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Lessons Learned From Gardening—Some People are Like Manure

I am an earth void. A void craves the element it lacks. It is like the crazing for cheesecake. One of the easiest ways you can learn about a person is to check the little chart on the side and see if they are an Earth, Fire, Water or Air Void. It is easy to do and will give you a wealth of information about that person. The earth void is not centered on the earth. You have to look at the rest of the chart to see where he is centered, so to speak. In my case, it is the air, the intellect, and secondly, the water, the heart. Just a brief description of the Voids, for beginners to Astrology. The Fire Void tends toward depression. Fire is activity, get up and go, optimism, joy and a sense of adventure in life. The Fire Void is harder than the Earth Void, in my opinion. The Earth Void is the easiest, in my opinion. The Air Void cannot pull back and detach. If someone insults him, he may beat the person up before he realizes that it was not an insult at all. The Air Void may struggle with communicating. He may feel locked inside a prison in solitary confinement because communication is how we touch one another. I think the Air Void is easier than the Fire Void, but that is my opinion. The hardest Void is the Water Void. Empathy and feeling emotions are part of what makes us human and connected to ourselves and others. The Water Void is the classic bull in the china shop. If there is a person who consistently puts his foot in his mouth, it is the Water Void. When I find myself in fights with people, I can pull back and know that if I can check out their charts, there will be a water void. Low water( or low amounts of any of the elements can mimic a void). I have friends who are water voids who struggle to bond on the emotional level. It is a struggle. One cannot choose one’s chart and I am not judging individuals based on their charts. I am trying to teach. Knowledge is power and the only way any of us can change. Each person has gifts and each person has struggles.

Back to my garden and manure. Gardening is magical for an earth void( or anyone maybe) I have all sorts of things in my garden such as the spices like chocolate mint, grapefruit mint, hot and spicy oregano, spearmint, peppermint, lemon tarragon, dill and two kinds of basil. I have radishes, romaine lettuce, collard greens, okra, cayenne pepper, onions, strawberries and tomatoes. I have a compost heap where I save all the vegetable scraps and residue from my juicer. I make my own mixtures for the garden from old green vitamins, eggs that have gone bad, rice I allow to ferment and water from soaked vegetable scraps. I bought Bat guano, too.

My point of the article is the value of manure. The guy who helped me plant it has a friend who dried cow manure in the sun and then put it on his garden. I won’t go that far but the idea of how manure made his garden thrive kept hitting me. Manure makes things grow. Some people give you little else than manure. Most of your relationship with them could be honed down to manure.However, would you have grown without the manure?

I wonder this about myself. I never wanted any of the manure I got. Who does? However, I have parts of me that are a direct outgrowth. I would rather have stayed superficial and not had the manure, if I could have chosen. However, I never would have found Jesus. That I can say for sure. I found Jesus because He was the last house on the block. I had been betrayed by all the houses which were supposed to have succored me. The one person who loved me, unconditionally, my grandmother had passed on.

When I found Jesus, I had been betrayed by everyone. That was my soil from which I reached out to God, whom I did not know other than that He made nature.


Please excuse typos and mistakes. I will be back

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