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Is This Person Normal or a Weirdo?

554994_353864181389995_642588842_nI was talking to one of my most beloved clients last night. We were discussing this subject.. For me, if I REALLY need to know the answer to this, I will use Handwriting Analysis over the charts. The reason is that Handwriting Analysis is a picture of the present state of the person. The charts are a picture of the potential. You don’t know what the person does with hispotential. If I was going to a professional for work on my house or on anything, and I needed honesty, I would check the handwriting.

Everything I need to know about a person’s character I can see in the writing. I have been studying it since I was in high school. I never really wanted to be a professional because it is so detail oriented and I am an earth void. Details are not something I enjoy but I am good enough to know everything I need to know about a person. One thing you can tell quite easily with the Handwriting is if you have a weirdo on your hands. This screams out at me when I look at writing. The funniest thing about the writing is that you never know what is really inside a person until you see his writing. The most introverted people can seem extroverted. The most humble people can have the most pride. The most normal seeming people can have lots of kinkiness. So, I have a tool to know the personality of anyone with Handwriting Analysis. A weird person will have a weird writing. That is an axiom that anyone can use, right off the bat.

The charts tell us a great deal about a person, as well. A person is born with his chart. Before he takes his second breath, he has a map of himself which is the natal chart. It does not seem fair, sometimes, the hardships that are in store for this innocent baby. However, only God knows the whys. Some things will make me pause about a person. One would be Algol conjunct the ASC, MC or North Node. Algol is the Fixed star of evil. Is it called this? I call them as I see them. Why bother to read my articles if I give you the run around? Algol will propel a person toward evil. Does the person have a choice? Yes, if the person truly finds God. If not, no, in my opinion.

The 12th house is the House of weird, in that it is the House of hidden. Certain planets in the 12th house tend to give the person a double life. Uranus and Pluto are the biggies here. If there is not a true double life, it will be close. They may the good one and the bad one, the nice one and the nasty one, the light one and the dark one. Pluto tends more to an actual double life. Uranus tends toward more hidden kink. If I see a Uranus in the 12th, I would check the closet for paraphernalia, so to speak. I don’t think you could have a choir boy with either Pluto or Uranus in the 12th. Check the charts before you go to his apartment for a drink.

A weirdo is hiding something. That is why he seems weird. I would check to see what conjuncts Saturn as this tends to make people obsessed. If you have Eros conjunct Saturn, you may have a sex addict on your hands. Don’t neglect to get your asteroid list out and look at the Saturn.

The 8th House is the House of Repression but the 12th House is the House of Suppression. I don’t think the 8th house would make you weird, per se. It would make you deep, sexual and tend toward interest in dark things but this is not weird, per se, in my opinion.

In general, you should see what conjuncts the ASC. You will live and breath anything that conjuncts the ASC when you have a relationship with a person. You should check to see what conjuncts the MC, too, as this will be a big part of what the person shows to the world.

I can’t leave this discussion without discussing Nessus and Dejanira. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. Dejanira is the asteroid of the victim. If a person has a prominent Nessus, he will WANT to abuse. A prominent Nessus would be Nessus conj the ASC, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or Mercury. The latter would be more of a mental abuse. This person may not seem weird. In fact, he may seem magnetic but beware because he will have this abusive side to him, in my opinion.

Dejanira is the victim. She will lie down and be raped. I hate to be this graphic but Dejanira does not have the defenses to help herself. That is why she is so sad. That is why the person fragments when she touches the Moon or the Child asteroid.

Before I end this article, let me say that every weirdo is attracted to a certain type. Look at Ted Bundy. All people have a type and weird people are no exception. You want to check your synastry with someone if you feel that there are strange vibes. The chart will show what is going on, so you can arm yourself against danger.



4 thoughts on “Is This Person Normal or a Weirdo?

  1. amiannPadre31

    Adding more confusion and lack of clarity to my chart Mon Cheri is

    My twelfth house is Pisces!

    Scorpio everywhere, Pluto influence, triple fire, all capped off by shy, introverted, Pisces.

    To me, this makes a bit weird out in the world.

  2. amiannRachel

    I don’t think that Child conjunct Dejanira automatically would fragment someone’s mind, or at least not indefinitely. I have it and I am of clean mental health after removing toxic people in my life. I have had a long and difficult past but I am able to work with my feelings and I’ve moved past the hurt. I did have PTSD but I did workbooks and talked to others and I resolved the condition. Tradition counseling never helped. I think that perhaps other aspects of someone’s chart might mitigate the condition of Child conjunct Dejanira. But I will agree with you that some sort of abuse may have occurred.

    I just want people to know that if they have Child conjunct Dejanira in their chart that they can have hope and they are not doomed. It takes a lot of work and soul searching, but it will pay off. Positivity is key. And flexibility of thoughts. I’m sure that someone with this nasty aspect that has a rigid viewpoint of the world would have a tough time compared to someone with a more mutable chart.

  3. amiannJane

    My Uranus is in the 12th house, my Neptune conj the Asc. Mars, Pluto, Saturn in the 10th house, Saturn, Mars conj the MC. What can you say about it, Ami? Thanks.

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