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Libra Moon——-Cold Betrayer?

I was taking a bath with Dead Sea salts and thinking about Astrology. It popped into my mind about the nature of Libra Moon. I am a Cancer Moon. I am uber loyal. Why? Because I love to be loyal to people who are good to be. I am like a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever. Anyone who has been kind to me can come to me with a need and I will meet it, if I possibly can.

The Cancer Moon is in it’s Domicile. Hence, it expresses the best qualities of the Moon. My Moon is almost Unaspected. An Unaspected planet makes you work mightily to access the traits of the planet. Hence, in the case of the moon, it is the tender emotions of the heart.

I say this as an introduction to the Libra Moon. I was just betrayed by a Libra Moon to whom I gave a great deal of kindness. I don’t mind that I did. I give to others and when I need help, it is always there for me. That is God’s economy.

However, after I was done being upset, I looked to the chart. The Libra Moon is called the Courtesan Moon. This is because the courtesan can divorce her emotions from sex. In our study, the issue is bigger than sex, as it is about emotional coldness.

I, as a Cancer Moon cannot hurt anyone without feeling guilt. Guilt is not a positive emotion, perhaps. However, maybe it is. Maybe, it is the sign of an active conscience, which is a good thing. I have bullied less than 5 people in my life. This would include from my childhood on. I remember the few times I bullied someone, unprovoked.

I think that the moon defines the inner core of any person. One must look at the sign first. When looking at any planet, one should start with the Domicile and Detriment, which are opposite signs and the Exaltation and Fall, which are opposite signs. If you have a planet in the Detriment or Fall, that planet will be like an old bike that creaks and needs oil. It just does not function that well. You will need to learn how to deal with it, by emphasizing your strong points. We each have strong and weak points. That goes without saying, I hope.

Libra Moon is not in any of the above categories but the sign of Libra is not a good place for the moon due to the nature of Libra. Libra is an air sign which means it is intellectual. It’s primary quality is balance and harmony and Libra brings this to the table. Libra is in it’s home in Venus, a Libra is a refined sign which carries itself with grace and dignity. However, when we get to the tender moon, whose job it is to feel, Libra does not bat a home run. The Libra Moon will think out a situation, rather than feel it. This can lead to interpersonal problems because sometimes one needs to feel to have the appropriate action for a heartfelt situation. In the case above with my betrayal by a Libra Moon, the person reasoned out a situation that called for heart. To me, I need a friend who can feel what is going on. Therein, may lie the differences between a water moon and an air moon.

Please, share your experiences if you are a Libra Moon, have had experiences with one, know about it, or just want to comment. Look forward to hearing from you!




26 thoughts on “Libra Moon——-Cold Betrayer?

  1. amiannGL_mom

    I’m sorry you got hurt 🙁
    Libra moons always confuse me. I have a Sag Moon conjunct Neptune. I am so sensitive and I can’t ever hide how I feel. I can’t ever fake how I feel and it seems to me like they can. They can present one thing and turn around and not actually be as gracious, welcoming or nice as they act.

    I don’t understand why a Libra moon would express itself like that. The Suns and Rising people I know always worry so much about other people.

    Air moons in general are so different than I am. My mom is a Cancer with a Aquarius moon. She is very sensitive but she is always trying to intellectualize her emotions.

  2. amianndominique

    I am a Libra Moon and I’m not insensitive, in fact I think I care too much about others and their problems. I am always there as a shoulder to cry on when anyone needs me. Just to listen and offer advice when they need it. I think people rely on me so much because I’m able to look at the situation objectively and see both points of view. Yes I do rationalize my emotions but i think that’s helpful in a way because people do a lot of things based on feelings but if they took the time to think about why their reacting that way they can talk themselves out of doing something irrational based on an intense emotion. I am a very caring, passionate person and my feelings are very sincere. If I don’t feel a certain way about a person I will be honest and I tell them exactly how I feel, as nice as possible. I’m very loyal and if i’m your friend then i’m there to the end. I’m sorry you had to experience that. Maybe that particular Libra Moon’s approach to your situation was wrong, but that doesn’t mean we’re all the same.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I totally agree It was him and not all Libra moons. Where is your Venus? Where is your Sun and mars? I learned from this toad and it was good learning.xx
      Come and post your chart on my Forum if you want.

  3. amianndominiquek

    My Venus is Libra in the 7th house, my Sun is in Sagittarius in the 8th house, and my Mars is in Libra in the 6th. This is just my personal opinion but most of the men i’ve dealt with with Libra in their charts were cowards. Its hard for them to make up their minds and when they do, the don’t even have the balls to tell you the truth because they don’t want to be the “bad guy”.

  4. amiannferryleaf

    How would using one’s heart in a situation like the one that upset you have looked different from the way it *was* done–the “reasoning it out”?

    I know you wouldn’t want to describe the actual situation in detail here, but perhaps you could make up a similar example, to explain the difference? Or be very, very general?

    I do want to understand, though. You seem to react to things similarly to a beloved family member of mine, and I have always hurt (and hurt FOR her) when she felt I was “taking the other person’s side” or “not supporting her.” 🙁 I want to know how to remain true to myself, but also meet the needs of my family and friends who share this trait with you.


    (ofc, you could always make the response more private by putting it somewhere else, whether in a thread or a PM) <3

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have had an enemy for several years. If people insult my Jewish heritage, it is over for me. That one thing is the end of any relationship. I have always been like that. Well, this friend knew all about the enemy and my struggles with her. I talked to him about it, at length. He knew my pain, angst, and struggles. I had helped him when he was super down. I had helped pull him up from depression which is not the issue other than to talk about the loyalty part. I had really reached out to help him, as I do with certain people when I feel led. Anyway, he teamed up with this person and the both went against me. I brought it to his attention as I thought it was simply an oversight on his part and not intentional etc. I gave him time and space to pull back and he told me he would do whatever he wanted. He is the one person I have banned from this Forum.

      I will say though that if he repented of this and accepted responsibility for it, I would restore the friendship. One has to be willing to do this, in all cases, because God forgave us our many, many sins. We can’t hold things against people if they are sincerely sorry but the apology must be sincere. That would be the key.

  5. amiannAs

    Men act their Sun Sign more….And Mars Not Libra Moon and you are incorrect, Libra is in a great placement in the Moon. Please do further research you have a lot to learn about this placement as well as on Cancer Moon negatives. Again, Men identify with their Sun sign and use their Mars with women.

  6. amiannAmethystJosephine81

    One of the most intriguing things about astrology for me has been the constellating of certain planets and the reflection they make in representation of a psychological complex. It sounds to me that this libra moon was afflicted. The triangle this person created smells a little Venus/Pluto in a less evolved state. Especially the tendency to turn on a friend. Truly feel sorry for his other relationships, as I am sure this is a pattern.
    And the sensitive, unaspected cancer moon is so genuinely… sweet. Fluid. As well as complex in itself.
    Air and water are opposites. Like water and fire elements, they are forever attracted and repulsed by one another. Always reflecting the dualities of life. Water is the shadow side of Air, and vice versa.

      1. amiannAmethystJosephine81

        Thank you for such kind words. You are such a warm person. I rarely get to discuss my astrological thoughts with others. I live in Tennessee, and in my small town it is not very popular. Many people I talk to about it have a misconception. But I still can not help but be talking to someone and thinking to myself “hmmm. He has such a strong Cappy feel, and looks like he’s 30 or so and probably has his NN in such and such, with Venus in the first because he’s obviously consciously charming and totally aware of it…” And I have indeed thought of working as an astrologer.
        Sometimes I feel like I eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and that I need to step away but cannot 🙂

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Where is your Moon? I know I have your chart on the Forum but you sound like a water Moon. I do astrology in a water kind of way in that I get behind the eyes of every placement and try to feel them. I have a cancer Moon.

  7. amiannAmethystJosephine81

    I am curious what degree of Cancer your moon is in. My sun is at 9deg Virgo, unaspected in the 12th house. I am curious if our unaspected planets might form a sextile. Although my moon is in Libra, I am a very sensitive person. Which is also symbolized by my Mars in Cancer at 29 deg, conjunct my NN in Leo at 1 deg. My mars is a highly delicate point, and is the leading planet in my bowl patterned chart. My parents and family describe me as intense, moody, protective, and overly gullible at times. I occasionally only see what I want to see. My Kersey psych type is INFP… =)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      My moon is 8 degrees cancer. My Mars is 16 degrees cancer. My unaspected venus is 9 degrees Gemini so it is a square to your Unaspected Sun. What a weird thing lol

  8. amiannAmethystJosephine81

    Sometimes, I think squares produce a good friction, and without them life might be too stress free. Your Venus in Gemini may square my sun, but it also trines my exalted Saturn and my Jupiter. AND my Moon conjuncts your Asc, so does my Venus, although a 6 degree orb. Actually, your Asc is right smack dab in my stellium. Also, your moon squares my Saturn and Jupiter, but it also sextile’s my unaspected Sun in Virgo 🙂
    That’s not bad at all. Very dynamic aspects as well as some very positive aspects.

  9. amiannLesley

    Although Libra Moons are airy and intellectual. Maybe the fact that Libra is ruled by Venus can soften the coldness of it. I am a Libra moon also, and feel that I am sensitive to other peoples’ feelings. Of course my moon is unaspected and in the first house. This can cause extreme sensitivity.

  10. amiannMimi

    It is strange because I have a libra moon, but I’m really sensitive towards things like that. I can’t see people getting bullied or stuff like that. It makes me cry. I know people who are cold hearted, but I don’t think I’m like that. I have venus conjunct moon (6 degrees), jupiter trine moon (1 degree), saturn opposite moon (4 degrees), semi sextile mars (1 degree). I cry over little things very often. Maybe the person you met had another evil aspect or something. x

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