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James Holmes—Alderban conjunct Child Asteroid

Alderban is one of the most important Fixed Stars. Some Fixed Stars are evil. Some are good. Some offer great opportunity, which can be used for either. Alderban is the latter. Alderban can bestow great honors, riches and prestige on the native. Conversely, it can bestow violent death, loss and great tragedy. James has Alderban conjunct his Child Asteroid. The Child Asteroid is very fascinating as it seems to show one’s childhood, as well as one’s inner child. You can look up the Child Asteroid in your chart and see what it touches. It should show you the nature of your childhood. as well as how you experience the inner child, which we all carry.

For James, I would interpret Alderban conjunct Child as great, great potential. It could have been used for good. He was in the toughest of all academic programs–MD/Phd. I went to Duke, undergraduate. Duke offered the MD/Phd. Only the best and the brightest could attain this kind of rigorous training. Hence, from this, we know that James was the best and the brightest. Alderban held true to it’s promise. However, James played out the flip side of Alderban. He may go down in history as one of the worse mass murderers in US history.

I have respect for the Fixed Stars. I have one in exact conjunction to my Sun. Betelgeuse is supposed to be the brightest and most beneficial Fixed Star. Yet, it has the flip side, as does Alderban.

Check out your Fixed Stars. They must be very close in orb, to count. I would not allow more than a 2 degree conjunction. Write on my Comment Form if you find anything you would like to discuss. We can learn together, as I am, relatively, new to Fixed Stars. There are many,many of them, as is the case with Asteroids. The Astrologer must build up his understanding, slowly. The best way to do this is discussion with people who have them. I look forward to your replies!

4 thoughts on “James Holmes—Alderban conjunct Child Asteroid

  1. amiannKristin

    Interesting! Where do I find out about the fixed stars?

    I know I have a conjuct with sun and regulius by one orb, what does that mean?

    Best wishes

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Google Fixed Stars. I don’t know much about Regulus.Come back and tell me about it and we can see what we come up with for a conjunction with the Sun, Kristin.

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