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Is Your Life a Greek Myth—–Part Two?

What constitutes a Greek myth? Passion, in a word. In present time, we are taught that life should be easy and good. If it is not, then it is our fault, somehow. Hollywood has put forth the possibility that some people can, actually, live the dream of perfection. One may look at the Greek Myths as belonging to times past, not current. However, the asteroids belie this. many of the asteroids are taken from actual myths. To the person whose chart has the asteroid, dominantly, the myth is a current reality. The myths evoke a poignancy in us. It is so because they touch our humanity, which is the same as that of people thousands of years past. Studying the asteroids can bring a concomitant strength, as one knows that one is not singled out for pain, but is part of the tradition of humanity, to whom the myths spoke and still speak.

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