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Low Self Esteem In the Chart

The chart shows everything. Low self esteem is something that seems to plague many people, but some people much worse than others. One can look to the chart and see why. I will try to address some of the placements I have seen in charts of people who suffer from low self esteem.

Saturn is classic for throwing cold water on anything it touches. If it touches your Moon, you will be insecure about your feelings. One’s feelings are the deepest part of one.Hence, Moon/Saturn makes one insecure down to the core. If Saturn touches one’s Sun, one will doubt one’s ego and identity. Saturn/Sun will show up more in the work life.. Saturn /Sun would be classic for the man who can’t seem to be successful in work. He can’t seem to move to the top of the company. If he advances, he sabotages himself. He feels like a loser, so he designs life so he will lose. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Saturn conjunct angles can result in low self esteem in the particular angle it conjuncts. If it is the Asc, one may have something wrong with their appearance such as being too bony, tooth problems, bone problems resulting in a hunchback and/or a pervading sense of low self esteem. This would likely show to others. If Saturn conjuncts the IC, one may have had a cold unloving home. One may wear this scar on the inside. If Saturn conjuncts the DSC, one may be rejected by one’s mate. If Saturn conjuncts the MC, one may feel ( or be)rejected by society. I have seen this in men who feel they can never get ahead and are jealous of those who do.

If Saturn conjuncts a planet or asteroid, the person seems to be obsessed with it. If Saturn conjuncts Venus, one may be obsessed with finding love. If Saturn conjuncts Mars, one may be obsessed with goals. If Saturn conjuncts Nessus, one may be obsessed with the darkest part human nature. If Saturn conjuncts Echo, one may be obsessed with finding one’s voice. I have this. If you study my articles, you will see it to be true. If Saturn conjuncts Dejanira, one may be obsessed with being a victim or overcoming being a victim. One can find the nature of ay planet or asteroid and plug it in here. Low self esteem could result from the hardship of any of these. One good thing about Saturn is that it does get better with time. One must earn the advancement, though. If one really, really struggles with one’s Saturn, one can mature, leave the problems behind and develop a wisdom which is satisfying because it was so hard won.

Chiron conjunct the ASC seems to indicate severe bullying. This can leave a scar of low self esteem for life.

One of the hardest stelliums( three or more planets in a sign or house) is a 7th House stellium. This is because it is the house of ” the other”. The 7th house is the house of one’s partner. Hence, if one has many planets here, one may look to find one’s identity in one’s partner. This can lead to low self esteem because finding one’s identity in another is fraught with failure.

12th house planets may lead to low self esteem because they are so darn hard. I have many articles on them because they are fascinating to me. The 12th house is not of this earth. It is the house of the next dimension. People with a strong 12th house( many planets here) may not fit in this world. That can lead to low self esteem.

12th House planets are the single hardest thing one can have in the chart, according to some of the classic Astrologers. This does make sense. A 12th house planet is suppressed. The 12th house suppresses what resides therein. Think of your feelings being suppressed. This would be the Moon in the 12th. Think of not being able to take action because you are afraid of rejection. This is Mars in the 12th House. Think of having secret fetishes that you are ashamed to tell others. This is Uranus in the 12th house. Think of feeling like you sit on top of a volcano of primal feelings. This is Pluto in the 12th house. These natives may go so far as to have a double life.

The 12th House can be called the House of Hiding. Intimacy can be so very, very hard for the best of us. Letting another person see you are can be one of the scariest things in the world. For 12th house people, this is taken up many notches.. Low self esteem may result from the sheer frustration of trying to overcome 12th House planets.The 12th House must be overcome in a different way than Saturn. Saturn can be overcome by maturity on this earth. 12th house planets must be overcome by understanding of the next dimension, the dimension in which God lives. If you have a heavy 12th House, you are going to be a saint or a sinner. You will be a great one, at whichever one you chose. One thing you will not be is shallow. One thing you will not be is superficial. Your depth can be a gift to the world but you will have to fight to bring it out from hiding because hiding is what the 12th House does best.

This is not an exhaustive study of self esteem in the chart. That would take pages and pages. However, I think it is a start and something that may help you understand your own chart ..I eagerly await comments, as usual 😀




8 thoughts on “Low Self Esteem In the Chart

  1. amiannBlackbird

    Oh goody, Ami’s taking a walk in my neck of the woods. I’ll volunteer a few:

    Hard aspects to the Ascendant (image). Sun square Ascendant.

    Hard aspects to the Sun (ego). Sun square or conjunct Saturn.

    Hard aspects to Saturn (limitation, responsibility). Saturn square Ascendant.

    Hard aspects to Pluto (power/drive). Sun square or Conjunct Pluto. Saturn square or conjunct Pluto. Ascendant square Pluto.

    Personal planets placed in Virgo.

    There are probably some house placements that indicate this too, but I am not familiar with them. I imagine personal planets in the 12th house, especially the Sun, would suggest low self-esteem.

  2. amiannJamie

    I have sun square saturn in natal, yes I CAN have self confidence issues if I’m around negative people who like to put other people down. I also have moon in 12th but moon isn’t really related to ego/identity so I don’t think it counts.

    Would someone with saturn square ASC and saturn square jupiter have self confidence issues?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, to your last question, in my opinion. Moon in teh 12th would contribute to low self esteem because the person feels they can’t express their feelings for fear of rejection imo 🙁

      1. amiannJamie

        Oh man, yeah that’s me… And you also know my moon is unaspected so yay for me and my sun square saturn is icing on the cake…boo 🙁

  3. amiannPadre31

    Eh, have sun square Pluto, never had confidence or self esteem issues since HS.

    If anything it goes the other way..too much confidence to the point of arrogance

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