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Lindaland and the Beloved Randall

I don’t know how I can tell you how much I love Randall and my friends at Lindaland. One cannot put in to words some things of the heart.We all need to belong, to feel as someone cares if we come or go. It is very hard in this day of alienation to find a home. Many of us do not have wonderful families who open their arms to us. Lindaland is a place where you can find a wonderful community and learn Astrology and other exciting disciplines. Randall has started a School–The Brown Owl Forum. No one will be left out, even the absolute beginner. We all start as absolute beginners. I owe Randall and my friends at LL a debt of gratitude, as I found them after I lost my son.Please come and join me on Lindaland. I am proud to be a Moderator. I think I even have the most posts. I am a Gemini Sun, Mercury and Venus. Please come and say ‘Hello” to me, Randall, Lalalinda, IQ, SunChild, Nicki ,Lechien, Ceri, Ian, DL, Rod, Bella, Lonake and many other wonderful people which would take me the whole page to name.


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