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Jupiter—The Fairy Godmother

Jupiter is the planet of positive vibes.If you have Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant, you radiate positivity. You are strengthened with good luck and feelings of well being in whatever Jupiter touches. Jupiter enlarges what it touches, just as Saturn restricts what it touches. If you have Jupiter conjunct Venus, you radiate love. If Jupiter conjuncts the Sun, you have an upbeat attitude and a positive demeanor. Jupiter gives self confidence. If you have Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant or the Sun, you have a natural self confidence .I have, just, started learning what Jupiter does with dark asteroids such as Nessus, Dejaneria and Sedna, for example. It mitigates the harmful effects. It is as if there is a guardian angel or a fairy godmother, there. One girl had Jupiter conjunct Dejaneria. She was victimized, but was saved from what could have been much worse . I think that is how Jupiter works with dark asteroids,.

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