. It’s funny. I just reread my chart last night and it feels like my lodestone. And I know lodestone is a weird word to use here . . . a lodestone is “a person or thing regarded as a focus of attraction” — I view you as a person who attracts me to a better way of living, to God, to the light. xx El

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