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Is Jody Arias a Sociopath–A Look At Asteroids

I feel called to the chart of Jody Arias( and that of Travis, her unfortunate victim) I could not leave her chart without looking asteroids. They seemed to call me, so I am answering that call and writing an article.I found something that made my eyes go “EEK”.. She has Nessus, the asteroid of the abuser, sandwiched between her Sun/Mercury combust. I can’t think of a worse place for Nessus.

The Mercury/Sun combust is one of the worst aspects one can have. I base this on doing charts( and people I kn0w) The person is too close to himself. By this, I mean that he cannot step away from painful, ego deflating experiences and retain his sense of self. To make it very simple. Picture yourself in a new bathing suit. You ask someone how you look. They say that your rear end looks like a whale. You feel shocked. You feel terrible. Someone with Mecury combust the Sun has already jumped down the throat of the insulter and beat him senseless( figuratively) Someone with detachment could pull back and think that you were kidding or you were having a bad day or you were jealous. A person with good detachment does not suffer like a Mercury combust the Sun. Any slight is magnified when one has the Combust. That is why I call it a marker for mental illness.

The DSC is a very sensitive point, as are all the angles. They are very personal as in the nature of one’s underwear. That is why when a person touches your angle, you feel very close to that person. Jody has Ixxion, the asteroid of lawlessness, conjunct her DSC. Ixxion is about doing whatever you want and not caring about the other person or the consequences. Her Xiion was on the angle reflecting her partner. I really am dumbfounded to see this, as well as to see the Nessus sandwiched into her Combust.

In cases like this, if I saw her chart prior to this tragedy, I would tell her that she needed a trusted friend or counselor with whom she could share all her plans, as she does not think rationally and it is not her fault.

Jody has Varuna conjunct her Venus. This is not good to have in a chart like hers. Varuna is charisma like a Martin Luther King. It is someone who can persuade others to do what she wants. It is charisma in the way of Hitler or Kennedy. It is wonderful in the hands of a MLK but terrible in the hands of a Hitler. Varuna is a gift that Jody did not need. Her other gift was Ceres conjunct Venus which shows that when she loved, she made someone feel as if they were the most special person in the Universe. Travis was under her spell. I think one can conclude this.

Her Venus in Gemini was conjunct Lilith, I think. When you do asteroids, you need to generate 7-8 charts because not all the asteroids fit on one chart. I need to go back and check Lilith. Lilith was prominent, though. Lilith is raw sexuality. People with Lilith conj the ASC or MC are super sexy. They are sexy in an effortless way and it shows to the world because the ASC and MC show to the world. One knows the person by what conjuncts these angles. If Lilith conjuncts Venus, Jody would be super sexy to those she loved more than the whole world seeing it.

Jody has has Lilith conjunct her Ixxion Retrograde. Everyone born around the same time as she has Lilith conj Ixxion. However, her Ixxion is conjunct the angle of the partner. That is specific to her chart. Her Lilith is conjunct the angle of the partner. That is specific to her chart. To make this practical. She would find an outlet for her utter lawlessness in her partner. She would find an outlet for her raw sexuality in her partner. Her story is told in the asteroids. Once again, I am blown away by Astrology.( I need to check the name asteroids and see if Travis name in on her chart. Name Asteroids are one of the most fascinating things in Astrology. I will do that and get back to you about it)

Jody has the Fixed Star Aldebaran conjunct her Moon. I have it conjunct my Venus. Actually, Jody and I have Moon conj Venus. Maybe, that is why I am so interested in her. At any rate, Aldebaran is kind of scary. It will give great honor, riches and acclaim. However, if you don’t walk the straight and narrow, it can bring you down to destruction. I take note of this on my Venus and I try to live an upright life.

Oh My Goodness, she has Hekate conjunct the North Node. She needed to look at her shadow side. This chart with asteroids is one of the most amazing I have seen. Her planets tell the story of someone who won’t face herself (or can’t face herself, more likely) Her life purpose, NN, shows that she must. This is a case where Astrology could have averted her nightmare. It makes me an even stronger advocate for Astrology and more determined to use it to help others.

She has the asteroid Child conj Jupiter in the 5th house which would show a happy childhood. Saturn is here too which could show a restrictive childhood but Saturn is not abuse, per se, just a cold feeling to the childhood. If a person has both, their childhood had both. I would say that she was not abused as a child.

She has Lust conj the DSC. It also is opposed to Chiron. This shows me that she looks for Lust in the partner but that is not unusual.However, it is to the degree would be. When we see Chiron opposed to Lust, we see that she may use lust/sexuality in order to deal with this pain. She looks for lust and also raw sexuality in the partner.

She has Hekate conj the NN which shows that she needed to look at her shadow side. Her natal planets show that she was not in touch with reality. To me, after doing all these articles, Jody was not born a sociopath. She was not abused to make her a sociopath. She was severely, severely deluded about life and herself.


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