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The Female With Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer is in it’s Fall. The Fall is as it ‘s name suggests. The planet does not like this placement. The holder of it does not like the activity of the planet as it it comes with so much difficulty. Mars is the planet of drive, all drives. The holder of the Mars in Cancer may be frozen, in fear and uncertainty, when action needs to be taken. Cancer is the sign of the mother, the nurturer. The Moon loves to be in Cancer. The moon bathes those she loves with waves of warmth and comfort. The Moon in Cancer nestles them as a mother bird with wings of succor and comfort. However, Mars in Cancer may look like a deer in the headlights if strong action is demanded. She would rather hide her anger in her crab shell than express it and risk rejection. Cancer Mars is scared to death of rejection. She dances around anger as the crab goes in and out of the crab shell . Another person’s anger can send the Cancer Mars in to her own shell. The Cancer Mars puts emotions in to her stomach. Cancer rules the stomach and this Mars may overeat or not eat. Her stomach will be an issue for her, either way. In Chinese Medicine, the stomach is the seat of nurturing, so it is no surprise that all things stomach related are issues for this Mars.

Mars in Cancer looks for true love. She is not a flighty one, jumping from bed to bed. She needs one true love and mates for life. The partner will be nurtured, as no other. However, he must be sensitive to her moods. He must be gentle. Kindness gets her out of her shell, so do not be harsh with her. This is a cardinal Mars, so she can be a leader. However, it is usually in the affairs of the home and with her loved ones. She will forget all her inhibitions if someone hurts a loved one. Then, she will race out of her crab shell, claws flying. Remember this, those who would toy with this Mars, which rules the sign of the mother.


Perhaps, the single hardest quality for the female Mars in cancer is not being able to access her own power. She may be an old fashioned woman. She may faint, as the ladies of old, when trouble comes upon her. She does not take action, as a natural route for her emotions and passions, as does a Mars in Aries or Scorpio. She may become helpless as a Damsel in distress and wait for a handsome prince to help her pick up the pieces. One caveat for this Mars would be to take her power, as it does not belie her femininity. That is an old wive’s tale, of which she is so fond.




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