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Is The Devil a Little Guy in a Red Suit?

I am reluctant to approach the subject of the devil, or Satan, as he is called . People laugh about Christians, perhaps, more in this area than any other. I can see people turning away in ridicule as they see this topic. I ask you to give a few minutes to it. The devil is who took someone like Amy Winehouse down; that beautiful, talented girl. When you see a person commit suicide, the devil is behind it. When YOU want to go down in to the darkness of an addiction, the devil is behind that. The devil is not a little guy in a red suit. He is not really even a” he”. It is a force. It it the force that wants to take human beings down. We, all, know how that feels. We, all, get pulled to the darkness. Satan is an angel of light. He looks beautiful, supernaturally so. If you are pulled to ANYTHING that is not good for you, you can be sure that this force is behind it. I will write more on this, later. I felt I needed to write about it, now, for some reason. Perhaps, I am writing to someone who wants to commit suicide, now. Stephen King describes this force better than anyone, in my opinion. All of the Stephen King books I have read focus on the theme of good versus evil, even the early ones which were more sensational. I have read every book up until Misery, when King seemed to give up and write for a commercial purpose and not a heartfelt one. That is my opinion, only. I stopped reading at Misery, so maybe I am not correct in my analysis.


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