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Is Jody Arias a Sociopath–An Astrological Perspective

I studied Jody’s natal chart but I did not add asteroids. I did not study it from the perspective to answer the question of if she was a sociopath. I will do that now. It is interesting that both Travis and Jody have Chiron conjunct the ASC. With Travis it is much closer, so more powerful. With Jody, it is 4 degrees, so still a factor. Chrion conj the ASC seems to indicate severe bullying. In every chart I have ever seen with it, it has. Travis had more extreme bullying than Jody based on the orbs. That is all we can tell by this aspect but bullying does distort a person. They become either an abuser or a victim, in most cases.

Back to the question of Jody and the markers for a sociopath in the natal chart. I will talk about various aspects and then I will summarize as to what( if anything) constitutes a sociopath in my opinion.

Chiron Quincunx Neptune Retrograde

Chiron conjunct the ASC shows bullying. Neptune Retrograde in the 8th House shows someone who is not facing her inner demons( and we all have them) The quincunx allows for transformation to a new state of being. I think it is fair to say that Jody did not do this.

Chiron Oppose Uranus

The opposition does not allow for transformation, as does the quincunx. Hence, Jody would go back and forth from pain to serious relationships with abrupt starts and stops. Her serious relationships would be very up and down due to Uranus in the 7th. Chiron conjunct the ASC opposing Uranus shows us that her early bullying was a factor in the instability of her later relationships. She acted out from pain.

Moon in Gemini in the 1st( Ruler of the 2nd in the 1st)

Moon in Gemini is called the ADD moon. Natives have told me that they cannot sit through an entire movie without fidgeting and getting bored. It is a hard moon to have because it needs constant stimulation. It can, also, be high strung. The House placement of this Moon is such that she wears her heart on her sleeve. If she felt something, you would know it.

Ruler of the 2nd in the 1st shows someone who wants to dress and appear as if she is successful. This person will not be seen in a ratty T shirt running to the store for milk. She cares a great deal about how she appears and particularly where it regards financial success. This woman would not want to be the hidden girlfriend without the perks of the wife.

Cancer Sun Combust Mercury

Cancer loves home and family and is traditional. Again, I don’t think a Cancer sun would want to be hidden away as a mistress while a man looked for a “suitable” wife. Cancer Mercury thinks in terms of home and family, too. The Combust is the more important factor here, though. When the Sun is closer than a 5 degree orb to Mercury, it is said to burn up Mercury. This is not literal, of course. However, the person gets very, very sensitive to criticism. The person cannot step back from his own ego. He cannot detach when someone hurts him. He lashes out before he can consider what happened. This aspect is one of my major aspects for poor mental health. I feel very sorry for anyone with this aspect. Jody has it at 4 degrees which is on the wide side. Some people have it exact.Someone in my family is one of those people, so I know what it feels like to live with someone who takes offense at every slight. It is an awful aspect for the person and those of us who have to live with the person.

Ceres Conjunt Gemini Venus in the 2nd House

Venus in the 2nd House shows a person who values financial security. This person could not be a traveling nomad with his house on his back. He needs material security to feel secure and stable. Again, Travis did not want to marry Jody and give her the title of wife. This Venus would not like that.

Venus in Gemini is a flirt. It is one of my favorite Venus’ and mine. They flirt in a light way, not in a heavy sexual way like Venus in Scorpio. They are adored because they love to have fun and fun is never far away with this Venus.

Venus conjunct Ceres is rare. It is a person who vibes unconditional love. I, always, say that a sociopath must have a charm aspect. If not, the person could not do the manipulations. Venus conjunct Ceres is the ultimate charm aspect. If you were around Jody, she could make you feel as if you were the most loved and special person in the world.

Full 5th House

A player has to have a full 5th House. If not, the person is not a player. He may act like one but in his heart, he is not. This has been backed up by every chart I have done. A player does not have Saturn in his 5th house as Saturn makes for guilt when one does wrong. A player does have Jupiter in the 5th, often. A player has many personal planets in the 5th such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars.

Jody has both Saturn and Jupiter here, so the picture of Jody as a player is muddied. I don’t think she really was but Jupiter here could make her able to be one, but Saturn would probably impose guilt on her for hurting a person due to a fast and uncaring fling.

I would say that Jody was not a player.

Mars in the 29th Degree of Virgo

Jody was anal about goals. She planned them in the manner of an accountant. Did she plan the death of Travis? I don’t know. One article said she did. However, the 29th degree is the frozen degree. This person cannot seem to act without a lot of hesitation and hemming and hawing. I put this out there without drawing a conclusion, just to elucidate it for you.

Mars and Pluto in the 6th House

Mars in the 6th may be a person who wants to be of service. This is further confirmed by Mars in Virgo who values service to others. Pluto in the 6th house can be health issues. These could be emotional or physical health. This is not a good place for Pluto as Pluto makes tidal wave ups and downs in the house in which it resides. No one wants this in their emotional or physical health.


Venus oppose Neptune

This is a dangerous aspect because people can’t see the lover for who they are. This is a classic aspect, in synastry, where one person swears the other is Prince Charming. All the person’s friends tell her that he is the frog and a bad one, at that. The person will not listen until it is too late and the person learns for herself. Neptune fogs what it touches. If Neptune touches your love nature, you will not be able to see your lover as he is. If you have this aspect, get help from trusted friends as you truly cannot see. You are not faking it and you cannot help it. You truly cannot see reality when you are in love.

Moon trine Lilith( exact)

This person is in touch with her raw sexuality. She has it and she knows how to use it. Add the Gemini Venus and you have a sexy flirt who most men would find it hard to resist.

Sun and Mercury Trine Uranus( Mercury trines Uranus exact)

Jody was very smart and an independent thinker. She was probably the type of out of the box brilliance that inventors have. Mercury square Uranus can make for mental illness because Uranus is a very electrical planet and these natives feel like their minds race and they cannot shut them down. Even in a trine, Uranus can make for a hectic mind but the trine makes the energy flow such that the mind can control it and not be at it’s mercy. Jody was probably someone who was very scintillating to be around. She was probably never boring. She probably got bored due to her Gemini Moon but I bet she brought excitement to the lives of her lovers in a kind of electric vibe.

Moon Square Jupiter

This aspect can be someone with poor judgement. One’s emotions can get out of control as one dreams and schemes plans which may not be based in reality. Jupiter is in the 5th house, the House of Romance. Her plans may involve romantic encounters. Many people have this square without committing murder. However, all people who have this square plan too big and too extravagantly and may have fall out.

Sun/Mercury quincunx Neptune Retrograde in the 8th

This is kind of a scary aspect and it is close. The person cannot see reality well enough. The person cannot she her own demons well enough. The quincunx would allow for transformation but the person would need a trusted person with whom she could unburden herself. If not, she could assume fantasy scenarios with little reality check. I think it is fair to say that this happened.


I was going to add asteroid to this article but it got too long, so if people are interested, I will do another article.



To answer the question of Jody being a sociopath, I can’t. Perhaps the asteroids will give a more clear cut view. I can say that she had a hard time facing her dark side. Her ego and her mind could be caught up in fantasy. She cared a lot about appearances. Hence,she would not like to be the mistress hidden away while another woman was accepted socially.

She was a flirt and very, very sexy. This was natural for her. You can get a sense of that from her pictures. There is nothing wrong with this.We are just trying to add to the picture.

She had a lot of pain in her life. If you met her, you would see it. She would tell you about her life. She would be warm and loving, too.

I think she was a very lost person who needed someone to talk to as her life was heading downward. I think she could have avoided this end if she had that. I think she lost touch with reality and that shows in her chart. Was she a sociopath? I cannot say. Maybe, the asteroids will help. I did not look at Fixed Stars, either. These would help. If you want me to, I will.




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    Thank you for writing this, I appreciated your analysis. And Yes! I’d love to read about the Asteroids and Fixed Stars in her chart 🙂

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