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How To Put The Parts of the Chart Together to Form a Whole Person

I hope you are enjoying this series. I am feeling that it is very helpful from people’s comments. Each imaginary person is an amalgamation of charts I have done. This time I have a great idea because I have seen this on many occasions. It is a man with a Scorpio Venus who feels weighed down by it.

Let’s give our man a sexy Eros conjunct a Pisces ASC. Let’s add to this a Saturn conjunct the ASC . So far, you would see a gorgeous man as Pisces ASC looks like they have the depth of the oceans in their eyes. They look poetic and mystical and we, woman, love that. If we give him Eros conjunct the ASC, he will vibe erotic vibes. I have put Saturn here to make a point about Saturn. Saturn can make obsessive what it touches. Hence, this man may be obsessed with Eros i.e sex.

Watch Saturn in the charts and you will see a person’s struggles and hence a window into his soul. This man will be super sexy in an understated way as Pisces ASC is not glaring. He may be a musician or another creative sort as Pisces must be doing something creative. He may be shy when he enters the party. He may hang back but he will appreciate someone coming up to talk to him.

Lets give him conflicts as conflicts are drama and everyone likes drama. Lets give him a Pisces Sun. This would make his mystical side the true side of who he is. In his case, his ASC and his true self are one. What you see in his ASC is what is really there, unlike other people whose ASC is different from their Suns. Lets give him a tender Moon like Taurus. This person will not hurt your feelings to build his own ego. Taurus Moon would not be the Moon of a player as a player has to be able to hurt woman and move on without a thought. That is the nature of a player. To me, a player needs some sort of an insensitive Moon such as Leo. Leo is not a bad moon, per se but it is self centered. A Leo Moon would not hurt you to be mean as a Scorpio Moon could. A Leo Moon would hurt you so he could go on to his next plaything. Back to our man, he looks and IS deeply sensitive. He is a warm homebody due to the Taurus Moon.He is kind and cares for others in a genuine way. He can make a decision and stick to it as Taurus is a fixed sign. Fixed signs can be stubborn and resolute.

Now, we go on to the Mars and Venus. I told you he would have a Scorpio Venus. Lets give him a Mars in Libra. Mars in Libra can’t make a decision. Venus in Scorpio is uber, uber passionate. This Venus is in it’s Fall. It is just too passionate for itself. I have never found a Venus in Scorpio that does not feel he is “oversexed”. I will get hate mail for saying this but if I am not going to be honest, I have no right to expect you to read. Hence, this man carries the burden of feeling too sexual, too intense and too passionate. If a man has Venus in Scorpio, he needs a strong Mars to mitigate it. The strong mars will allow him to go after what he wants which will help. A weak Mars make shim stew in his passions which is not healthy. I have seen this with Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio.

Let’s give him another Mars for purposes of discussion, a strong Mars. If he has Mars in Scorpio, he can pursue the woman who attracts him, rather than stew in a state of ambiguity. If he has Capricorn Mars, he can go after goals. This Mars is better going after career goals, though. However, a Capricorn Mars is a strong Mars who can pursue, too. If he has an Aries Mars, he will go after what he wants. Aries Mars love to champion causes, so this is more where their passion lies but they can pursue, as well. Back to the poor little Libra Mars, he sits in the corner while the Mars in Scorpio gets the woman and rides off in his shiny Corvette for happy times.

I hope my article has mixed learning with fun–always my objective.




2 thoughts on “How To Put The Parts of the Chart Together to Form a Whole Person

  1. amiannJoy

    This is interesting cause it got me thinking, well, a Pisces cannot have a Scorpio venus because venus is never more than 2 signs away from the sun. So, a Piscean will never feel he’s too passionate for himself (unless he’s got venus conjunct pluto, or in the 8th house?). Only Virgo, Libra, Scorp, Sag, & Cap could ever experience Scorpionic passion. It gives insight as to the varied ways a sun sign will express, given the limitations of venus & mercury (which can only be 1 sign away from the sun).

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