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Mars–How You Go After What You Want

snakes I don’t like Mars that much because I have him in the Fall. He lets me know it on a daily basis. However, most people have one or more planets in the Fall. The Fall is like being on a clanky bicycle while your friend rides by in a Benz. The Benz would be Mars in Scorpio.

Mars in Cancer would be coiffed in his shiny bike helmet while Mr Cool rides by in his silver grey Benz with an appropriate hottie in the front seat. Mars in Cancer is the nerd that no one wants on their team. He is picked last because the teacher makes them *sigh*

One may have medical conditions based on the body part ruled by the Mars. Mars in Cancer is known for stomach issues. The reason is because the darn Mars can never express himself. He is afraid of his anger. He is afraid of his aggression. He is afraid of his passion. Mars in Cancer is much worse in a male than a female. At least, a female can look demure if she is shut down. A male just looks like ……. well, I don’t want to say it.

Since we started with the Fall, we will go to the Detriment, the next worse Mars. The Detriment is Libra. Libra is not the nerd on the bike. Libra can’t make up his darn mind. Mars is supposed to be your goal meter. One does NEED to make decisions to get somewhere in life.. Mars in Libra will take eons to pick a restaurant, let alone a career goal. He will hem and haw for ages before he can ask that cute girl for her number. Each Fall and Detriment position has very different issues.

Let’s move on to Mars in it’s Domicile and Exaltation. Mars is in his home in Scorpio and Aries. I like Mars in Scorpio better but that is a personal choice. Both are go getters. Both make goal seeking( and passion), poetry in motion.

The exaltation is Capricorn. Here we have another form of Mars. This Mars can go after career goals and make his way in the world like Superman. He can social climb like a pro. Most are successful in career. Most are respected because they have basic, solid values with which they live their lives. This Mars may not vibe sex, as Mars in Scorpio. However, he will vibe a solidity that may be more important and more long lasting. You can’t eat sex, can you?

Let me elaborate a bit more on Mars in Aries. This Mars is cause oriented. Maybe, that is why it does not appeal to me. It reminds me of Aquarius. Mars in Aries will have some cause or causes, near and dear to his heart. He may feel that this is why he was put on earth. He will march, protest and hold banners. I don’t resonate with this, myself, so this Mars does not do it for me. We, each, have our preferences.

Mars in Scorpio is my favorite. You know that, if you read my articles. Each planet has a poetry in motion placement. It is usually the Domicile or Exaltation. It may not be for you. You may like another placement. For example, I do not like Venus in Libra. It is too refined for me. It can’t get down and dirty and have a laugh at an unseemly joke like a Venus in Gemini. So, one must personalize one’s likes and dislikes and one will, if one studies enough.

I can feel out a few placements in men. I can feel Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio and Moon trine Venus. Mars in Scorpio is a silver Benz. It rides oh so smoothly. It feels as if it barely touches the ground. You may as well be skating. If this Mars wants to ask you out on date, he will do it just right. He will not stammer and sputter like a Mars in Libra. He will not blurt it out like he is cheering on his favorite team like a Mars in Aries. He will kind of whisper in your ear, as if you and he are the only people on earth. At that moment, all you want to do is say yes. Mars in Scorpio appeals to your primal nature and we all have one.

Mars in Taurus is kind of the lazy, indolent cow, chewing on grass. He does not want to be pushed to make decisions. He wants to take his good, old fashioned time. Thank you! This Mars can stick to a decision once he makes it. He may stick so much that you wish you could pry him from it. However, there is something to be said for being solid in this ephemeral world.

Mars in Leo is our stud, shall we say. He may not be an actual stud but he thinks he is. You know what they say about a the cat who pictures himself as the lion. This Mars is a legend in his own mind. You may like him, if you like flashy things. You may like him if you want a date that takes you to the best restaurants and clubs. The one condition is that you have to make him look good. He does not want to drag an old house cat, next to his perfect cashmere, navy Brooks Brothers blazer. If he looks like he stepped out of GQ. You better look like you stepped out of Vogue. Get the pic? Mars in Leo will live large. If you like to live large, he may be the Mars for you. If you don’t need or want this, look for a Mars in Taurus. You can bake break while he whittles wood.

Mars in Virgo is not a good Mars. What can I say? I am honest. You know that. Mars in Virgo is too darn anal. Yes, he will have every receipt but do you think this is sexy? Mars in Virgo has many redeeming traits. I don’t want to diss him. He values service. Service is in short shrift in this “Me Oriented” culture. Mars in Virgo will be the best nurse when you are sick. He will be a wonderful employee. He will take care of the bills. He will show you he loves you by serving you, not by buying you black silk at Victoria’s Secret. There is something to be said for solid over flash. Oh dear, life is so complicated.

Mars in Gemini is not the most stable Mars. He likes new, new, new. This goes for girls, as well as goals. Mars in Gemini may start the goal with vim and vigor but you know that a shinier goal is going to present itself. What is a poor Mars in Gemini to do? He wants one of every color. I would not want this Mars as my business partner. Let’s leave it at that.

Mars in Sagittarius has much the same problem as Mars in Gemini. In fact, Mars in Pisces has it too. These are all Mutable Mars. Mutable is not a go getter. Mutable is a Cheech and Chong—“Whaateeva”. Mutable can be good in many situations. However, reaching goals is not one of them. Mars in Saggi likes adventure too much to stick to one course of action. Mars in Pisces gets pulled away by his imagination wandering. Neither of these would be A list business partners, in my opinion.

Mars in Aquarius is one of my favorite Mars. You may think that is funny the way I speak about Aquarius, in general. I suppose it is but Mars in Aqua seems to have the best of Aquarius and not the worst. This Mars seems to be very fair. He seems to have solid values to which he truly lives, not just espouses. It is a Fixed sign Mars, so he can make a decision and stick to it. He is open minded, as well. This is a good all around solid Mars in my book. It may not be a Benz, but it is a good solid Volvo.

I hope you get something of value by reading this article. I hope you have as much fun reading it, as I did writing it 😀








22 thoughts on “Mars–How You Go After What You Want

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Ami,why do you post such sexy pictures? Is it because of the youthful crowd you’re
    trying to attract?
    You know, the Apostle Paul said , “It’s better that a man not touch a woman.” And
    fornication (unmarried sex) is proscribed.
    Do you hope to convert young “healthy” kids, only to have to break the unpleasent news
    to them that they can never have sex again once they come to Christ?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question, Lon. I suppose they make my articles look more attractive. Then, people will come to my site. My main purpose in life is to tell people about Jesus. They have to come here, first. Maybe, I am wrong about these pictures, too. I don’t know, Lon.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      When I hear about these killings, I think of psych drugs. I knew a doctor who almost killed his wife. I am sure he put himself on psych meds. These things really scare me, personally

  2. amiannferryleaf

    I have Mars in Cancer, conjunct Saturn in Cancer. 🙁 One is in its fall, the other in its detriment. Two already debilitated, cranky entities, whose natures directly contradict & oppose each other.

    Married there. Together.


    That is all.


      1. amiannferryleaf

        I guess you could put it that way.

        For me – and maybe this is because of that conjunct Saturn aspect, but – it’s more that when I want to take action on something, I’m frequently plagued with second-guessing and doubts. I stutter forward, stop, pull back…reconsider; move to try to go forward at a slightly different angle again, doubt, and go back and sit and think on it a while. I stew a LOT. lol (Some of that Virgo moon in there as well, perhaps?)

        But when I’m standing up for a loved one, or for the weaker & in-need-of-protection, all of my hesitation flies away and I move with strength and clarity. (It actually feels really good. Relieving.)

  3. amiannferryleaf

    All the same, there are things I really like about my Mars in Cancer: It has a fiercely protective side, of its loved ones.

    Verrrry protective, comforting, and soothing to others. Especially those who are weaker or need its protection, and those that its native cares about.

    Mars in Cancer will wrap its arms around you and protect you from the world. Some women (and men!) I think find that very appealing, and sexy.

    It may or may not be the boldest “out there” in the world; but when it comes to its loved ones, or those who need protection–it will be deadly serious.

      1. amiannferryleaf

        I’m not sure, as I do not have a Cancer moon, but my guess would be that your Cancer Mars is the part of you that gets angry about it…and marches you forward into action.

        But yes, it would be very hard, I think, to draw the dividing line between where one ends and the other begins. *nods*

        Perhaps a Cancer moon without a Cancer Mars would be more inclined to get very upset about the situation, but either be more inclined to cry than to get angry-angry, or that and perhaps be a bit less inclined to march out there and DO something about the situation?

  4. amiannblaqblaq

    I sorta agree with what you said about Gemini Mars ami. I have my Mars in Gemini, on top of it, it is Out Of Bounds and conjunct Chiron exact!!
    I have such an active mind that its like its on fire! lol! I have to have a variety of tasks on the boil or my concentration just drifts away. I’ll be washing dishes and halfway through will start vacuuming, then I’ll notice the laundry and do some of that, then back to the washing dishes 🙂 It seems to be the only way I can maintain interest in the whole thing. It drives my mom crazy whose Sun is Virgo 😀 She just can’t get how I do a lot of things quickly and perfectly. There has to be a flaw somewhere..
    I both love and hate my Mars.. It’s good when I’m using my body actively, however I often have a hard time when it comes to focus my mind for a long time. I love learning languages, but my mind goes on and off quickly. My Mars is singleton in my natal chart. Compared natal to draconic chart and saw a yod pointing out my Mars in Gemini!! It seems like it’s my lifetime mission to learn how to bring out the best in My Mars 🙂
    I definitely recommend regular psychical exercise for this position. It helps me a lot~

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, Chiron conj Mars sounds hard, B. Do you have a great deal of pain upon trying to meet goals or upon having passions of any sort from anger, aggression, just etc.

      1. amiannblaqblaq

        You just rub salt in my wound by mentioning goals and anger..It’s a very long story. I have still a long way to overcome that pile up of anger inside me towards my family. Mars opposite Saturn orb 2 and Uranus 8. If I say, I have Pluto conjunct IC (7orb), you might get the basic picture.

  5. amiannLon Spector

    Lanza refused to take any meds. There is a thing called “Injustice collecting.”
    Lanza didn’t feel love from people and blamed them for his “condition.” When you throw
    guns into the mix, it’s not surprising that the most innocent of society, little children
    were killed. There must be some astrological work up on him in internetland.
    By the way, about the conjoined twins I wrote about the other day: Two heads on one
    body. Do they get two different charts? Which twin is “older?’ The one that emerged from
    the birth canal first? How would a chart be drawn up for them?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Interesting about twin charts. Two of my recent members are twins. There charts are quite different. I just asked one girl what the time difference was. Twin charts have to be done in a unique way. You change the ASC for the 2nd twin. I can’t remember all the things, now. One person I knew was a triplet. He is an astrologer, so was telling me about it. It has to do with changing the ASCs.

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