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Ingredients for Healing Emotions

Things in God’s Economy are a lot simpler than in the world’s. The world has complicated theories, PHd’s and all sorts of convoluted ways to heal. It ever resorts to shock therapy when all else fails. God’s Ways are simple. You do not need to cut and drug your body. You need simple ingredients as one would use in a cake: flour, water and sugar. To heal, you need someone to care, someone to listen, someone to whom you can show your true self with all its ugliness, and the ability to cry. That is it. The hardest part is finding the right person. God needs to send him/her. It will not happen, as a matter of course, usually. I think you have to pray and ask God. Then, try to give of yourself, so you can start Gods Laws of Giving, in your behalf. God’s Laws are amazing. One must try them in order to see. Another person cannot tell you.It is just words. Try it and write to me .

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