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Kumbaya——The Church of the Last Days for ALLLLLL Faiths

The way of the world and the way of the Bible are often diametrically opposed. If the world is going one way, the Bible is going another. In the last days, this will be more pronounced as people call “good evil and evil good” In fact, you can’t even CALL evil evil without getting a barrage of rage, usually from the people who claim to be peace and light. Such is the case in the last days when babies can be aborted up to partial birth abortion where they are born, all but the head and then killed. However, you better not touch the humped back snail in your yard or they may confiscate your house. These are very bad times. Our founding fathers would have been revolted to no end to see what we take as a matter of course. However, this article is about the kind of church which will dominate the last days, the days in which we are living according to the Bible.

Bible Prophecy can be hard. Some parts I have left unstudied because the intricacies are very complicated. The Millenium period is the time when the world as we know it is over, so I figure I don’t need to understand all the intricacies. I do understand prophecy up to this time, quite well. I am not a Bible scholar but an educated layman. The Bible will yield it’s wisdom to you if you study with a desire to know. At any rate, in the last days, there will be a distinguishable church. It will be an amalgamation of many, many Christian sects, as well as many other non Christian religions. They will get together in a grand church will serves all and does not alienate any. This sounds good to the human ear, as does many things that the world puts forth. However, this grand church will be a deception. It will lead many people away from the true God.

I think the Catholic Church will be the head of this new church, if not the head, then a major player. This last pope is thought to be the “black pope” in terms of darkness, not skin color, of course. This has been long understood by many students of prophecy and many Catholics, themselves. It is interesting that he is showing himself to be a man of extreme piety. Evil does not come with horns and a red suit. Evil comes as a shining light. the Anti Christ himself will shine with the supernatural charisma of the dark side. The last pope of the Catholic Church which many believe that Francis is, will be what the Bible calls the False Prophet. He will be the religious arm of the Anti-Christ who is a political leader. There will be a pseudo trinity in the last days. The trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will be mirrored in the evil trinity of the Anti-Christ, False Prophet and Satan. The last member of each trinity is a spirit. You will note that the spiritual dimension runs the earth dimension in many unseen ways. It is a player with every man, whether he knows it or not. If you are not aligned with the Holy Spirit, you are aligned with the spirit of darkness, whether you know it or not and most people don’t, of course. If they did, they would not be.

At any rate, man has always wanted to find his own way to God. It started with the tower of Babel in which man wanted to build an edifice which would take him to Heaven. It was not God’s way. God destroyed it and separated man by language. God’s way is His own. It is explicated in the Bible. Man’s way can be many,many things. It is the variety of different religions and even sects of Christianity which profess the name but twist the Bible to their liking.

All this brings me back to the church of the last days. It will be man’s crowning glory, the renaissance of the tower of Babel. It will try to reach the heavens with all of man’s divisions inherent.However, it won’t reach the heavens as all will discover at some point. Will it be too late is the question.



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