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The Madhatter Asteroid(6735)

A maskI discover my asteroids through use. I read the myths or the stories and I try to apply them to everyday life. What good is an esoteric tome from which one cannot extract practical wisdom? As such, I would describe the Madhatter Asteroid  as follows..

A person may have grown up in a home in which nothing made sense. Reality was skewed to the point that the person may have shut down. Emotional or mental illness may have ensued. With this asteroid, I think persecution of the native ensued, as well. I think the person was framed and blamed for things he did not do. I think he was persecuted but INNOCENT of any charges against him.

Check your Madhatter Asteroid and Comment on my Comment Form. I await your comments!

34 thoughts on “The Madhatter Asteroid(6735)

  1. amiannShen

    One woman has it conj her moon.

    Emotional illness may have ensued.
    the person was framed and blamed for things he did not do. I think he was persecuted but INNOCENT of any charges against him.

    Yes, she is.

  2. amiannamiann Post author

    Aww about Mad Hatter. It is too wide at 5 degrees. The 3 degrees with Chiron would be ambient and still count. What does Uranus and/or Neptune do to your Mercury. Merc/Ueanus are classic for mental/emotional issues–in hard aspect or conjunct

  3. amiannamiann Post author

    I wish I could see the chart. If not, tell me the houses in which the counjunctions are placed. It does seem rare to have this kind of chart. You are right.

  4. amiannJo

    I have Madhatter exact conj my Venus (0’01) and Sun (0’11) in Gemini 7th house.
    I did shut down at age 10 and my mother suffered mental health issues

  5. amiannBrian Hoffmann

    I found this conjunct my Uranus in Scorpio, in the 8th house…having a square with Mars in Leo in the 5th…your description is so true…
    my parents were completely nuts, and I was not allowed to simply be myself…this was a crime. total insanity.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        I just look at close conjunctions and even closer other aspects. Brian. If not, the chart has too many small details and we lose the most important themes, my Friend

  6. amiannanne

    8 degrees libra opposite exact mercury aries 1st, conjunct neptune 7 degree in 7th house, sextile pluto 9 leo 5th.
    Confusion around mixed messages during my growing years making me doubt my intuition when I questioned things that didn’t make sense or logic or query people about their real meaning and told they were joking or I was imaginning things, when in fact what I felt were lies and deception.

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