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The Life Changing Message of Asteroids



182573_519006238135899_1012708579_nThe more successful I am, the more flak I get. I used to be diminished by it. I used to be heart broken. Now, I wonder if it is because I am doing something wonderful that some people want to pull me down. At any rate, that is not the subject of this article. The subject of this article is how asteroids can change your life. More specifically, how finding the right asteroid can explain your life. Then, you can come home, in a manner of speaking.

I experienced this myself, recently, so it became more personal. I do charts on where I am proud to be a Moderator and have been for five years. In doing the chart of a person who had been diagnosed with   mental illness issues, I found the treasure trove which is Alice in Wonderland Asteroids. She had Madhatter conjunct her Sun. I studied the story of Alice in Wonderland.True to my instinct about this girl, she was normal and her environment was crazy. To put it in a common psych word, her environment was crazy making. The Madhatter was  told he was crazy but he was not. His environment was crazy. Here was the parallel. Here was the nugget of truth that could be life changing for her.

This brings me to one of my favorite books, People of the Lie by Scott Peck. I read this book at age fourteen. It was a beacon for me in my darkest and most troubled days. It told me that truth would heal. That is why I am  fanatical about truth. That is why I try to be so honest. There is precious little truth  in this politically correct world. Those who have the courage to bring it offer  a special healing. I strive for this. At any rate, Peck talks about how a person has his reality altered by a crazy making home life. That person will be identified as “the crazy one” while the rest of the family can appear normal.

I had the feeling that this girl was a product of this. When I saw Madhatter conjunct her Sun, it was confirmed to me. She told me that I helped her more than her therapist. That was a lovely compliment to me and made my day. However, I got a personal gift in the whole thing.  I had a feeling that the story of Alice was my story. When I checked the Alice asteroid in my chart, it was an exact conjunction to Mercury. With asteroids, one wants to go for exact conjunctions. Some Astrologers only accept exact conjunctions. Others allow a small orb. However, all agree that exact conjunctions have the nuclear power. Exact conjunctions will show us our story and our purpose.

My life was the life of Alice. I was sane with my abundance of  logical, rational Gemini planets in the ninth house. I was sane with my extroverted chart. I was sane with my Gemini Mercury conjunct the Sun but not combust. When I look at my chart, it looks like God did all He could to make me sane. However, I grew up in an insane environment. Just like Alice, my reality was skewed to the point that I could have become insane.

For me, the passion for Astrology is really the passion for God. It is the passion to know that there is order in the Universe. It is the passion to know that I am not a mistake even though I have made many, many mistakes. It is the passion to know that what I went through was known to a present God. Studying Astrology is a small price to pay for that assurance.




12 thoughts on “The Life Changing Message of Asteroids

  1. amiannLon Spector

    A very good synopisis of why Astrology IS important to know!
    Most people HAVE been shaped (mislead) by their enviornment!
    If they were told that Astrology is a bunch of “devil’s hooey,” they will
    believe it. They WILL NOT explore for themselves. They-like “Archie Bunker,”
    have slammed the door on an oppertunity to be INFORMED.
    This is the reason I am attracted to “personality systems” of ALL TYPES, and
    want to seperate the “wheat from the chaff.”
    People make accomindations with MISERY because they know no other way!
    They assume because they know no other way, it doesn’t exist. As a result,
    their world is very narrow, and they are very doctrinnare. They live in their own
    self-enclosed prisions. They are miserible, and they have no choice but to make
    other’s in their orbit miserible.
    So, in a disfunctional family situation the “victim” who can’t get with the “program”
    of disfunction is the “disturbed” one. Damn right! They ARE DISTURBED!
    Disturbed, by deciet, hypocracy and denial!
    The objective in “helping” the “identified patient” is to “help’ them get with
    society’s “program.” They call that “help?” I call it “sicker then sick!”

      1. amiannLivingMystery

        Really good article Peach, but drop the whole “u can only get true help from the bible” bullshit. That comments vomit material for this day and age.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Also, a good form of “help” would be to raise the blands “blinds” and let
    the Sun “Son” in and air out the house. This should be done with body, mind
    AND spirit.
    Don’t expect this to happen anytime soon on a mass scale because there’s
    MONEY TO BE MADE in people’s misery. And “The love of money is a route of
    ALL EVIL.”

  3. amiannMimi

    Hey @Amiann 🙂

    How do you find out what asteroids are conjunct your sun/moon etc? Do we have to just try to see with different asteroids if they’re conjunct or is there a way to see a list of all asteroids that are conjunct a certain planet? I would like to know if there are any asteroids conjunct with any of my planets.

    Thanks x

  4. amiannLon Spector

    People learn PROGRESSIVELY. It takes time. The fruits of the SPIRIT are
    NOW OR NEVER, but Bible comprehension TAKES TIME!
    You have to graduate one grade to prepare for the next!

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