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How To Tell Your Purpose From The Natal Chart?

If a client has a Yod, the Astrologer can know the client was created for a specific purpose.It is right there in black and white. The Yod is called “The Finger of God”. The Yod is quite rare, so what does the Astrologer do when there is not one? Then, the Astrologer must look deeply into the chart to find the client’s purpose. The chart shows everything. The chart is that person’s blueprint for his life on earth. I have utmost respect for the charts as I think they are a gift from God to each man.

Let’s start with specifics. Look at your Ascendant. You have a Chart Ruler. This is the planet that rules the sign on your ASC. If you ASC is Libra, as mine is, your Chart ruler will be Venus because Venus is the planet that rules Libra. If you want me to make a chart of each sign and the planets that rule them, I will. If your ASC is Aries, your chart ruler will be Mars. If your ASC is Scorpio, your chart ruler will be Pluto.If your ASC is Taurus, your chart ruler will be Venus. If your ASC is Pisces, your chart ruler will be Neptune.

The House to which your chart ruler goes is pivotal for you. This house is ONE of your purposes. You were created to play out the sphere of this house. If you look at this one part in your chart, you will get much information. My chart ruler, Venus, resides in my 9th house, the house of spirituality, God and Astrology. Study the House in which your chart ruler resides. Spend time meditating on it. You will need to play out the affairs of this house in order to be at peace. Your purpose will not let you rest until we embrace it and act it out in our world. it. It is strange that way, but I think it is because it is a divine call by God.

Next, look to your Sun by sign and house. Your Sun is the most important planet in your chart for determining your purpose. Each person was made to be express his Sun sign as fully as he can. If you feel more aligned with your Moon, you are not in balance. Your Sun should be the “you of you” The Sun is at the center of the solar system just as YOUR Sun is at the center of you. Each Sun sign is very different. God has a divine plan for each person, as well as a plan for how we can help each other. Your Sun is a prominent part of this plan as you are the only and best you that exists. Never try to be someone else. Your purpose will never be found if you aspire to be another person, although we all get caught in this. Endeavor to be you, in all your craziness and flawed humanity.

Your Moon is your deepest you. It differs from the Sun in that the world sees the Sun but only your intimate few see your Moon. Your Moon is your most emotional self. You see out of the emotional lens of your moon It is the song of your deepest nature. It is your unique poetry but as far as external purpose in the world, it may be lesser unless it is conjuncts the MC. Then, your purpose will be to show your Moon. This brings me to the next category

Any planet conjunct the MC is a shining beacon of your purpose. Study these planets well, as you will not be at peace until you live them out in a public setting. You should check for any asteroids that conjunct your MC too, as your MC is a very personal point. It is your angle to the world. We have 4 angles in the chart–the ASC, IC, DSC and MC. The MC is one’s public face, as well as one’s gifts to the world.

My dear friend Jen told me that I forgot a very important part–The North Node. That’s what friends are for 😀 The North Node is one of the most important parts of the natal chart as well as synastry or Composite. In synastry or Composite, if you violate the NN, you will pay. I have an article on the NN and synastry and it is one of my most popular. The NN strikes a chord in people, as well it should. We are talking about the natal now and your purpose, so we will stick to that.

The NN is your guidepost. If one was losing weight, one might put a picture of a slim woman on one’s refrigerator. That picture would be one’s guidepost. The chart provides the NN in the same way. Pay careful attention to what conjuncts your NN, planet or asteroid. Planets have more power than asteroids by the sheer energy of the planets. However, an asteroid in a very close orb has quite a bit of power, too. With asteroids, the orb should be exact to two degrees. A wider orb than that is ambient, if anything.

Any planet conjunct your NN is your purpose. You will be forced to learn the nature of that planet through life experiences. You can transmute a hard asteroid like Nessus into working with abused children and not being an abuser yourself. However, I feel that you will probably abuse before you learn the lessons. Yes, this is a controversial statement. However, I believe it to be true. If Dejanira conjuncts your NN, you will probably be victimized before you can take that experience and use it to help others. If you have a planet such as Venus, you will learn the nature of love. If you have Mars, you will learn the nature of drives such as aggression, goal setting and passion. If Pluto, power. If Uranus, great ingenuity and mental brilliance of a unique and rebellious to society nature. If Saturn, maturity, delayed gratification and success by slow step by step movement. If Chiron, pain. If Nessus, abuse. If Dejanira, victimization. If Sedna, betrayal. If Ixxion, lawlessness by either breaking the law yourself, being the victim of someone else doing this or working in this field. perhaps. If Lilith, raw sexuality. I will write an article on the NN in the natal chart. I think people would like and I could elaborate more.

For this article, suffice it to say that you should become a master of your NN. The conjunction is the strongest aspect of all the aspects, The energy and power of the conjunction is more intense than that of a trine, square, sextile and opposition. Think of sitting closest to a fire. The conjunction is the same. However, watch all aspects to your NN as they will provide a plethora of valuable information. Look at every single trine or sextile as this will be ease in meeting your life purpose. Look at every opposition, as this will be a hard balancing act in meeting your life purpose. Look at every square, as here you may be stuck. The square may be life long struggles for you and an impediment to reaching your life purpose. I do not whitewash the chart as some Astrologers do and say every aspect is good. Some aspects cannot be resolved but they force you to push against yourself and outside of yourself, so are they bad? That is a good question and one to which I don’t know the answer, as it is in the domain of God.


Now to the inner workings of your chart. Your chart is an expression of the inner workings of you just as a fancy Italian sports car has an owner’s manual. You are much more complicated than an Italian sports car. You are much more complicated than the Shuttle. The chart will open you up to yourself more than 1000 years of therapy, in my opinion. Study your struggles(weaknesses) and your strengths. Your purpose will embody both. How can you help others if you have not suffered in the same way? If you have not, you will give platitudes. Platitudes are the soup du jour of the current day. People who give platitudes do not understand pain. Your struggles force you to confront pain. Your strengths help you rise above. The squares and oppositions will be your struggles. The trines and sextiles will be your gifts. The conjunctions can go either way based on the planets involved. A Uranus conjunction is very hard. A Jupiter conjunction is a gift. A Pluto conjunction could be either. Pluto amps you up like a body builder on steroids. Is this good? It is debatable. A Mars conjunction may be good as it gives you fire, confidence and a go -getter drive. However, it may be too strong and make you too much of a go-getter and you could burn yourself out.. A Venus conjunction would be a gift as Venus is the planet of love and you can never get or give too much love. One needs to look at each conjunction in light of the whole chart.These are some examples of conjunctions but not an exhaustive list. I will write a separate article on conjunctions in the natal chart, if you want.

Back to one’s purpose. Your purpose is an outgrowth of who you are, more specifically who you were created to be. You are not a mistake. Even if you were not wanted, God wanted you. That is evidenced by your being here, on planet earth. You were knit together by God. Your chart can show your exact knitting pattern. Jump in and find out who you were created to be. The unexamined life is not worth living. Find the treasure that is you!




63 thoughts on “How To Tell Your Purpose From The Natal Chart?

  1. amianntgem

    Hi Ami, so my chart ruler is the moon which is in my 12th, along with venus and both of them square my MC. However my moon does trine my NN in 4th house Libra and my Juno in 8th house Aquarius.

    My taurus singleton sun in the 11th conjuncts my Kaali and Eros.

    Since you said the sun, moon and NN determine your life purpose, could you give me an idea what my life purpose might be as I’m struggling with this?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      If your Moon trines your NN, that would mean that your heart is aligned with your purpose. Your heart will be USED for your purpose. Your heart will be in accordance with your purpose I.e it will not fight it. Moon SQUARE the NN would be someone’s heart fighting his purpose.

      Your Sun conj Kaali may make it hard for you to keep your energy inside you. Do you feel you leak energy like crazy to the outside world?

  2. amianntgem

    Well I guess I don’t have much of a say in it LOL… Is it a bad thing that I radiate energy or a good thing? Guess I’ve always been told I’m a positive person…could I be leaking bad energy?

  3. amianntgem

    And if the squares indicate thwarting of the life purpose, does that mean one might never master or find there life purpose because you can’t change the square energy?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, *I* think that the square ENERGY can’t be changed but you could work around it with other energies to get to your life purpose but your ego may make you doubt yourself etc but you could still meet your life purposes, as the square is just one aspect in a chart with many, many aspects.

  4. amiannMoonChild

    My Chart Ruler is Mercury. Chart ruler in House III which is Sagittarius. Sun in House III, Sagittatius. Moon in House VII, which is Aries. Saturn and Pass Fortunae near my MC, in House IX, which is Gemini. North Node CONJ Jupiter in House IV which is Capricon. And above all the mighty YOD Saturn in Apex (House IX Gemini, MC) with Jupiter in House IV, Capricon and Mars House II, Scorpio. Vertex CONJ DC.

    Now I wonder what could be my true purpose?

  5. amiannElise

    What if the Chart ruler being in an intercepted Sign/House?

    ex. Sagittarius rising. Jupiter in Pisces, 3rd house (Intercepted)

    The Chart Ruler (Jupiter) is in the sign of its Ancient Ruler, Pisces, yet the energy is intercepted in the 3rd house.

    (also, Jupiter forms a (Mutable) GRAND CROSS, opposite Venus (Virgo, H9), Square Chiron (Gemini H7)
    and Square Uranus (Sag H1). ***Uranus conjunct Ascendant***

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am not sure Elise. If you want to come and post your chart in my personal readings Forum, you can ask your question. Seeing the chart would help! xx

  6. amianntgem

    Ok that makes sense, well then back to the original question with chart ruler moon in 12th gemini, sun in 11th Taurus and NN in 4th Libra…

    Life purpose?

  7. amiannKristin

    “With asteroids, the orb should be exact to two degrees. A wider orb than that is ambient, if anything”

    Hi Amiann and thank you for another great article 🙂
    I wonder about the astoroids in conjuction in synastry. Is the orb the same significant for synastry as well as in the natal? That it has to be max two degrees to be valid?

    Warm regards

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Kristin
      Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot! yes, 2 degrees can be felt. Sometimes, i cheat and use 3 degrees in a conjunction but it is a cheat lol

  8. amianncynthia

    would it be considered a yod if the finger points to asc? Asc 29 tau. quincunx to 6h jupt 1. jupt sextile mars 29 sage 8h. mars quincunx asc? what could be the purpose of this. 6h sco. also has nn, nept and pof. thank you

  9. amiannfatesmessenger

    Hey who’s the girl in the picture? She’s pretty! I don’t have a Yod I do have some triangles, not grand trines. IDK what’s the name, been searching.

  10. amiannDiana

    What would you say to a NN being sesquiquadrate Chiron by 1?? My NN is in aquarius in the 7th house and Chiron in Cancer in the 11th house..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hpwever, if I were to venture a guess, I would say that pain kind of keeps you from your life purpose. I would say that marriage might not happen or be hard due to pain from hopes and dreams not realized. Does this fit?

  11. amiannMK

    Hi … My ascendant is libra . Sun cancer , moon Leo . Pluto in my first house conjunction ascendant . north node in first house in libra , retrograde . Venus in Gemini in 9th house . MC is cancer . Sun in my tenth house . Jupiter and Mars also in Gemini in house 9 and 8 respectively . Mercury moon and Saturn in Leo all in house 11 .
    I need some help and guidance as I’m facing tremendous internal changes .
    Thank you in advance …

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi MK
      I would have to offer you a professional chart to answer some of your questions. I have a short waiting list at the moment but would be happy to talk about it with you, if you are interested, my Friend.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I will tell you about it now, as I do have some information on it. The Moon person brings her heart to the NN person in a loving, open and childlike way. The relationship can be amazing or NOT but that would be due to the NN person, cuz the Moon person is bringing something wonderful. That is my opinion, to date, Helen xxx

  12. amiannLoz

    I have three Yods, would you be able to tell me what they mean?

    1st Yod:
    Mercury in 6° Cancer (apex)
    Ascendant in 7° Sagittarius
    Neptune in 1° Aquarius

    2nd Yod:
    Neptune in 1° Aquarius (apex)
    North Node in 4° Virgo
    Mercury in 6° Cancer

    3rd Yod:
    North Node in 4° Virgo (apex)
    Neptune in 1° Aquarius
    Moon in 7° Aries

  13. amiannMaria

    Hi Ami,

    Interesting post, thank you for brilliant info. What would you say about those aspects in my natal chart: Saturn opposite North Node, Uranus sextile NN, Sun sextile NN and Jupiter sextile NN, Sun conjunct Jupiter in the 10th house- Aquarius, NN Sag. in the 7th house.

    Thanks so much Ami,

  14. amiannRabin

    Hi, my chart ruler is mars and it is in 11 house trine Pluto and conjuct mercury.
    My NN is in scorpio 6th house conjuct Pluto
    I have one yod it points at jupitor in scorpio. Jupitor is trines saturn? Can you find my purpose with this?

  15. amiannSonje

    Hi Ami,
    I have got a question considering the post and myself. I have two planets conjuct NN(Capricorn) in XI house – Mercury(Aquarius) and Saturn(Capricorn). Does this mean that my purpose is to work hard in a mental way(thinking) to achieve things I want?
    I would be greatful if you could help me figure this out.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lost my reply, I think. I don’t think you can go from those aspects to such a direct conclusion, S. Saturn conj the NN may be a person who is super hard on herself. Mercury conj the NNis someone whose mind is super important in his/her life. I would say that you may have to struggle with self confidence in the intellectual or communcation arena, for one thing. Does this fit?

      1. amiannSonje

        Self confidence in the verbal communication arena is my great struggle, though in the intellectual arena I do not seem to lack confidence(except for the fact that I feel I need to prove myself to everyone). I definitely lack the confidence during oral presentations and even simple communication with my friends/acquaintances are hard for me, although I try hard to fight this.

  16. amiannS Wayne Roach

    In my personal quest for a deeper understanding of myself, the universe and astrology … your web site has repeatly shown up in my searches and I take this as a sign

    I seem to have 4 yods within (and overlapping ) each other in my chart and was wondering what your take on these are so far as my higher purpose ? I am interested to hear your thoughts

    1- Saturn 16* Gemini
    North node 18* Capricorn
    Mars 18* Scorpio
    Ceres 16* Scorpio

    2- Saturn 16* Gemini
    Jupiter 13* Capricorn
    Mars 18* Scorpio
    Ceres 16* Scorpio

    3- Uranus 22* Libra
    ASC 27* Taurus
    Moon 22* Pisces
    Pallus 26* Libra

    And lastly …
    4- Ceres 16* Scorpio
    Chiron 12* Aries
    Saturn 16* Gemini

    There are also some other patterns that are present and I feel are very important as well , thanks in advance

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, Love, this would take me days lol
      If you have a single question to ask, I will try to help. A Yod takes a lot of time, too, so I would need to do a chart for you on that.

      1. amiannS. Wayne Roach

        Then we should do just that ! I’ve come across many conflicting bits of information on this topic and would greatly appreciate you sharing your insight and wisdom …

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am not accepting charts right now, other than one question charts because I just moved and started a dog training program with my old dog lol
      I love doing charts and would love to talk to you in a few weeks if you are still interested, SW. I use Pay Pal because it is easy.

      1. amiannLina

        Hi Ami, hopefully you are enjoying training together with your old dog!l <3 dogs.
        thanks for a good artikel about purpose in natal chart it's really helpful!
        i would like to know how do you look at Yod's where Chiron is involved. Are they are even more "meaningful" because of the Chiron (like having a special destiny "to heal others" from our own deep wounds?
        One of my Yods is Chiron/Jupiter inconjunct Moon, Jupiter sextile Chiron in 11 house.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          GREAT question, L, and one of which I know because I have one–the ASC, Venus and Chiron.YES, we were made to be healers from our own pain. xoxox

  17. amiannGillian

    What a great article. Wow. It made me think…..
    I have 5 planets in libra all 9th house ascendant Sag with Jupiter in 1st conjunction ascendant. I have transit Mars and Pluto on my North Node 21.53 Capricorn in 2 days. Also my natal is Pluto and Mars 2 degrees libra. Is this a coincidence? That the biggest conjunction in natal happens to be conj on my Mean NN.
    Something massive is happening g 14th May also. All my natal chart lights up with complex transits to natal. All septiles are activated also…
    Hope you can throw 2 pence worth in 🙂

  18. amiannDani

    I agree, very helpful for beginners like me. Thank you! I’ve been reading a lot here and slowly but surely am adding in the asteroids. I know this article is older and you orobably have mentioned it already in another post, but I’ll try my luck anyways… my NN exactly conjuncts my Sun in Taurus, 11th house. What does that mean for my life purpose? I have an idea here, but am neither sure nor really comfortable with it (and no, no aspects to my Aries Moon in the 10th, which is also my Chart Ruler 😁). I used to have a large social circle, but weeded out so called ‘friends over the past 10 years or so. I am an Empath and people have the tendency to come running and exhaust me with their problems. While I have (or had) the tendency to allow this to an extend that got really unhealthy for me. Now, my circle is rather small bur reliable and loyal. They respect my need for solitude and the boundaries it took me so long to set. I’m quite comfortable with this and don’t wish to change back to the old me, always surrounded by loads of people who took advantage of me. I’m going out, I socialize but without getting too involved, apart from a selected few. That NN-Sun placement, however, suggests just that, right?

  19. amiannCourtney

    I have my North Node Trine Pluto at 0’49 Applying in my chart.My North Node is in Pisces in the 5th house and Pluto is in Scorpio in my 2nd house! I read with this aspect that I would be great working in Pluto type fields,like Astrology,the occult,the supernatural and private investigation etc I love to research and dig deep into things that are mysterious and unexplained! I’m almost 30 years old and I’ve been noticing this interest of mine is becoming even more strong as time goes on! It’s like my soul is pulling me towards those things more intensely now.

  20. amiannNadja

    I LOL’d when I was working this all out in my head! Let’s just say it’s a mess and I’m not much wiser than I was before! 😀 Firstly I have a yod pointing to my 7th house Aries North Node (which happens to be conjunct my descendant). Venus in 8th house and Taurus. Sun in Gemini and 9th. MC closely conjunct Mars and Mercury (as well as Armisticia and Nemesis among others). And then there are aspects and aspect patterns all over the place of course…

    I do vibe with a lot of what the 8th house is about. I’ve never shied away from taboos and the darker parts of life…. I’m asexual though, so that’s a bit interesting with regards to this house. But asexuality is a bit taboo in general society and technically it is considered a part of the LGBTQ-spectrum. Maybe I’m meant to challenge the societal norms in the area of sexuality… I am a bit of an asexual spokesperson.

    I’m a librarian, which feels like a very Gemini/Mercury/9th house sort of profession. Not sure yet what Mars adds to the mix… maybe my over-the-top flamboyant flair, lol, or my penchant for bluntly speaking my mind (so long as I don’t smell conflict). 😉

    My North Node is still a bit of a mystery to me. The Aries-Libra axis I can understand… I’m naturally very diplomatic, peace-loving, and I am very uncomfortable with confrontation and conflict. A bit of a wimp I guess, not good with aggression or assertiveness. So I think my Aries North Node is telling me that I need to embrace constructive conflict and learn to be more assertive. Being both asexual and aromantic though means that marriage will never be a part of my life (and shouldn’t be really, that would be a miserable position for any partner of mine), and I’m not really sure what else the 7th house could be pointing to. The communal/societal sphere, as opposed to the individual sphere of the 1st house?? Partnerships in a wider sense? I you have any ideas I’d love to hear them!

      1. amiannNadja

        Mainly I’m just wondering what you think of the 7th house, possible interpretations when marriage isn’t part of the equation… What other parts of life would it govern do you think?

  21. amiann:)

    I’m keen on astrology for seven years (not professionally) and two days ago I found that I had a yod in my chart. So the purpose of my life issue resurfaced in my conscious 🙂
    The article says sun must be the most important planet in a person’s life, but I think my chart says the opposite and I would really like to know your opinions?
    I have sun in taurus in first house (13 degree) conjunct South node in taurus (5). There is no big aspect to the sun(Except widely trine Chiron).
    My moon on the other hand;
    In cancer (00.17 degree) conjunct ic
    Trine north node in scorpio in 7th house
    Moon is also Apex point in my yod (or boomerang if we accept mc the opposite action point)
    İnconjunts Pluto (29.50) in scorpio in 8th house and Inconjunct Uranus (00.50) in aquarious in 11th house.
    My MC conjuncts Juno in capricorn (4 degree)
    Does my yod says be a nurturing person through study psychoanalysis (Pluto 8) and astrology (Uranus 11) and use it for career(mc) or partnership (7th)?

    I have a feeling that İ should not pursue my career (psychology) which needs many devotion but little money (at least for a long time) but to work in a regular job which pays immediately and which will help my family.

    So, astrology makes your mind confused 😀 (Mercury in gemini trine Uranus and opposite to Pluto)

  22. amiannCurtis

    I have a question, according to, I have a “yod” with my North Node(on the 3rd house cusp, about 1 degree before it), Midheaven(Mars is 1 degree past 10th house cusp) and Chiron Aries(2 degrees past 8th house cusp). Yods are supposed to life purpose lessons according to this article so what I’m supposed to learn from this and what is my life purpose from this?

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