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Five Minute Astrology—Learn The Signs in Five

People seem to like my articles which are easy to digest and easy to use. . In that spirit, I offer you this and hope you will enjoy it and it will serve you. The charts tell all. Hence, if one studies a bit, the miracles of the Universe will open to one. Astrology is just that wonderful.

I must give you a short tutorial in signs and houses. This information must be grasped to work with the charts. One cannot get around the ABC’s of any science. However, the ABCs don’t have to be boring. Geminis make everything fun and I am a super charged Gemini.

We will look at the signs and try to understand them in an easy, yet workable way. The first sign on the wheel is Aries. It is represented by the infant. Picture an infant. It is totally self centered. It cries and rages when it wants. It has no fear. It will touch a stove with no thought. That is Aries in a nutshell– a baby, fearless and it wants what it wants.

Taurus is the second sign on the wheel. Picture a child building with blocks. Picture him trying to impose order on his world. Think of him digging in dirt and making sand castles. Taurus is the gardener and the builder. THink of him making a Lemonade stand and selling his products. Taurus is the banker. Taurus is a stable sort with a kind, warm heart who can make things happen, make a plan and follow it and stick to his guns.

Gemini is the child when he learns to talk. He yacks and he chatters. He loves to hear himself talk. He is very curious about his world. He explores it with childlike wonder. Gemini is knowb to be superficial. He flits from one topic to another. In this stage of childhood, the child wants to develop friendships. He wants to talk to other people. He wants to socialize. Gemini will be the most popular kid of the bunch because he is fun to be with and interested in others.

Cancer is the child who wants to make a nest, a little home of it’s own. The child may play house. She may make tea on her little tea set and serve it to others. She may have a doll house. It is all about her little nest and she is the mother hen. Cancer will be loyal to you like a Golden Retriever. She will fetch your bones without shame. She loves you and is not afraid to show it. However, if you betray her, she will cut you off on a dime and not look back.

Leo is the brave( and vain) lion. Think of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. I am not saying Leo is cowardly because the lion in the Wizard of Oz turned himself around to have great courage and great heart. Leo embodies it all. Leo is the stage of childhood when the child dances in the middle of the room. He wants you to look at him because he is so wonderful and so special. He is! All children are, However, Leo has to learn that he can’t always have the spotlight. There are other special animals out there and that we are all special. This is his lesson.

Virgo is the child when he learns o get serious about school. He has to learn to count. He has to learn numbers. He can’t do it any old way he wants like Leo dancing with the lampshade on his head. He must settle down with his little pencil and learn the basic languages of life. Virgo is a serious sort. Finding your place in this world is not easy. Developing the skills therein is not easy. He has a serious nature. He knows that one must serve others as part of one’s place in this world. Virgo is the best sign for service.

Libra is the first sign that deals with another person. This would be the sign of your first crush. You see that sweet little girl with pig tails. Your heart beats faster. God made us to partner. Libra is the sign when the child’s eyes look out to another. Libra is the sign of the spouse and the institution of marriage. Libra represents the time when the person has to compromise to fit with another person. Libra is the peace maker because getting along with others involves diplomacy. Libra is the most gracious of the signs but may bend too much such that he forgets who he is. This is a delicate balance for the best of us.

Scorpio is the sign of sexuality. In the old days, people got married first and had sex second. God meant for us to do that but that is another story. Scorpio is the sign that explores sexuality. Scorpios are the sexiest signs of the Zodiac because they give off a sexual vibe. They just feel forbidden, dark and luscious. Mars in Scorpio is the sexiest aspect in any chart because Mars is drive and action so Mars in Scorpio vibes sexuality.

Sagittarius is the sign of the wanderer and the adventurer. He wants to know why he exists. He wants to know God. He wants to study other cultures. He wants to expand his horizons. He is full of adventure and life.

Capricorn is the sign of career and society. He wants to do well in his career. He wants to be respected. He will work hard for his goals. He will study the social structure and learn how to use it for his benefit i.e social climber. He can be counted on to do the right thing, more than any other sign. You can trust him more than any other sign. You must be of high quality to be his friend. Know that when you deal with Capricorn.

Aquarius is the sign of charity. He wants to help others in faraway countries while he can be cold to his loved ones, close by. Aquarius is the sign of the politician who really does want to change the world. Sarah Palin is an Aquarius and she really does want to change the world, in my humble opinion. Aquarius will be the first sign to jump on the bandwagon for a cause. If you need someone to save the whales or save a person who has been falsely charged, find an Aquarius but don’t hug or kiss them in public.

Pisces is thought to be the sign which Jesus had. That is saying a lot. Pisces lives in the world of the mystical. He wants to know what is behind all this mess we call earth. He vibes to the spiritual. You may find him writing poetry. You may find him on drugs. You may find him composing music that reaches the heavens. He will be a creature that does not quite belong on his mundane earth. He can help take you to where he lives. That is his purpose.

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