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Kanwal’s Question—Why Did God Make So Many Religions? Was it God or Was it Man?

This is a great question, Kanwal. I think we need to go back to the beginning of man’s time on earth and go from there.I described “The Fall ” in another article. The story of man is of man’s disobedience and God’s unceasing love in chasing man down to reconcile him to Himself. It is the ultimate love story. However, to address your question, Kanwal, one must start at the fall. At the Fall,everything that makes life painful, came to the earth:pain, disease, ego, anger, pettiness, greed, work etc. Man’s main problem, throughout history, was that man did not want to bow to God. Man wants to be his own god. This is the short answer to your question, but I will elaborate. The story of the “Tower of Babel” illustrates my point and addresses your question.


Man wanted to build an actual tower which was tall enough to take him to God. God HAD provided a way to Himself, but man rejected . The Tower of Babel was man’s attempt to find his own way , apart from God. God did not like this. God is very jealous for the love and affection of man. God loves us as a lover. It was at this point in history that God made many languages. He did this so man could not go on with his plan. God does not like man’s worshiping anything but He. There is one Way to God. God set that out in the Bible. The internal validity and credibility of the Bible is set forth by prophecy, as no other book on earth can predict future events down to minute details such as actual geographical place and actual dates.


To answer the question posed. Man made every religion. Man even made the Catholic religion, although that will anger many people. God made ONE Thing. That was the Bible. Religion is man made. God decries religion. One does not need to be in an organized church. The Bible says that when two people get together and share about God, that is a church. God wants us to share our faith with like minded people, but the church structure is man made, as is EVERY religion except for literal Bible believing groups of people. That would be the definition of “church” in the Bible. The word church simply means a gathering together of believers.

I hope I have answered the question, Kanwal. Please, ask any others, or for me to clarify.



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