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How To Put The Parts of the Chart Together to Form a Whole Person

When I first studied Astrology, I marveled at the people who could make a 3D person from a 2D chart. If anything has kept me going in Astrology, it is this desire. On my Astrology home on the web) one girl told a narrative of a guy down to his kinky fetishes, just by a glance at the chart. I yearned to be able to do that the way I yearned to be able to read. The chart has to come together for you in the same A-Ha way that the letters of the alphabet became words at that magical moment when you learned to read. There are many of these A-Ha moments as the chart gets better and better. In this article, I endeavor to help you put each piece into the whole.

To start, each chart is a mirror to each person. This may seem self explanatory but stop and think for a minute. A person is multifaceted. He may be a genius in one area and a dullard in another. He may have deep feelings but be afraid to commit. He may be shallow, but will commit easily. He may get his self esteem from making girls fall in love with him. He may get his self esteem from his career. He may be socially adept. He may be a social clod. In any single person is a universe of traits. Even when one knows a person for many years, does one REALLY know him? The chart will allow you to know him just as an architect knows his plans and his plans become a building.

In our endeavor to make a person 3D, we will start with the Sun. If one single planet encapsulates someone, it is the Sun. That is why one can pick out Sun Signs in superficial encounters. However, let’s examine this a bit. One sees a person’s Sun when one meets him at the store and a party. One sees a person’s Sun when one works with him. The Sun is the Ego. The ego is the core essence of a person. Hence, the Sun shines out from each of us.

You may ask about the Ascendent, which is appearance and mannerisms. The ASC is our “social way” in the world. If I returned a product at the store, I would do it as a Libra ASC. I want to make peace. I want to be harmonious. I don’t want to fight. I like thinks to be”nice” The lady at the store would see this part of me. However, if I went for a job interview, they would see more than the Libra ASC. They would see my Gemini Sun as my Ego would be what I was “selling” to them to hire me. Then, if I went home and played on the floor with my dog, called my best friend or had a date with someone I knew very, very intimately, he would see my Cancer Moon.

Let me show you how these may blend. I gave the example of party. At a party, a Libra ASC would be well dressed. They would have a flair for style but it would be refined. They would not be overly sultry. That would be the domain of the Scorpio ASC. They would not be overly showy. That would be the domain of the Leo ASC who defines “bling”. They would not be overly friendly. They would be the domain of the Sagittarius who never met a stranger. They would not stand in the corner looking like they don’t have a friend in the world. That would be the domain of the Capricorn ASC. The Libra ASC would be polite. well dressed, make polite conversation, would not stuff food in her mouth and would be remembered as a pleasant companion. However, if you know someone just by the ASC, you don’t know them.

So, lets go on with the party example as I try to explain the Big Three and how they function in a practical way. If one spends time talking to this Libra ASC, one will see the Sun coming out. That happens with everyone. With me., you would see my Gemini Sun.Geminis are friendly. They are wonderful listeners because they are very curious. You will love to talk about a Gemini because they want to learn all about you. They will most likely show you their wit and have you laughing. Geminis have a light feeling about them as if they know where the fun is and they do.

So, you would see the ASC and the Sun quite easily in a party setting. Lets talk about the Moon.If you are I started to bond, I would talk about things close to my heart like people I love and people to whom I am loyal. You would see a tender and a kind heart. Cancer Moon does not like to hurt anyone because they know the power of emotions. They live comfortably in the world of tears, great loves and great bonds. What touches your moon is the most important thing to you. That is why Moons in synastry are key. Falling in love is Child to Child or Moon to Moon. So, for the party example, you would see my Libra ASC, get to know my Gemini Sun and bond with me through my Cancer Moon. That is how the Big Three work in a person. I wish I could ask if you have any questions but if you do, write on my Comment Form and ask away.

After we study the Big Three in any person, we are ready to go on to the rest of the chart. There is a big world outside of the party but we can still look at some planets while we stay in the party setting.Let me switch my example to a man. Our man in question sees a woman he thinks is attractive. He wants to talk to her but what does he do? Now, we are in the domain of Mars. If he has a Cancer Mars, he may go to the bathroom so he can walk by her. He may sidle up to her on the food table but not say a word. He may fill his plate, stand next to her and try to make his frozen heart say a peep. Cancer Mars in a man is a hard one. He is like the crab. He walks sideways to his goal, hoping that some wind of fate will blow it in front of his path.

Now, we can take a Scorpio Mars. He sees the woman he likes and he is over there like a shot. He is subtle though, not a bull in a china shop which we will leave for Leo. Scorpio Mars will vibe her until she pays attention. He will make her feel beautiful and desirable but it will be from under the radar, nothing garish. He moves by feel. The Scorpio Mars is most likely to go home with her.

Lets look at the Virgo Mars. He sees the same woman, but thinks and thinks about the approach because he wants to do it just right. By that time, Mr Scorpio has walked out the door with her,

One more Mars–Libra Mars. My heart goes out to this Mars because he cannot make a decision. He may like two woman at the party. He may debate the merits of both until he does nothing. He may wonder if he will get rejected to the point that he does nothing. He may convince himself he doesn’t need a woman and a dog is fine. Libra Mars just can’t make a decision. Don’t ask him which restaurant he wants. Pick it for him. This is a sad Mars in a man. It is Mars in it’s Detriment. I hope I have given you an idea of how Mars would work. Mars is pursuit, whether it be of a job, a goal or a woman. It is how one goes after what one wants.

Now, let’s put Venus in the party. We will use the man. Let’s say he has a Scorpio Venus. He would not be attracted to the Libra ASC. She is too white bread and he likes pumpernickel.Scorpio Venus is intense. Know that if you see Scorpio Venus in a chart. Don’t toy with this man. When he loves, he loves deeply. As far as attraction, he likes black silk and garter belts. He likes all things dark with a hint of danger. Venus is in it’s Detriment in Scorpio so this man is too intense for himself, most of the time. However, one has to accept one’s placements, for better or worse. Back to the party, the man with Scorpio Venus will be eying the girl with black lace, black stockings, spike heels and piercings promising more. If he does not go for this exact woman, in his mind, he does.

Let’s look at the man with the Sagittarius Venus. He wants fun. Don’t be a drag. If you are, he will drop you off at the nearest exit, head back to the party and find someone else. The Saggi Venus loves legs. He loves boots. He loves calves. However, inside, he is the ultimate Good Time Charlie. He would go for the girl who seemed fun and light, just like he is. Saggi Venus is perfect for the Gemini Venus. Opposites attract. Remember that as you look at the charts.

Let’s look at the man with the Aquarius Venus. He does not like PDA. He does not like to be crowded. The way to get rid of him is to profess undying love too soon. He is the space cadet, in terms of wanting and needing space. He would be attracted to a smart woman as he needs to find a partner with whom he can share his mind and it is a fine one. He is open minded. This Venus would be the most likely to date outside of his race. He is not narrow minded. Aquarius makes one a citizen of the world.

We have seen the Big Three- ASC, Sun and Moon. We have scoped out the Mars and visited the Venus.There are more placements to do but I will stop here so my article does not get too long. Let me know what you think. I love your comments. They make my day 😀









15 thoughts on “How To Put The Parts of the Chart Together to Form a Whole Person

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Friend and Thank you!
      Saggi Moon likes adventure and is kind of light hearted. The Scorpio Moon is intense, so they might not understand each other.

  1. amiannRuth E Velasco

    Fascinating article!!! Thanks for the info!! I go crazy pulling my hair out trying for hours to understand a complete person with all the different placements. I have a Aquarius rising. At a party, I have a wonderful time talking to people, and I have a wonderful time sitting alone the entire time eating and watching people. Is that typical?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Ruth!!! So nice to hear from you. Well, you can see all the different sides to a person so one side of you is kind of happy to sit on the sidelines. It sounds like a 12th House planet. I can’t remember if you have any. Do you?

      1. amiannRuth E Velasco

        I lost my astrological chart papers that you did for me. Darn that earth void. I always have so many lose papers everywhere, and I don’t know what to do with them. I remember a lot, but can’t remember if I have any planets in the 12 house. Thanks again for all you do!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok Saggi Moon conj Saturn would still be different that Scorpio moon which is a Pluto influenced Moon. Let me describe how. Pluto is primal passion like a tiger walking in the wild. Saturn is respsonsibility and delayed gratification like a father making you earn your allowance.Hence. you have to add these to the mix, Friend.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Thank you, Aspen. That would be lovely! His Moon conj your DSC is very intimate. I think it is one of those wonderful soul mate type of aspects.

  2. amiannPam

    Hi! I’m totally in love with Your site! Learnt so much from You already! Just a little question, what would be present in the chart of a guy that would be really passionate and loyal (sounds like scorpio :D), but kind of shy and gentle, that would be into having one wife for life, and a homebody, pretty much unnoticed in life? 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Pam. I am so touched that you like it. Thank you 😀

      As for that guy, I would suspect Pisces and Cancer. Would you like to come and put his chart up in my personal readings section and ask any questions you have!

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      I will venture a few guess. A Pisces ASC, Cancer Moon, Venus in Cancer or Pisces, Mars in Cancer or Pisces. Lets see if I am right if you put up the charts.

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