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Loyalty( Or Lack of it) and Moon Signs

541198_356722651104148_1715379908_nThis is not my first article about Moons and Loyalty. However, I have more input since the last article. To me, as a Cancer Moon, loyalty is one of the most important traits. A person will fail you, as you will fail them. We are each selfish and self centered. However, for a “friend” to reach out and befriend your enemy is betrayal. The funny thing is that certain Moons think nothing of it. It is like they do not have a compass for loyalty. It is like they do not speak that language.

Let me explain what I mean by loyalty, lest we mix up terms. If I befriend someone, they don’t have to remain friends with me. They may not want to, for some reason. I have an open hand policy with people. If we are friends, you can always come back. We can start where we left off. You may never come back. I wish you well on your journey. I don’t call a friend leaving disloyalty. I call disloyalty, someone who knew your secrets, who knew your struggles with your enemies. Then, he befriends your enemies.

It seems like this kind of person thinks nothing of it. That is my point. They have a loyalty piece missing. That is the point of this article. I will tell you the Moons to which this applies, in my opinion.

The foremost disloyal Moon is Libra. This Moon is not called the Courtesan’s Moon for nothing. The courtesan can have sex and feel nothing. The point is that the Libra Moon can do the same when betraying you.

The Libra Moon seems to jump into the fray and side with your enemy. That is what I see the most with this Moon. They do jump in. They like to be where the action is, but they have no loyalty to you.I would say that most of my experiences with being betrayed have been with Libra Moons.

Aquarius seems like a cold Moon, in theory, but I do not know many Aqua Moons, so cannot speak from experience.

The Moons which seem loyal are Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus,Scorpio, and Leo. This is my personal experience. What is yours?



38 thoughts on “Loyalty( Or Lack of it) and Moon Signs

  1. amiannLily

    I’m an Aries moon and I am very very loyal, to the point of fighting for my loved ones when they are slighted. Problem with us would be impulsiveness, as in: we could get hurt and do something stupid. But we are the type to apologize quickly once we realize our faults. All the same, I also do not jive well with those Libra moons… Interesting read!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks Lily

      Aries would stand up and fight for you! It is loyal that way and not afraid. I did not put it in because I have not had much experience with it.

  2. amiannLaura

    Interesting again… I have a Taurus Moon & I think I’m very loyal… However, I am not sure about this friending the enemy. If someone has been my friend for long & really dislikes/been betrayed by someone I will not hang out with that person of course. But I have had several occasion where someone said I could not hang out with someone, bad cause of a certain dislike for the other, which I declined. Cause their problems aren’t mine. If there would be real issues between them I wouldn’t go into it in both sides. How would you fit that in?
    Also, I once had a friend (still in the friends group) who slept with my love interest at the time (we were in love & he later became my BF) & she slept with a few of my exes. I made friends with her “enemy” (the girl who was the new GF of her ex) & she thought I betrayed her. Ehm, hello? She slept with quite a few of my exes & of course there was no loyalty left to her at all! I felt really betrayed by her.

          1. amiannLaura

            Lol. I try again. What I tried to say is that I will not interfere or purposely befriend someone that has really hurt some of my friends. I keep appropriate distance.
            2) If my friend will dictate me what I can’t and cannot do, because they dislike a person, I will not listen to that. If the issues are purely personal and/or character class I will befriend both if I have a click with both people. I am no property
            3) was a story of betrayal. My Virgo moon friend sleeping with my exes and a love interest I was in live with. That to me us betrayal and I would never do that to a friend. I then befriended someone she hated & she then accused ME of betrayal, lol. Which I thought was rather delusional.

            Hope this was more clear, lol.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Well, it is not “hurt a friend”, per se. It is be a terrible enemy to a friend. I have befriending someone who “hurt’ someone. I may have been wrong and I did think about it but if the person was an arch enemy, I would not. That was more of the point. Do you see what I mean?

          3. amiannLaura

            A real enemy, like Girl X stole the man of one of my GF’s AND started spreading horrible rumours & lies on top of that (this actually happened). In this case, of course, an absolute ‘no go’.

        1. amiannLaura

          Ps, I read your comment to Bobo. It doesn’t work like that for me. I am not an enemy of my friends enemies. That’s their issue & I don’t feel responsible to get in the middle there. Enemy is also a very “heavy” word which indicates a full blown war zone 😉

  3. amiannbobo

    As and Aquarius moon, and someone who considers himself very loyal not only to my friends and family, but to their emotions, I’d like to pose the thought that perhaps being a truly loyal friend is to not dictate to them who they can and cannot be friends with.

    Loyalty to me is about trust, and I’ve had harsh falling outs with close friends. At one time my closest friend made clearly deliberate efforts to dissuade all of our mutual friends, as well as members of my family, from trusting or associating with me. It hurt bad because it was a time when my struggles in life made me afraid and vulnerable and I trusted this friend more than anyone in my life. I ended up regretting that, as his actions were extremely disloyal and only serviced his ego with no consideration for my feelings or disposition.

    Now there are one or two friends from that time in my life that I still consider friends today. One was particularly close to both me and the person mentioned above. My view, my ideals, my standards of loyalty for myself and how I conduct my relationships dictated that I would never even suggest to any of my friends that they must “choose sides” in this falling out.

    To me, a friend is loyal to me if they treat me with respect and do not judge me based on the arbitrary conjecture of those who may wish to defame me. The mutual friend I mention is still one of my closest and in my mind loyal friends I have, but he still associates with the person who pretty much made himself my “enemy”. I don’t judge my friend in this matter. To me that would be disloyal of me. Putting my personal grudges in between myself and friends who are not involved in those conflicts, to me, is the most disloyal thing I can do.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Interesting Bobo. I have to disagree. I guess I made my point that a cancer moon and an aqua moon think very differently. If someone hurts someone I love, I am their enemy. If someone hurts me, my loved ones are their enemy.

  4. amiannEva

    I have Saggitarian moon and I am very loyal and I always fight and will fight for those I love (I have Cancer mars too). I had relationhip with Picses moon man. Ones there was little incident in the bus when some random woman was rude towards him and I was defending him. Then I got threatened by this person that I will get slapped and guess what my Pisces moon man did. Nothing. When we got off the bus I was very upset that he didn’t protect me when I almost got into trouble for defending him but he wasn’t there for me. His answer was he is just careful so he don’t get hurt from this person in the future. So I am not sure about Pisces moon and loyalty, there were more unloyal experiences whit this man, maybe other aspect in chart were affecting his actions too (12th house mars), who knows.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Cancer Mars makes for loyalty! I didn’t add that but that may be as important as the Moon.YES, about your Pisces man. That is JUST what I am talking about, Eva lol

  5. amiannJP

    I actually don’t know what moon I am. But I know what loyalty looks like. It looks like people who are true to themselves and their friends without agenda. It’s not engaging in gossip or back biting. It’s honoring a confidence and treating somebody’s personal story as if it were your own. What you describe above sounds like insecurity, manipulation and social cunning. And yes, betrayal.

  6. amiannferryleaf

    There are people whom I don’t trust, for personal reasons (reasons of personal preference or disliking for certain behaviours)… but I wouldn’t necessarily think of these people as “disloyal,” or call them that. Because loyalty is such a subjectively experienced & felt thing.

    It seems to me that every person I’ve met has had a slightly different definition–or held slightly different “rules”–to what they’d dignify as “loyalty.”

    So much so that it’s almost funny, really.

    I’m constantly amazed at the variation across human beings. Some people like to say that we’re all more alike than we are different…but sometimes, I just don’t know about that! 😀

  7. amiannlilithpluto

    I have aquarius moon n gemini venus.. which people may at first glance think that I am not loyal to love or to people around me. This is not true. I am loyal to a fault to the people I care about. I can sometimes be so loyal that i close an eye to their faults/flaws. That is loyalty to me – regardless of the flaws or the situation, if you ar someone i care about, I will be on your side. I suspect this can also be due to the libra pluto forming the grand trine with my aquarius moon and gemini venus that makes my emotions so intense, either all or nothing.

    I know people who have pisces, sag moon who are not loyal at all. My kid sis has libra moon and she too is loyal to a fault.. i need to study her aspects in the chart to know why this does not apply..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, this question was more to the values of loyalty vs the actions, although I know you can’t separate the two in an artificial manner. However, there are some moons who do not see betrayal as other Moons do. That was more of the point. Do you see what I mean, LP?

  8. amiannLon Spector

    My father is a Virgo moon. Virgo moons make the wrong decision about who to marry
    but stay loyal to their mates, while whining and complaining all along. My father did for
    63 years.
    My mother was a Cancer moon. A Pisces with a Cancer moon. Leathal combination.
    My parents faught like cats and dogs for the entire 63 years of thier marraige. But they
    never left each other.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Good point about Virgo and duty, though. Duty is not given enough respect, too, though. I have to add this to my Virgo Moon understanding. I am sorry you had to go through that, Lon. It must have been hard. I wonder what attracted them to each other?

  9. amiannLon Spector

    Mom was 17 years old. Niave and headstrong in a Piscean sort of way. So she was a
    victim of time and place. Her parents disapproved of my father, which only served to
    drive her closer to him.

  10. amiannamiann Post author

    I don’t know where we were having this discussion but I wanted to add something. I have a friend with a Pisces Moon that trines mine. She was talking behind my back etc. It didn’t really bother me. It did a little bit but I know human nature is like that.

    I remembered that today because I was going to call her and tell her something funny. We have the exact same sense of humor.

    I had this with my son who had a trined Pisces Moon with me.

  11. amiannLon Spector

    I have Venus in Pisces. I appear to be a cold fish to many; not at all attractive
    (Saturn in 5th) but the “deeper inner me” really does love romance. (Moon in Cancer).
    It’s just too bad (for me) that my asetic nature wasn’t up to snuff.

  12. amiannRachel

    As a Libra Moon individual, I am most offended 🙂 No no, I get what you are saying (of course I do lol) and you are entitled to your opinions. I only try to see both sides of any story. I like to make my mind up for myself about people because everyone has their own experience when it comes to situations. It only seems fair. I think that all the Virgo I have in my chart analyzes my emotions though. Anyway, I would never betray my friends and if anyone ever crossed my family, there would be hell to pay.

    If someone is treated wrong in my presence, I would always stand by them. example…My friend in high school was being tricked by other mutual friends about a boy liking her (the boy didn’t exist). In the beginning this all seemed playful, but when the friend was believing what the others were saying, I was the one to tell her that they were lying. Did I betray my other friends? Perhaps, with the word betray loosely used. But I saw what they were doing as wrong and unfair. Of course they no longer wanted to be close to me, but I didn’t care. I’d rather not be in their company if they were going to treat their friends that way.

      1. amiannRachel
        Have you read this?? I very much enjoyed it.

        A thought just occured to me about you and Libra moons (you may already realize what I am saying). With you having a Libra AC, those moons could fall into your 1st house. So I can see how you could be greatly affected by someone with a Libra moon if they were to betray you.

        You would think because of the house placement that they would fulfill your emotional needs but Libra probably just doesn’t cut it for the Cancer moon part of you. Initially, you believe you can share certain things with the Libra Moon individual (moon in 1st house synastry), but your Moon eventually feels burned by Libra’s later actions(such as befriending your enemy).

        It could be that the Libra is just being Libra and means no malice. But your emotional side of you finds that you were betrayed because you may have shared so much with the Libra moon individual.

        Just some observations from one astrologer to another. Be well! 🙂

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          WOW Thanks Rachel

          That is profound! I did not think about that if someone’s moon fell into your first, you would be greatly effected. I never thought of that. Great observations,. I am so glad you are a part of my website and I will read the article, Rachel!

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