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How To Put The Parts of the Chart Together to Form a Whole Person—–Part 2

People seem to really like this article, so I will do a series. I will put together a person with different Astrological placements and talk about how they work together, kind of like Mr Potato Head 😀

In any given chart, you have a number of possibilities, some of which are foreign to each other. How would our man look at a party? First of all, we would see his ASC, right off the bat. The ASC really does not give you information as to the deeper person. I see it as one’s walk through society. If you follow a person on his errands, you will see his ASC. You will see how he dresses, which car he drives and in what type of house he lives. If you enter his house with him, you will see his design tastes. All these are the ASC. However, you would know him as you know a movie star, from afar.

I like to base my examples on charts I have done and people I have known because that makes it real and takes it out of the realm of theory. With that in mind, I will construct my man to analyze. My man for today will have a Cancer ASC just because that is my favorite ASC in a guy. He will have a baby face a la John Edwards who was a classic baby faced Cancer ASC. The Cancer ASC is a warm, homey sort on the OUTSIDE. He may like to cook. He may be tender and nurturing. He may make you feel all homey and comfy but this is his outer veneer, only. People will argue and say that the ASC is more than the outer veneer. It may be a bit more but for purposes of learning and simplicity, it can be thought of as the outer veneer or shell.

I will give my imaginary man a Sagittarius Sun. The Saggi Sun is very different from the Cancer ASC. We have a contradiction and we have just started. This person would seem warm, tender and homey. He may use pet names for people. He will seem as if you could lie next to him and watch a movie and feel “home”. However, inside he is not like this at all. He is a wanderer and loves adventure. Saggi loves to have fun. He loves a light heart. If you want to get rid of him, get depressed. So, we have a great contradiction here and we have only just begun.

Let’s add a Leo Moon. Leo is the sign of the child.The child loves to be silly. He loves freely. He is creative. He is like a puppy running to you at the end of day, tail wagging and eyes shining. Leo Moon is this child. That is why Leo is a wonderful place for the moon. Leo is fixed fire. Leo can be loyal. He can make up his mind and stick to it. He does love to be fawned upon but he is so open and sweet about it that you forgive him.

We have the Big Three- The Sun, ASC and Moon. Lets see if we can make this man practical and 3D before we go on. He will probably be adorable in a baby faced way such that you would want to pinch his cheeks like your grandmother did. He will feel cozy and have a warmth emanating from him. However, if you think he is the predicable type who takes his mother to Sunday dinner every week, you are wrong. He loves to play. He likes to love em and leave him. He will be the guy at the party dancing with the lampshade on his head as this is Saggi Sun, at it’s best( worst???) Inside him, though, will be the innocence and sweetness of your puppy, as this is the Leo Moon.

Our man will have Venus in Saggi. This will magnify his Sun in Saggi which is a lover of the fast romance and moving on to the next like the drive through at McDonalds. One would not know that by his baby faced Cancer ASC and sweet, puppy like Leo Moon. Do you see how the complexity of the person is shaping up?

Lets put in the Mars and we will review again. Lets give him my favorite Mars–Mars in Scorpio. He would go after what he wants. If that is you, he will pursue you like you have never been pursued. Mars in Scorpio is the best of Mars, which is drive and attaining goals and the best of Scorpio, which is vibing with sexual vibes. So, if a Mars in Scorpio wants you, hold onto your hat.

I will add a few asteroids and a stellium and then we will make him 3D. The first asteroid I will add is Ceres conjunct the ASC. This is one of my favorite placements because it makes the man vibe unconditional love. If you have a macho, sexy man vibing unconditional love, you know you have a man with charisma that hits the roof. Lets put Eros conjunct his Venus. This Eros placement is a subtle Eros. He would not vibe eros but you would feel it in a subtle way.

(I have Venus conjunct Eros. You can probably feel it from my pictures but I don’t think you would feel it when you first met me as you would see the Libra ASC. Eros conjunct Venus seems to be more interior than Eros conjunct the ASC which one would feel right away. I hope this helps you get a sense of the ASC and the very public face of it.)

Lets give him a 5th house stellium. This smacks of player. Check out stelliums. They make a huge difference. If you see a 5th House stellium, he will be into fast romances. If you see a 7th house stellium, he will want to be married. These are very different, so don’t eschew stelliums. Stelliums are 3 or more planets in a house.

So, we have our man now and let’s get ready to meet him.

We will make this man 3D by meeting him at a party from the first glance until he( or you) head out the door.

The door opens. You see a very attractive man enter. His eyes seem to have the ocean depths in them. Cancer ASC has beautiful, expressive eyes. He may seem kind of shy. He may hold back from coming over and saying hello. He may have a sense of little boy shyness about him. If you approach him, you will find him very friendly and easy to talk to. This would be the Saggi Sun. No man is stranger. He will be warm and seem childlike in a sweet way. This would be the Leo Moon.

With his Scorpio Mars, if he likes you, watch out because he will pursue you, but it will be somewhat subtle. He won’t paw you. He will whisper sweet nothings in your ear. He will tell you that you are the sexiest woman here. He will make you find him so attractive that you won’t have any choice but to leave with him. If we add the Saggi Venus, you can know that if you leave with him, he will be pursuing someone else when he gets tired of you, which should be in a month or so or when the sex gets old( and it always does) His 5th house stellium gives him player status. So, if we put these all together, we have a gorgeous guy who seems shy, at first glace, However, he is far from shy. He will go after what he wants. He will go after you but don’t count on long term.



3 thoughts on “How To Put The Parts of the Chart Together to Form a Whole Person—–Part 2

  1. amiannRuth E Velasco

    Thanks so much!! I can’t wait to read the series. I would love to get lots of examples of the whole person—–sun, moon, ascendent, venus and mars. I have tried so hard to find it in books and online, but it never gets deeper or more complex than two at a time.

    Ruth E Velasco

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok–My pleasure. I like to be very practical because I was like you, Ruth. I could never find the kind of practical, real life information I wanted. I try to fill that void as best as I can.

  2. amiannLiz

    Thank you Ami. Kind of funny…. Your man at the party has several aspects the same as my husband!. He’s got a Taurus Moon, and Virgo Mars though.(others the same) And not the same Eros/Ceres. He does have Sun/Sag Conj. Venus/Sag & they are in the 5th. I had to make it very clear to him that I wasn’t interested, unless he was ready to make a full committment…. he eventually did come around. He is a really great guy! His Taurus Moon is in the 11th house and children and animals love him. (Many of his aspects are opposite mine.)

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