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Lilith and Mars in the Natal

A pic bendingI got this request for information on Lilith/Mars in the natal. Please, put your requests on my Comment Form and I will try to write articles on them, if I can.


I was talking about natal aspect for any individual. I cant find any satisfactory explanations on the web and you always explain things clearly on this site. I wanted to to know about Mars-Lilith aspects just like I understand Mars-Pluto aspects.


Lilith is raw sexuality. Mar is drive, all drives. Mars is your drive to find a job, ask that cute girl out for a date or be the first one to answer the question in class. Mars is pure drive, so it manifests in many ways. Passion is just one of them, but an important one. God made us sexual creatures. God made us passionate creatures. If you don’t like this, take it up with God, not me ^^

In this study, we must look at the Mars sign. Some Mars are Jags. Some are clunkers. Some are sensible cars like Volvos or Saabs. Some are sports cars like the Fiat. Some are sedans like my all time favorite car, the Crown Vic. At any rate, one’s Mars will be how one pursues ANY goals. If the goal is a cute girl or the goal is a dream job, the Mars in Scorpio will score 100%. He will shoot the ball into the hoop. The Mars in Cancer will have to struggle mightily to do what comes natural to the Mars in Scorpio. The Mars in Cancer can do it, but it will be a struggle. He will never do it as effortlessly as the Mars in Scorpio or with the panache. That is just a simple example of Mars in the Domicile and a Mars in the Fall.

If we take a brief look at other Mars, Mars in Libra can’t make decisions. Mars in Aries will stand up and fight but he may be too hasty. Mars in Taurus will deliberate about anything but can stick to it. Mars in Gemini, Saggi and Pisces do not have great staying power for any goal. Mars in Virgo is very anal and can get lost in the details. Mars in Cappi is a superstar, especially when it comes to career. Mars in Aqua can make a goal, stick to it and can have a true integrity in the process. This is a brief look at the Mars signs before we go on to the combo of Mars/Lilith.

Lilith is raw sexuality. It does not have overtones of love. It does not have overtones of connection. It is raw passion of two magnets meeting. When we add the specific Mars to it, we need to take into account the workings of each Mars sign. Mars in Scorpio conjunct Lilith will be more nuclear powered than Mars in Cancer conjunct Lilith. I think I have made the point of taking into consideration the Mars sign. Now, lets go onto Lilith.

We could have one of several situations. We could have Mars conjunct Lilith. The conjunction is always more powerful than any other aspect. Think of sitting right next to someone. You smell his cologne. You feel his body next to yours. That is much more powerful than sitting across the table from him. Likewise, the conjunction trumps any aspect.

If we have a Lilith/Mars conjunction in the natal, we are going to have a sexy, charismatic person. This person will vibe sex, even if he is the tottering Mars in Cancer. The conjunction of Mars with Lilith will make a powerhouse, sex god of a man, barring sign.

The trine would make an easy flow of the person’s raw sexuality with his drive. This person would, probably, not have huge hang ups about being a sexual person. He would accept it, as water flows down an valley.. That is a good picture of a trine. A trine is a gift. It is effortless and unearned. It comes so easily to the native that he believes all people have it.

The opposition of Mars/Lilith may start to get into the hang up area. This person may feel very passionate but go back and forth with it. He may come out of his shell as a Don Juan but go back in as a Daffy Duck. It feels like a struggle and it is. That is the nature of the opposition. Think of a see-saw. One person is up and the other is down. Then, the other is up and the other is down. It is not really pleasant when you think about it.

The square is a locked in energy. Some people get mad at me and tell me I am fatalistic. This is my opinion. There are some things that are going to be with us for life, barring a true miracle of God. In the latter, all things can change. However , this is very rare.

The square polarizes the person. On the one hand, he may be very passionate. On the other, he may be afraid to express it. I would call this a neurotic placement. I will get flak for that but that is what I think. A square puts each side into a compartment. Hence, one tries to deal with one side and the other won’t budge. One tries to deal the other side and the former won’t budge. Not a pretty placement.

The quincunx is a cool aspect. It allows for integration of both sides but it takes WORK. One will forge a whole new part of himself. It is like combining a peach with a tangerine. You get a nectarine, a whole new fruit.

I hope I have answered the question to the satisfaction of my Forum member, Tmo. Please, let me know what you think and add your own experiences, as always.





52 thoughts on “Lilith and Mars in the Natal

  1. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    My Mr. Frozen Scorpio (Venus, mars & AC Scorpio) has his Eros and asteroid Lust on my Lilith, all of which are on my MC. It is also his IC point, so he might be hiding it.

    I wonder wonder, for how long he will remain frozen……

  2. amiannMel

    I can attest to this see-saw of energy with the opposition!
    I have Mars in Gemini and Lilith in Sagittarius. People frequently describe me as “all over the place”
    I have a very hard time not only pinning down a goal, but sticking to it. I’m hot and cold in relationships. I question myself. Thankfully, there are enough fixed signs in my chart that I CAN commit to some things. Only when I get super angry, or obsessed over something though.

    I knew a guy who had the square. His was Mars in Taurus and Lilith in Aquarius. He had a TEMPER! Way too controlling. And talk about repressed.
    And another; he had Mars in Aries and Lilith in Cancer. Both sides of the square really wanted the same thing but Aries got impatient waiting for it to happen.
    Both would seem to just explode out of no where.

    I have a friend that has Mars in Aries and Lilith in Scorpio. She can’t help but attract fans. You can just tell that there is a lot of energy there.

    I dated a guy with the opposition Mars in Cancer & Lilith in Capricorn. Him not knowing what he wanted turned him into a cheater. I knew another guy with it too, Mars in Aquarius and Lilith in Leo; (Venus in Gemini didn’t help) he wanted to “sample” a little bit of everything.

  3. amianncaprilady

    i guess thats why i explode. those squares are no joke. my mars saggi lilith scorpio. i want to express but dont know how. his was mars leo lilith aqauarius i felt like he didnt know what he wanted. he was too confusing so i gave up.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, are we talking the natal. I will assume we are, nany. Lilith conjunct the Moon would be a very sexual person with raw sexuality a very essential part of himself/herself. With Mercury conj Lilith, this person would have sexuality on his mind and may write erotic novels, for example. It would have to be expressed if it were a close conjunction, something like 50 Shades of Gray. That person would be a classic for Mercury conjunct Lilith imo

        1. amianntmo

          Mercury conjunct lilith 1dg , Mars square all liliths exact, all liliths parallel ascendant exact, waldemath parallel Sun & osculating lilith conjunct sun exact

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Merc conj Lilith would be a mind that has raw sexuality on it’s brain lol Mars sq Lilith would make it hard to act out one’s raw sexuality. If this is the same person, he may really be blocked. I am not familiar with the other aspects so can’t comment on those. Is this you? I bet you are suffering a great deal from feeling blocked sexually? Is that true? You are annonymous here.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I will assume it is Natal. Lilith conj Pluto should super power the Lilith more and make her more primal and more sexual. Lilith conj Ceres would prolly make the person mix raw sexuality with unconditional love. Who is this person?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, when ceres conjuncts a sexy planet, it can be raw sexuality mixed with unconditional love, which is about the most intoxicating thing out there. Is that what you felt, Capri?

      1. amianncaprilady

        yes ami thats what i felt with him raw sexuality. as far as unconditional love im not quite sure i understand. Do you mean unconditional love towards people or what?

  4. amiannLilith_Rising

    Hi Ami! Can you say a little more about the quincux? I have Lilith conjunct Asc in Aqua, quincux Venus and Mars in Virgo in the 8th. 🙂

      1. amiannLilith_Rising

        Hi Ami!

        Aqua Rising 24’21, Aqua Lilith 25’30 – Venus Virgo – 26, Mars Virgo 22’30. Venus/Mars midpoint – 24 Virgo. 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok,the quincunx has to be pretty close, too. I am thinking it is about 5 degrees. In this case, you would be very pretty. It never fails. Lilith conj the ASC or MC is a beauty aspect. The quincunx to venus may make you compartmentalize sex and love. It may make sexuality in it’s own box and not associated with Love. It may make it hard to express your sexuality, even( the quin with mars) What do you think?

  5. amiannT

    I have Lillith semisquare my Mars and yeah “The square polarizes the person. On the one hand, he may be very passionate. On the other, he may be afraid to express it.”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      T, Yes, that makes sense. The passion would be there but the EXPRESSION of it is blocked with the square. If not blocked, then thwarted. Great post. Thank you.

      1. amiannT

        Thank YOU amiann for always sharing your knowledge!

        I’ve found this, because of this topic Interesting read so far. My Lilith is my eros/psyche midpoint. My Lilith also sextiles my ASC, conjuncts my Jupiter and opposes my sun. I have been known to be a bit tomboyish in look and action – that’s the first thing that comes to mind for me.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          My pleasure. T. Thanks for being here! I have never done much with midpoints. I just have not studied them. If Jupiter conjuncts Lilith less than 3 degrees, you would be a super Lilith. Jupiter enlarges what it touches. With Lilith, one must remember that the orbs are very small!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Ok Lilith conj the Sun makes you a VERY strong Lilith. This makes you vibe raw sexuality. The conj must not be more than 3 degrees, though. Now, this squaring Mars will prolly make it hard for you to express it. This may feel like a kind of curse, in that you are a super sexual being but you feel thwarted in it’s expression. Is that how you feel, tmo? xx

          1. amianntmo

            I dont feel like its hard to express it though and i dont feel blocked. Is lilith only sexual or does it have some sort of fighting power , violent or strong or will power or strong presence

  6. amiannLu

    Hi Amy!

    With mine chart it’s a little confuse… Because 2 stelliuns ( 8th and 9th) I have, so, are too many planets in conjunct and aspecting each other in a mess…lol
    My lilith (0°45’15”) is in my MC almost coming to 9th, same house of my dejanira (21° 9′ 2″) and neptun (22°17’22”), in sagitarius.
    My lilith conjuncts MC (1a), lilith conjucts uranus (3a), this uranus (in scorpio, 9th) conjucts venus (in scorpio 9th), ( 6a) that venus square mars (in leo, 6th) (2s), mars that sextile pluto in libra 8th (5a) conjucts with jupiter in libra 8th (5a) and mercurio in scorpio 9th (8s), and jupiter conjuct saturn in libra 8th (5s), conjucts sun in libra th (4a).
    It’s just a little bit of mess, there…
    And about lilith and sexuality, feel it very intense, sometimes obsessive, I dont like any kind of shallow relations (pluto), and wishing new things and places (uranus, I think), I like to be connected with the person in a mental/emotional level too (lilith in sagitarius / mercury / venus), and about mars on it, I think it acts in a leo and scorpio way… Seducing, charismatic, but step by step, taking care (saturn).

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I see, Lu. You can post your chart in my Forum if you want to look more. Have you? If so, I am sorry. I get confused seeing that I am the only one answering the comments and they are not in order LOL

  7. amiannCallMeAngel

    Well my Mars is on 6°52′ Sagittarius and my Lilith is on 17°02′ Я Sagittarius. Don’t have any aspect but in the same sign. What does that mean?

      1. amiannCallMeAngel

        I red somewhere that if you have mars and lilith in the same sign you attract people with that sign. That kinda explains why I have special connection with saggi. 🙂

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