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Is Astrology Against Christianity?

Many Christians think Astrology is from the dark side. I did too. I gave a lot of time to prayer before I embarked on Astrology. I think I have a ministry to the New Age Community. I think that is my service to God. I don’t preach as Jesus is too wonderful to shove down people’s throats.It is a great honor to be a Christian. I do not wave Christianity in people’s face like a stick. Jesus is not about that, in my opinion. Jesus draws through love.I am a very failed servant, as I have said numerous times. If a person wants to see Jesus and gets turned off Jesus from something I do, I want to say in advance that no person can be a pure servant for Jesus. No Christian can be a pure witness for Jesus. Every man is very very flawed by the nature of being human. I think the star that led the wise men to Jesus was an astrological chart. That makes perfect sense. There are Christian Astrologers who believe this to be true.So, one must separate what the Bible says from church traditions. I do not care for church traditions. I follow the Bible. There is a proscription against contacting the dead. I would not contact the dead. The Holy Spirit tells us of things to come. My psychic gift is a Gift of the Holy Spirit.God has put me in a public venue for His reasons. It is very hard for a Christian who espouses church traditions to think outside those traditions. That is why I question all church traditions. I listen to the Still Small Voice.

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